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Interview Tips - Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Fashion Jobs in Canada - Style Nine to Five

Toronto Designer Ashley Rowe gives you tips on how to get that job!

You’ve submitted your resume and are ready for your first interview. What next? Follow our top ten tips to nail your first interview:

Top Ten Tips:

1. Once you’ve submitted your resume, always follow up a week later with a phone call. This will show your enthusiasm (very important) & ensure you stand out from the resume pack.
2. Know what material is needed in the interview & have this organized well in advance. Do you need to bring a recent portfolio, samples of your work, or references? Always make sure to bring a copy of your resume & have it on hand in the interview too
3. Research the company you are interviewing with; know their clients, aesthetic, & brand. Have positive comments to make regarding their latest collection, recent event, or project they worked on.
4. Plan & lay out your outfit, shoes, hair & make up, & directions the night before. Always dress professionally (this can still mean fashionable!). A great dress and low heel, or wide leg pant and silk top are great choices.
5. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the interview is set to begin. This will give you time to freshen up, have a glass of water, and most importantly, relax before the interview!
6. Greet your potential boss (or interviewer) with a firm handshake and a smile.  Take a deep breath!
7. Know what YOU want out of the interview – make a list of questions would would like to ask. It makes you look professional & most importantly, organized!
8. At the end of the interview, ask when the final candidate will be chosen & when the appropriate time to follow-up
9. Thank your interviewer for taking the time to interview you by sending a professional & simple thank you note. Even if you don’t land this position, you will have made a lasting impression with your note & will be considered or recommended for another position
10. Follow up with your phone call to regarding the final decision. If you don’t land this one, ask that they keep your resume on file for future positions too.

By: Ashley Rowe

Feature Image: Adobe Stock

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