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Fashion Jobs – Q&A With Toronto’s Jaclyn Genovese: Style Icon, Interior Designer, and Queen of Mondays

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

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If you don’t know who Jaclyn Genovese is yet, you probably should. Jaclyn is the trendsetter and mastermind behind Jacflash, a once Toronto (West Queen West to be exact) fashion boutique turned online store. But Jaclyn doesn’t stop there: she also runs Spaces by Jacflash, an interior design agency and holds it down every Monday night inside Toronto’s celebrity hot spot, Lost & Found nightclub. Having accomplished so much with no sign of stopping, we had to catch up with Jaclyn and find out more about her career path, personal style and how she manages it all.

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SNTF: Jacflash has been a staple in Toronto fashion for just over a decade. How did the Jacflash brand and store come to be?

JG: I majored in classical/opera vocal music in university and when I graduated, I wanted to sing and work at a fashion boutique on the side. After working retail for a few months, I realized that there was a gap in the market for women’s fashion boutiques. In 2007, I decided to open my own shop on West Queen West, Jacflash. I had been into and around fashion and design my entire life so it was a pretty natural choice for me. I had no buying or managerial experience at all, but I just took it one day and one task at a time and defeated each obstacle as they came!

SNTF: What a risk you took, but it clearly paid off in the long run! What made you close the Jacflash store and move it online? How did Jacflash evolve into the Lifestyle brand that it is today?

JG: After six years of owning a retail store, I felt like I was no longer growing or learning anymore. I was excited to wake up every day, but I wasn’t as passionate about my day-to-day duties as I once was, so I knew I had to make a change. I decided to close the shop, transition the store to online and take some time to myself to figure out my next move. I had been throwing events since 2009, (I started Nyood Fridays, Blacklist Mondays at 1812, now known as Wildflower, and threw endless one-off events) so soon after closing shop; I got an offer to start Mondays at the then new Lost & Found.

I had no idea the party would become one of the hottest parties in the world (you may recall The Weeknd even giving our Monday night party a shout out in one of his songs!). I lived above Jacflash so upon closing the store I had to relocate.

Two weeks after my move, I invited some of my friends over to come check out my new place. They were all shocked at how quickly and drastically I changed my new rental home and soon asked me to help them decorate their own places. This is how Spaces by Jacflash came to be! I ended up hiring some very talented junior designers who could carry out all of the technical aspects of interior design and décor, and I am the head of the design side of things in the spaces we work on.

3. JaclynGenovese_JacflashUntitledCo 4. JaclynGenovese_JacflashRoncesvalles

SNTF: With all the different divisions of Jacflash, it seems like you have so much on the go. Asides from hard work, what advice can you share with our readers on being successful and balancing it all, while still having fun!

JG: The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself. Give yourself enough alone time and time to physically and mentally make yourself happy and healthy. The rest is all in planning and organization! Don’t jam too many things into one day, but instead spread your meetings throughout the week. Arrange all of your must-dos for the week into your schedule ahead of time! Lists and calendars are my best friend.

5. JaclynGenovese_Drink

SNTF: You have a small team, which means you must hire quality employees. What do you look for when recruiting for your team?

JG: Attitude is the number one personality trait that I look for when hiring someone. A lot of people have the qualifications, but I need someone who never gives up and stays positive no matter what obstacles they may face on the job.

SNTF: You’re often seen wearing your own JacFlash brand, and it seems like there’s a little something for everyone in the collection. Tell us a little bit about your personal style and how it influences what you buy each season.

JG: I feel like my style changes depending on where I am going, who I will be with and my mood. Though I buy some trends for my online store, I don’t often fall too deep into them with my own personal style. I much prefer mixing a minimalistic/professional look with a vintage and figure flattering twist!

SNTF: What’s your advice for those looking to break into the entrepreneurial world?

JG: Just go for it! You need to just take that scary step and put all of your passion, time and energy into your dreams. If you want to be a photographer, then look for jobs on Kijiji if you don’t know where to start! Join a photography club, contact different agencies, do street style shots and meet people on the streets, do everything you can to put yourself out there- don’t just expect it all to magically fall into your lap.


Favourite colour? Is black a colour? If not, then green!

