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In the age of social media, our feeds are constantly filled with different kinds of people and it’s amazing when you come across ones that actually inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. We’ve curated a list of women who aren’t afraid of shattering glass ceilings. Women who’ve got beauty, incredible style…and brains.
Amy Pham
Not only is she one of the funniest people to follow on social media, but she’s also a DJ, actress, model, and a TV host. Her most recent role is one of the hosts for MTV’s rebooted version of ‘TRL’ and knowing her online persona, she’ll definitely have her audience engaged and entertained. She’s a multi-talented digital superstar and of course, she’s also got phenomenal style. Get inspiration from her here: @iamamypham
Emily Weiss 
Emily is a millennial #GirlBoss who built the dreamiest beauty brand – Glossier. She started it all with her beauty and fashion blog ‘Into The Gloss’ and quickly turned the brand into a social media phenomenon. She created Glossier to redefine beauty and their cult-like following proves this. Follow the founder & CEO here: @emilywweiss
Raissa Gerona 
If you haven’t heard of REVOLVE, you must be from another planet! Raissa is the VP of the retailer’s brand marketing and strategic partnerships so she’s the genius behind every extravagant event they throw. She created the biggest influencer program and a marketing team that helps make REVOLVE’s vision come to life. Follow along and see behind the scenes by following her here: @raissagerona
Simi & Haze Khadra  
Catch this sister/DJ duo spinning at LA’s hottest parties while they sport the trendiest outfits. Scroll through the twins’ Instagram feed and it will make you wonder if you need to be a little bit more daring with your own style! Aside from being fashion icons, these girls also graduated top of their graduating classes, both majoring in film production and fine arts. Follow the duo here: @simihaze
Chloe Wise 
 Chloe Wise first caught our attention because of her food-inspired art and fell in love with her ever since. I mean, who wouldn’t? This Canadian sculptor, painter and video artist never seems like she takes things too seriously – she’s super hilarious and uses art to address everything from the age of vanity in modern society, first world food trends, to the celebration of the female body. Check out her art (and her funny videos!) here: @chloewise
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By: Regina Molina, Toronto, @regmarie

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