4 Soft Skills Your Cover Letter Needs - Style Nine to Five

4 Soft Skills Your Cover Letter Needs

Soft skills are important to many jobs you apply to, but writing them on your resume doesn’t look very impressive. Most soft skills are vague, and it’s very easy to claim you have them on a resume without being able to prove it. One successful approach is to remove all soft skills from your resume’s […]

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5 Common Management-Level Interview Questions & How to Prep

No matter how many job interviews you’ve been through so far, you’re in for some surprises when you get to your first management-level interview. This is where hiring managers start shaking the questions up and attempting to dig even deeper into your work experience – notably, your leadership skills and how you would treat the […]

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How to Excel at a New Jobs with These 3 Tips - Style Nine to Five

How to Excel at a New Job With These 3 Skills

So you got the job – congratulations! Now that you’re in, what’s next? It’s certainly not time to kick back and relax – you’re only getting started, so now is the time to start making your mark! In order to excel in your position, you’ll want to contribute your creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills […]

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Fashion Jobs – Ways and Places You Can Find Your Career Guru

We can all admit, when it comes to moving up in the world, we could all use a little help. Especially when it comes to the competitive world of fashion. Rewind to when we were kids, there was always that one person who we looked up to. Whether it was a teacher, parent or coach. They […]

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