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Fashion Jobs in Canada – Latest Software You Should Know For the Fashion Industry.

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

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When you work in the Fashion industry, at any level, there will always be some sort of computer software that you will need to know how to use. Whether it be in a retail store using the Point of Sale system for transactions or the inventory count or in the office writing copy for the website using programs like Grammarly or WordPress. It doesn’t matter what your role, you will be using software to aid in your job. So, what do you need to know now to ensure you are on top of your game?


Design has the most computer software usage out of all of the different fashion sectors.  There are several different types of design software that allow you to create pieces without having to use pen and paper. You are able to make more 3D renderings of how you want a piece to look, flow and fall on a person. Programs such as Adobe, Wild Ginger, Autodesk Design Software and C-Design Fashion are great tools for designers that let you have more freedom and a realistic view of a design.


Algorithmic Couture is also on the rise. Through software called Synflux, the program aims to reduce the waste of fabric when creating products. It scans the subject’s body to determine their proportions and create custom clothing. You are able to grab the correct amount of fabric for each piece of the garment and leave virtually no waste.


Another sector that is getting a software overhaul is Styling. Styling isn’t just looking at clothing and putting together trends and fashion anymore. Companies such as Stitch Fix are using AI (artificial intelligence) in order to style outfits. This is based on the customer’s preferences and shape, much like a stylist would do. There is an overlap starting to happen where AI is now designing original pieces catered to the consumer. Coding software for AI and being knowledgeable about AI, such as how to create it, work with it and fix it, is becoming more common in the backend of the fashion industry.


Computer software and technology are always changing. It is important to keep updated with technology and how it is interacting with the fashion industry to ensure you are staying relevant within the field.

Inspirational photo courtesy of: BOF and Forbes.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette