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Fashion Jobs – Layering At The Office: #SNTFxRobson

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Fall is the time of year for new beginnings. Whether that means going back to school, seeking out your first professional job post-graduation, or transitioning into a new career path altogether, it is definitely the season of change for many. In Style Nine to Five’s collaboration with Robson Street we call #SNTFxRobson, I share stylish work-appropriate outfits that are 9-5 approved.
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Outfit details: Coat from Zara ($129.95), scarf from Zara ($29.95), cropped sweater from Club Monaco ($129.50), camisole from Artizia ($55), skirt from J.Crew ($150), boots from Forever 21 ($39.80), hat from Le Chateau (last year)

Do you have that favourite piece left over from summer which you’re still dying to wear into fall? Luckily, with some strategic layering, even the most summery of clothing can be transitioned into cooler months. In fact, layering IS this week’s focus.

Cropped styles were all the rage for spring and summer, and going into fall, I chose a thicker, cropped and sleeveless cable knit sweater to pair with a billowy tank, both in white. The key to taming cropped pieces for fall is to layer them on top of longer pieces. The sweater over top of a shirt look is still going strong, and I certainly borrowed inspiration from that for this pairing. When done right, this can make a cropped piece appropriate for the office!

For additional warmth, I opted for an oversized cardigan-turned-coat in cream. I’m a huge fan of whites and creams for fall as it’s a nice departure from the often dull palettes that seem to dominate as soon as September rolls around. I also loved the boxy shape of this coat as it provided me with tons of room for layering on more pieces underneath.

Although the rest of my look was white hot, I also wanted to incorporate a few earthier tones into my outfit that are a bit more on trend for fall. I love this army green pencil skirt (perfectly work appropriate) and camel ankle boots which go with everything. I also accessorized with a shawl scarf in a classic plaid pattern that complemented the rest of my colour choices while also adding in another pop along the way. The kicker is that it looks great layered over top of my coat, or wrapped around bare shoulders.

Aside from playing around with unlikely colours for fall dressing, I especially enjoy mixing different fabric textures to create more visual interest in my outfits. With so many options to choose from, knits to leather to wovens and back again, it would be a shame to stick to a single texture throughout. Remember, building a great look no matter the occasion, often comes down to the details!

Photos by Laura McIntosh

Photos edited by Priscilla Locke Photography

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#SNTFxRobson – Jumpsuit From Day to Night

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Fall is the time of year for new beginnings. Whether that means going back to school, seeking out your first professional job post-graduation, or transitioning into a new career path altogether, it is definitely the season of change for many. In Style Nine to Five’s new collaboration with Robson Street, I’ll be sharing weekly work-appropriate outfits that certainly don’t lack in the style department.




Outfit details: Navy blue jumpsuit from Aritzia ($165), blazer from Dynamite ($39.90), statement necklace from Zara ($25)


This week’s outfit is all about an easy transition from day to night. While purchasing separates and pairing pieces up may be the route that many take, I’m personally a fan of the jumpsuit for both work and play. Not only is a jumpsuit super easy to slip into, it is also extremely versatile.


With a focus on being office appropriate for day, I chose a navy blue jumpsuit with cap sleeves. Navy is the perfect alternative to black as it can fit into any corporate office environment. Since bare shoulders may or may not be appropriate depending on your 9 to 5 dress code, cap sleeves offer just enough coverage without being too stuffy. If anything, you can always throw on a black blazer overtop (which is definitely a wardrobe staple) for additional coverage.


If you’re heading out for after-work drinks or to an event, the jumpsuit can still act as a great foundation for an evening outfit. Simply accessorize with a statement necklace like I did here, rock a bold lip (Painted Love lipstick by Kat Von D, colour ‘a go-go’), and shake out your hair a bit. All it takes is a little lift to breathe new life into what was once an office look! In the shoe department, I chose a pair of pointed black pumps which you can never go wrong with. Finally, still sticking to the theme of conservative colours, I completed my ensemble with a well-loved Marc Jacobs bag. I’m a fan of the classic silhouette that will never go out of style and was well worth the investment. My advice for anyone who’s looking to invest in a great bag is to steer clear of any outrageous trends and choose a style that will stand the test of time. While trends fade, some items will always be “in.”