Must-have daily accessory? Pearl earrings

Heels, flat shoes or sneakers? Heels at events, flats during meetings and sneakers at the gym of course!

Go-to item in your closet? Blazer jackets

Favourite style season? Spring

Favourite day of the week? Mondays! TGIM!

Make sure to follow Jaclyn on Instagram to watch her run her businesses and Toronto, in total style.

7. JaclynGenovese_Adidas

By: M.J Rozenberg, Toronto, @themjelle

All images courtesy of Jaclyn Genovese

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Fashion Jobs – Q&A With Jaclyn Genovese jacflash Boutique Owner

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013



After graduating University in classical music, Jaclyn Genovese originally planned to own a fashion boutique as a secondary job, thereafter a career in music. In September of 2007, those same visions that sat on the sidelines diverged and became pivotal goals of the present. Thus became jacflash; the glamorous storefront located on Queen St. W, focusing on promoting unique labels in both fashion and music. Inspired by the craze of the paparazzi ‘flash’, jacflash works to make individuals feel like stars in their clothing.


Concentrating on the road that led, Jaclyn brings in varying lines like Wildfox, UNIF, Mink Pink, One Teaspoon, and many others from around the globe to Torontonians. She has dressed stars like Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba, Shanae Grimes, and Carly Rae Jepsen, as well as Toronto’s very own Liz Trinnear, JRDN, and Danny Fernandes. Bringing glitz and glam to the cities very own red carpet, jacflash has become a one-stop shop for most street stylers in the fashion district.


Style Nine to Five: What prompted you to open up your own fashion boutique on the Queen West strip?


Jaclyn Genovese: West Queen West has been labeled the ‘Art and Design District’, and is known as the most vibrant and stylish neighborhood in Toronto. It contains over 300 galleries, boutiques, interior design shops, antique and vintage stores, restaurants, design houses, and boutique hotels.


My goal for jacflash was to embody the diversity of West Queen West for both men and women. jacflash carries everything from jeans, sweaters, and t shirts, to business and cocktail attire, and includes many influential men’s and women’s brands from around the world such as  UNIF and Wildfox from LA, One Teaspoon, Mink Pink and Style Stalker from Australia, Bing Bang jewelry from NYC, Scotch and Soda from Amsterdam and Transit from Italy. jacflash’s exclusive and unique mix of worldly fashion trends epitomizes West Queen West’s varying range of taste and personal style.


SNTF: Many fashion graduates dream of owning their own stores, complete with designing storefronts and selective buying. Where did you start when you first decided this was a definite plan for your future?


JG: I studied classical music (opera singing) in University and when I graduated I thought that I would work at a boutique and sing on the side. With my love of business and creativity, as well as growing up around a very fashion-forward family, I decided to open my own shop.


SNTF: Describe a ‘day in the life’ of a boutique owner.


JG: I wake up, take my dog Gunther to the park, get a coffee and/or make breakfast and open the shop for 11 am. I am usually at the shop working until about 8:30pm. At the shop I am on sales all day, as well as dealing with the back side of the store such as returns, putting inventory into the system, dealing with stylist pulls, going to the bank, alterationist and/or post office, getting back to emails, buying, merchandising, cleaning the shop, updating the online store, blog, instagram, facebook, twitter (we have weekly photo-shoots for our social media outlets and website) as well as just dealing with day to day challenges.


I also foster animals from both the Upper Credit Humane Society, as well as the Noble Dog Rescue, so when I have a free minute I am either promoting these animals for adoption, or taking care of a foster pet, along with my adopted dog Gunther and cat Julie.


In my spare time, I recently joined the Sheraton Orchestra where I act as one of their vocalists. I usually meet with them about once a week.


I also enjoy yoga, going to the park with my pets, going for a run or bike ride around the neighborhood or having a drink/dinner with friends after work.


In the past, I threw parties at bars/clubs. I launched both Monday nights at the Thompson Hotel’s 1812 bar, as well as Friday nights at Nyood bar. At the moment I have cut back on the weekly promotions and have stuck to doing one off events and marketing/social media for other venues and companies such as Kanji Sushi bar and restaurant.


SNTF: Who is the ‘jacflash girl’? What is her look?


