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There’s no denying that fashion bloggers are the new it girls. With millions of likes, follows and shares, more and more glamourous women are making their career off their talent for dressing well. But while each blogger has their own style and approach, there tends to be some items that almost every major blogger has in her closet.


Some people see this as a sign of major brands compromising new media, while others view it as a status symbol for the blog in question (as in, “wow- she must be a REAL blogger if her shoes are Valentino!”).


Successful bloggers wearing these cult items have gained some criticism for their endorsements- particularly from the tumblr blog. Site creator Ceclia Doan told that “…mainstream fashion bloggers are starting to rep the same brands and styles. The endorsements are becoming more obvious. Everyday people choosing hype and status over cultivating their own sense of style.”.

And, in a way, Doan is right. Style can’t be bought, and it shouldn’t be believed that simply owning a Kenzo sweatshirt makes you a truly well-dressed person.

But at what point are we simply criticizing people for being successful? I have always viewed blogs as a new interpretation of magazines- which always featured endorsed products, sans backlash.


Perhaps, then, we as readers need to keep that in mind- and look to our favorite bloggers for inspiration and not a firm shopping list. After all, you wouldn’t dress exactly like a page from a magazine or a well-dressed co-worker, would you?


Here are four of my favourite items that have gained cult status from being on so many blogs, as well as what they’ve made me consider adding to my own wardrobe:


Valentino “Rockstud” Shoes

Nearly every blogger stepped out in these shoes last year, over and over again. And there’s little wonder why: Valentino has managed to merge rocker and ladylike in these fab flats and heels. They’ve made me reconsider studs as an embellishment to add some much-needed edge to my look. Valentino heels, $945, available at The September.


Kenzo sweatshirts

An obscure brand that launched to fame via street style photos and fashion blogs, Kenzo is probably the best example of what Doan is criticizing the blogosphere for. And while part of me can’t help but agree with her, I also swoon over the street-glam look these sweatshirts create, particularly when worn with stilettos. As someone who never wears sweatshirts, it’s made me re-consider that item of clothing. Kenzo sweatshirt, $340, available at Net-A-Porter.


3.1 Philip Lim’s “Pashli” bag

Adorned with oversized zippers yet still managing to be structured-chic, this is the bag seen hanging on the arms of models and bloggers alike. I love the exposed hardware, and this piece really got me thinking about the contrast of hard and soft in fashion. It’s inspired me to pair exposed-zipper pants with flowy tops to strike a similar balance. 3.1 Philip Lim purse, $910 at Shopbop


Cartier’s “Love” bangle

A totally romantic and classic piece, this simple bangle from Cartier isn’t something I would usually gravitate toward. But after being featured in so many arm party photos, I love the look of it as a easy everyday piece. It’s made me think that maybe not every piece of jewelry I own needs to attract magpies! Sometimes subtle jewellery adds ease and polish. I might eve buy a few gem-less pieces. Cartier bracelet, $6995.

By: Morgan Mullin

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