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Everyone has a few beauty tips we simply can’t live without. Whether it’s about skincare or makeup, we’re happy to reveal some beauty advice for your skin and more! Thanks for sharing your secrets with us!

Christie has a great tip for an instant facial scrub at home: “Mix a little bit of white sugar with your moisturizer or facewash and gently exfoliate your face. It makes your skin look brighter and luminous!”

Rikki C. shares her quick makeup fix:
“Quickest beauty save. 5 secs to swipe @UrbanDecay411 eyeshadow primer on your lids. No creasing, no fading, it’s #flawless”

Darlene, Owner/Director Betty Blue Stocking – House Of Vintage has a handful of beauty tips you can easily find around the house:
“I use a handful of wet rolled oats once a week as a face scrub and honey as a weekly face mask. I also find infused tea bags (green tea being my preference) are fantastic at helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles from around the eye area.”

Jen from Her Waise Choice highly recommends using oatmeal to wash your face. It will even out your skin and control breakouts. What a simple, easy way to improve your skin! Read more about it here.

@HarjitCh shares her beauty tip:
“Try not to touch your face if possible as it can lead to break-outs #beautytips”

Lauren tells us her eye essentials:
“My eye essentials are @UrbanDecay411’s primer potion & CoverGirl lashblast. They’re amazing!”

Rita from Pure Light Laser lets us in on how to get gorgeous lashes:
“The secret to long, beautiful eyelashes isn’t a secret anymore with the help of a new prescription on the market—Latisse!”

My beauty tip is always remembering to remove and wash off makeup before going to bed. For those lazy nights, use makeup cleansing wipes. Not only will it give your face some breathing time, it also avoids dirt buildup on both your pillow and face!

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By: Janina Sarmiento, Vancouver

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(Image courtesy of Galatin Designs)