JG: The jacflash girl is all around you. Our customers range from 13-60 years old. We carry basics such as jeans and tees, along with more glamorous attire like cocktail dresses and suits. We are also well known for our edgier and more unique pieces such as UNIF jackets, One Teaspoon denim shorts, rocker tees and Mink Pink’s floral kimonos.


SNTF: How do you conquer the competition in order to remain a successful shopping destination in the area?


JG: It is all about social media, branding and marketing. You must always stay relevant and never let them forget about you!


SNTF: What draws you to a certain line or brand of clothing?


JG: If I would wear it, I will buy it. With that being said, my style is more on the classic side, but I love showcasing one killer piece with a subtler outfit, for example wearing a studded leather jacket with a black pencil skirt, pumps and a white blouse.


SNTF: What is the best thing about being your own boss?


JG: I love the everyday challenges of being your own boss. There is no one but you to conquer a challenge, so there is no room for being lazy and you must always be organized which is very fitting for my Virgo personality traits. I always believed that where there’s a will, there’s a way.




  1. Headshot, Image Courtesy of Coco & Cowe.
  2. Inside ‘jacflash’, Image Courtesy of Jacflash Toronto.
  3. Jaclyn in boutique, Image Courtesy of The Style Spy.


Written By Jenn McNaughton, Toronto

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Still on the hunt for the perfect presents? Breeze through your list this year with our girls gift guide and stay stress free this holiday season.

For your best friend

The trend-setting girl in your life will love this unique, romantic pendant.

Heart Wrenching Necklace ($85), available at JacFlash.

Is your BF on Santa’s “Nice” list? Treat her with a little extra something – a cute jewel box to store her goods.

Assorted Jewel Boxes ($269 – $4475), available at Betty Hemmings Leathergoods.


For your mom

These elegant, miniature fragrances evoke sun-drenched Italy in gorgeous collectible bottles.

Tocca Eau De Parfum Viaggio ($52), available at Bicyclette Boutique.


For your younger sister

Ditch the boxy flannel and gift these super cute thermal PJs.

Thermal Long Jane Pajamas ($49.50), available at Victoria’s Secret.


For your aunt

This gold, boyfriend-inspired watch is at once classic and on-trend.

Vestal Mini Gearhead ($170), available at Watch It!.


For your grandmother


These ultra-soft slippers are cozy and luxurious, perfect for Canadian winters.

Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Cashmere Slippers ($95), available at The Bay.


For your boss

Every busy woman needs caffeine on the go.

“On The Road” Flask ($36), available at the Drake General Store.


For yourself

The best way to justify a personal purchase? To live for the motto, “One for you and one for me.” You deserve it, after all that shopping!

Longchamp Gatsby Exotic Clutch ($469), available at Betty Hemmings Leathergoods.


By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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Vancouver Fashion Jobs – Do The Denim

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Denim shorts should be a part of everyone’s summer wardrobe. Versatile and classic, it’s easy to live in your favourite pair all day. Here’s how to wear a simple pair of denim shorts morning, noon and night, no matter your weekend plans.

The Shorts: Hadley Denim Shorts, $78, available at Abercrombie & Fitch.

For grabbing brunch with the bf, try a chic, low-key look with flats, a blouse and camel-coloured belt.

1. Faux Leather Belt, $18, available at Smart Set.

2. Tursi Penny Loafers, $59.96, available at Aldo.

3. Equipment Signature Blouse, $255, available at JacFlash.

Head to the beach in the afternoon in sandals, a tunic and your favourite bikini.

4. Girl By Band Of Outsiders Abbey Silk Cot Natural Top, $195, available at Jonathan + Olivia.

5. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, $30, available at Old Navy.

6. Marci Knot Flat Sandal, $69.50, available at Banana Republic.

Show off your tan when you go out at night in a slinky top, heels and statement necklace.

7. Silence & Noise Colourblock Crossback Tank Top, $49, available at Urban Outfitters.

8. Valentina Necklace, $275, available from Rocaille.

9. Conjur Ivory sandals, $89, available at Nine West.

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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Canada Fashion Jobs – Pretty Plumes

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Feather accessories are enjoying a revival, seen on the likes of everyone from Drew Barrymore to Steven Tyler. Some are so desperate to get their hands on these nature-inspired ornaments that women are allegedly buying mass amounts of hackles from fly fishing shops. Feathers can work with any style, from lady-like to rocker chick to boho princess. Here are our picks for feather accessories that range from the subtle to the outrageous.

