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Monika Hibbs, founder of both The Doctor’s Closet blog and popular BFREND bracelet line, is a fast-rising star and blossoming entrepreneur in the Vancouver style scene. With her fresh, fashion forward, candid approach, here at Style Nine to Five we can’t get enough and as it turns out, we are not alone. Monika and her home were recently the focus of a “style at home” spread for The Glitter Guide, and her BFREND collection is featured in the April issue of the Ladies Home Journal. We sat down with the blogging beauty this month to find out more about her projects, her life, and of course, her style.

Elizabeth Pryde: We are such huge fans of both the BFREND bracelets and The Doctor’s Closet! How did you get started with these exciting ventures?
Monika Hibbs: Thank you! It’s been such an amazing year for both my blog and BFREND. My “blog story” is very similar to a lot of other bloggers stories. I needed a creative outlet and an hour a day where I could focus on something other than a very stressful lifestyle. I blog about what I love, and what is appealing to the eye, whether it is fashion, home styling, gift ideas. It turns out that many other girls love the same things I do, resulting in blog success! BFREND started six months later when I wanted a fun and fashion forward giveaway on my blog but didn’t have any sponsors at the time. I decided to give away two friendship bracelets I made the night before, and truly had no intention to start a business or create a brand. Once I posted them, I received email after email asking to buy them! I had to create a company name and a place to sell, and that was the start of BFREND!

EP: Your bracelet line continues to evolve with new colors and designs – where do you draw your creativity?
MH: I definitely follow the trending colors of the season. It’s awesome that bright colors and color blocking are so big at the moment! BFREND bracelets bring a little punch of color to any outfit!

EP: What type of woman do you have in mind when designing the bracelets? Who is the BFREND girl?
MH: A girl who is comfortable to step out of the box when it comes to fashion. She is a trend-setter and sure of herself. A BFREND girl likes to have fun and brings excitement to any room. Think bright, confident and beautiful!

EP: The Doctor’s Closet celebrated a one year anniversary in February! What is the message you want to communicate with your blog?
MH: Be you! I can’t tell you how many times I say “be original”. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Instead, gather ideas, fashion trends and inspiration and make them your own. That screams confidence to me!

EP: What inspires you for your posts on The Doctor’s Closet?
MH: Anything that is current, new and trending! And of course, very eye-catching!

EP: How would you describe your personal style?
MH: I would say I’m pretty current and up-to-date with fashion trends. I try not to be wearing the same things as the girl standing next to me on the street. But that being said, I’m also not the girl who is totally out of the box and wearing a pink fur coat with leopard pants and a pair of $3000 pumps. I like to be reasonable with what I wear, with a few expensive designer pieces here and there.

EP: As a blogger and entrepreneur how do you balance your life to ensure you are supporting your businesses, relationships and personal interests?
MH: Schedules, to-do lists and lots of reminders on my iPhone! I also make sure to take time for friends and family, as well as myself. A good workout is a must!

EP: Style Nine to Five is Canada’s foremost fashion career website. What advice do you have for a woman interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry?
MH: I think women are either totally consumed in the fashion industry and know exactly what they want to be doing, or completely scared to enter it! I say if fashion is your passion, if it’s all you think about, why not try it out!? Scroll through the job listings to see if there is anything that jumps out at you! Take a risk and take that interview! Be patient though, timing is key and if you give it an opportunity, something perfect will come up. My motto: dream big and take life step by step – that way you’ll always reach your goal.

For purchasing information on all the BFREND bracelet styles, please visit Etsy. In Vancouver, bracelets are available at Muse, The Cross and Violet Hill boutiques. To learn more about The Doctor’s Closet, Monika and her latest projects, please visit

By: Elizabeth Pryde, Vancouver

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