What to Do After A Bad Performance Review

What to Do After a Bad Performance Review

It’s time to view your bad performance review in a positive light. A bad review is a hard thing to process, but let it drive you to be better instead of bringing you down. Think about it: you have all the information on what you need to improve on at the ready in your performance […]

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What to Do When You Don’t Get Along With Your Boss - Style Nine to Five

What to Do When You Don’t Get Along With Your Boss

You won’t get along with everyone in your workplace, and your bosses are included in that. It happens – personalities don’t always mesh well together, values don’t always align, or, worst of all, workplace disagreements come up. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t put in your two weeks – you can fix this […]

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Red Flags to Look Out For from Employers - Style Nine to Five

Red Flags to Look Out for From Employers

The relationship we have with our work can sometimes be one of the most impactful relationships of our life. A toxic work environment can take a huge toll on our overall happiness and wellbeing. Recognizing those red flags early on can ensure we don’t accept the wrong job with the wrong employer.  A red flag […]

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