1. Gold Dipped Feather Necklace by Aurélie Bidermann, $555, available at
2. Suedette Earrings, $6.80, available at Forever 21
3. Addie Hippie Headband, $45, available at Jacflash
4. Feather And Chain Hairclip, $19, available at Urban Outfitters
5. Wilma Bib Necklace by Amanda Lew Kee, $65, available at Jacflash
6. Ficklin Cross Body Bag, $38, available at Aldo

By: Sara Contantineau, Toronto

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Canada Fashion Jobs – Happy Birthday Mr. Liberace!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Today, May 16th, is Liberace’s birthday. The highest-paid entertainer through the 50s, 60s, and 70s, he married flamboyant, glittery style with onstage antics decades before Gaga was even born. Liberace owned many an ostentatious outfit to match his equally eye-catching instruments. One of his pianos was famously encrusted with rhinestones. Another was a mirrored grand piano, for which he had a matching silver sequin ensemble and matching mirrored Rolls Royce. The lesson here? If you got it, flaunt it, and the more glitz, the better.

1. Sequin Cropped Blazer, $29.80, available at Forever 21

2. Scilia Rainbow Crystal Ring by Five And Two, $95, available at JacFlash

3. Lola Sequin Crop Top, $59.95, available at Guess

4. Camilla Rhinestone Choker, $300, available from Rocaille

5. Steve Madden Metallic Sandal, $110, available at Town Shoes

6. Fiona Metallic Boyfriend Pant, $138, available at BCBG Max Azria

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Wear Canada

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

It’s old news that we should try to buy local as much as possible when it comes to our food, so why not do the same for our clothing? While outfitting your spring wardrobe this year try to seek out threads by Canadian designers. From established brands like Joe Fresh to young up-and-comers like sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon, it’s easier than ever to support Canada’s burgeoning fashion industry. Don’t forget to join FLARE as they “Wear Canada” on March 29.

1.Silk Shift Dress by Amanda Lew Kee, $495, available at Jacflash

2. Strapless Dress by Chloé Comme Parris (jacket not included), $815, available at UPC Boutique

3. Exposed Zipper Chiffon Blouse by Attitude, $17.94, available at Sears

4. Striped T-Shirt Dress, $19, available at Joe Fresh

5. Ashley Rowe silk tie-dye dress, $275, available at RAC Boutique
6. Iris Blouse by Dace, $180, available at

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Put A Ring On It

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

CCP Bishop RingHoH Tribal Wrap Ring

JacFlash knuckle ringNarwhal Finn Rings

Mr. Kate Moustache RingJO Pamela Love triple rope ring

Who says you need a fiancé to justify ring shopping? Toronto is home to a number of boutiques that offer up some serious designer bling from both local and international designers. Opening last Fall, The Narwhal is the only boutique in Canada to carry the Finn gold love knot ring (the diamond encrusted styles can be special ordered). You can also find Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow line, including this Tribal Wrap Ring. JacFlash lends its rock and roll aesthetic to this Armour Knuckle Ring from Low Luv, while the Mr. Kate moustache ring is a touch more whimsical. UPC Boutique stocks clothing and accessories from Chloe Comme Paris, a line spearheaded by two young Canadian sisters, like this silver Bishop ring. In between the latest TopShop finds at Jonathan & Olivia, you can find a host of designs by Pamela Love, like this triple rope ring made from sterling silver.

1. Finn 18k gold Love Knot Ring, $695, available at The Narwhal
2. House of Harlow Tribal Wrap Ring, $70, available at The Narwhal
3. Low Luv Armor Knuckle Ring, $95, available at JacFlash
4. Mr. Kate Logo Full Finger Ring, $75, available at JacFlash
5. Chloe Comme Paris Bishop Ring, $150.50, available at UPC Boutique
6.Pamela Love triple finger rope ring, $495, available at Jonathan + Olivia

The Narwhal, 8 Price St., Suite 101; JacFlash, 1036 Queen St. West; UPC Boutique, 128 1/2 Cumberland St.; Jonathan & Olivia, 49 Ossington Ave.

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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