An additional note for any budget conscious shoppers, the jumpsuit may actually save you dollars when compared to the cost of buying tops and bottoms separately. Purchasing a jumpsuit makes for a win-win fashion situation as the piece offers top-notch transitional value while being totally affordable. If you don’t own one already, I highly encourage you to start researching the options for fall. Until next week!


Photos taken by Laura McIntosh


Photos 1-4 edited by Bria Lear of Digital Darlings Creative - Digital Darlings Creative demystifies Photoshop through fiercely fun weekend workshops and customized coaching - whether boosting your business or beautifying your blog, our classes deliver skills and confidence using the top design program you NEED to know. (Tech wiz status, not required.)

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Fashion Jobs – Career Chats With Christie Lohr: Asking For What You Want

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


C-14-1-1-1 - sized to 600

For many individuals that are just starting out in their careers, one of the biggest mental hurdles to overcome is not being afraid to express opinions openly and transparently in the face of management and professional networks. To clarify, the opinions which I speak of are purely professional in nature and relate directly to career development. Speaking from personal experience, I know that it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that if we just work hard enough in our given roles, we will eventually be discovered and then whisked off for bigger and better things. What we often forget is that when it comes to career growth and development, it’s up to ourselves to seek out opportunities that reflect our fields of interest. Sometimes that means that we have to ask for what we want; there really isn’t anyone else to do it for us. Yes, that seems like a daunting task initially, but perhaps Christie can shed some more light on this topic and in turn, give us all a well needed confidence boost to just go for it.

Christie Lohr: “I’ve always recognized myself as a bit of an introvert and some of my shyness has stayed with me throughout my career. With that said, that has never been an obstacle that has obstructed me from asking for what I want. I think too many people have the misconception in their heads that “asking for what you want” is the equivalent of demanding something: a raise, a promotion, or otherwise, hence the reservations that come up in regards to doing so. For me, I’ve never approached the task of asking for more opportunities as a demand, rather, I see it as a chance to openly express my personal interests regarding various ventures. If you’ve already proven yourself as a reliable worker in any present roles, then chances are management or contacts also recognize the same ability in you. However, here is where a lack of communication occurs that often prevent people from moving forward in their careers. Yes, you may be recognized as being great in what you currently do, but if you possess aspirations for other things that you don’t vocalize, then who would know to consider you for any aligning opportunities?


When I did fashion segments on Breakfast Television as a representative for Le Chateau (with my appearances coordinated by Le Chateau’s PR), I had the idea to represent myself and showcase other brands by doing style segments as simply Christie Lohr, and not Christie Lohr of Le Chateau. I knew that I already had an established relationship with Breakfast Television so I went ahead and expressed my interest in being an all-around fashion expert. This wasn’t merely for me. I knew that showcasing other brands would definitely increase the range of topics that could be discussed on their style segment, therefore appealing to a wider audience. Breakfast Television recognized that too as they agreed it would be a great idea and thus, I became their fashion expert.


If you see an opportunity within your current company or within a personal connection’s company, then express your interest! Start by presenting a reason as to why you think that you could be a great fit for the role and any ideas that you would execute if you did adopt the role. Most people in management positions are quite receptive to ideas promoting the growth of their respective companies. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to give your ideas a shot if you simply put them forward. Think of being open and transparent regarding what you want as a chance to showcase your skills and aptitudes. Are you into fashion merchandising while you’re in a sales associate role? Then speak openly of your interest and approach your management with your personal inspiration/style boards! Perhaps you know that you could definitely fulfill a position that you were initially rejected for. Try to get in direct contact with recruitment to ask for feedback. The worst someone can say is no, and that really isn’t so bad (it’s not personal, and remember that!).


I requested an interview with Fashion Canada even after 3 internship rejections because I knew in my heart that I could fulfill the position well. They agreed to the interview request and I got the internship in the end. Would the results have been the same if I had just left it off after the rejections? Certainly not.”


I think what Christie discussed is a great way of approaching the task of “asking for what you want.” She’s right, most of us think of “asking” as “demanding,” and that’s definitely not the way to go. If we simply aimed to express our ideas and interests more openly in the face of our professional networks, then perhaps opportunity inquiries would become wholly less daunting of a task.


Have you ever had a missed opportunity because you were afraid to express your interest for fear of rejection? Make it a personal resolution to start asking for what you want by Christie’s terms to truly fast track our career development!


Be sure to tune in on Wednesday from 5-6pm PST for our live Twitter #SNTFCareerChat. This is the perfect time to tweet out any of your personal career questions for Christie to answer!


By: Anna Zhao

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Give 1 Job Posting Away!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013



Is there an amazing fashion company (boutique, designer, showroom, etc) you think should be posting with us who aren’t already? Tweet at them with @StyleNineToFive and if they reply, they’ll get 1 free job posting! It’s THAT simple!

* Companies must not already be Style Nine to Five customers.

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Fashion Jobs – Q&A with Christie Lohr of Style Nine to Five

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.22.12 PM (1)

Before becoming a contributing blogger for Style Nine to Five, I used to come to this website every day. It was my one stop shop for job postings and interesting, fashion related blog posts. After landing a position representing Style Nine to Five at a fashion camp in Toronto, I got to know the mastermind behind the whole operation, Christie Lohr. Coming from the small town of Port Hardy, Christie always knew she was destined for something bigger. Working various positions in the fashion industry allowed Christie to come up with an idea to help connect fashion savvy people with Canadian employers in the industry, and thus Style Nine to Five was born. Since then, the brand has grown immensely, branching out to Beauty Nine to Five, creating a blog and becoming a household name for people in the fashion industry.  I got the chance to sit down with Christie Lohr and have an intimate Q&A moment discussing everything from her humble beginnings to her entrepreneurial spirit.


 1. When did you know you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

Growing up in Port Hardy with a population 5000, my childhood days were filled with catching frogs, building bonfires on the beach and climbing trees. There really weren’t a lot of girlie things to do. My creative side had me watching music videos and reading fashion magazines as my escape into the fashion world. That other “world” seemed so far away and just a fantasy that I hoped for one day to be a part of it. I remember my mom dropping me off at my babysitters in grade one before school and I would secretly change into wild outfits with crazy jewellery and baby blue eye shadow. I eventually got in trouble, but I never lost my desire to be in the fashion industry.

2. Did you complete any fashion related schooling or internships before diving into the Canadian fashion industry?

Yes, I undertook a Fashion Marketing Certificate at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, studied Broadcast Journalism at BCIT and was an intern at a showroom, MTV Canada and FASHION Magazine.

3. How did the idea for Style Nine to Five come about?

I’d worked many jobs within Le Chateau, including a menswear buyer and store manager, and after completing my internship at FASHION Magazine, I wanted to explore more options, so I became a Recruiter for Le Chateau. This was a job I loved because I got to represent the brand and find great talent to join the team. We posted on Monster, Workopolis and in newspapers. The candidates I received from these sites were usually not qualified. This is when I knew there had to be a better way to find fashion savvy job seekers! And like myself, after graduating from Kwantlen, I was searching for a career in fashion but didn’t know how to go about finding these jobs.

4. What were some challenges (if any) that you faced when creating STNF and how did you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge was, and still is, getting the word out there and finding new ways to spread the word without resorting to standard ads. I launched without any advertising, just reaching out to my contacts in media and other recruiters who I met when I was a recruiter, networking is key.

5. Where do you hope to see the STNF brand five years from now?

In five years I’d like to see Style Nine to Five worldwide and for Beauty Nine to Five to be just as successful. Beauty Nine to Five is our sister site for beauty jobs.

6. You also do a segment on CTV Vancouver, what is the segment all about and how did you get your start with the CTV network?

The segment is about current trends or other fashion topics such what to wear to après ski or a summer music festival. It’s a lot of fun and further promotes the Style Nine to Five brand. I used to do fashion segments for a few other TV stations so when CTV launched their morning show, CTV Morning Live, I already had some connections and years of experience. I first got into TV while working at Le Chateau. As well as being a Recruiter, I was also their West Coast spokesperson as their head office is in Montreal, so I would do segments on local TV on their behalf.

7. What advice to do you have for readers looking to get into the fashion industry? Get yourself out there and work hard. Create your own job if it doesn’t exist, be nice, don’t be entitled – no one is going to discover you! I’m a strong believer in internships, I’ve done many myself and you really do learn a lot and get the chance to network and meet the right people in the industry that can connect you and steer you in the right direction.

By: Layan Barakat 

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Fashion Jobs – Career Talk with Style Nine to Five

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 12.30.40 PM

Last week, Style Nine to Five Founder, Christie Lohr, answered your fashion career questions on Twitter. Here they are!

1. Question: @stylererouted ”Any advice for making it past the intern job title? #SNTFCareerChat 

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Work hard and be nice because they will remember you for when an opening comes up! Oh and intern experiences are amazing for the resume and the right employer will see and value that! It’s easy to give up, but it’s those who don’t that make it!”

2. Question: @sunny_d_z ”What is your best advice on how to make a resume stand out?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive ” Always include a cover letter that states why you love the company you’re applying to and why you’re so great! Keep your resume to the point and with the most relevant experience. Skip unnecessary info. I’m not a fan of ‘Interests’ on a resume.

3. Question: @maisonstylecdn “What are some key points/skills etc that employers look for on a resume?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Leadership, length at a job (no hopping around), how you describe your job role, volunteer experience.”

4. Question: @KiyoshaTeixeira “In order to network with people how do you refrain from coming off as a “groupie”? Would you say emailing is better?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Never FB or Tweet at someone if you want to be taken seriously. Email them introducing yourself and ask to meet for a coffee meeting”

5. Question: @maisonstylecdn “What’s the best approach to a company you want to work for even if they aren’t hiring?

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Introduce yourself. Send an email on why you want to work for them and how much you’re interested should a position open.”

6. Question: @stylererouted “How did you know it was the right decision to strike out on your own?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “I had enough experience, knowledge, confidence and networks in what I wanted to do.  I would not have succeeded if I started this even 5 years ago.”

7. Question: @NiksD87 “What qualities or skills make an applicant stand out from the rest of the pack?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Leadership, length at a job (no hopping around), volunteer experience,  relavant education.”

8. Question: @RobynPY “Networking seems to be the more efficient route to take when looking for jobs. Is the traditional résumé becoming obsolete?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Not at all! They really are your 1st impression. If you’re not lucky enough to have the networking opportunities, resumes are key.  I get resumes daily, and I’ll meet with someone based on a good resume even if I’m not hiring.”

9. Question: @rosemarymelnyk “Is it okay to contact someone via LinkedIn for a professional informational meeting? #STFNCareerChat”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “ Yes, but you may not get a response. I prefer email still! See if you can find their email address online. #SNTFCareerChat”

10. Question: @moegenore I saw you say “job hopping” isn’t good. What would you recommend for someone who has had many jobs (as a student)?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Job hopping just shows either lack of commitment or you may not have been a good fit. Only include relevant jobs! Not all!  I should clarify, you should avoid company can try many jobs within that company!”

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50% Off Canada Day Special Offer

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013


Since we’re a Canadian company and support fashion jobs in Canada, we thought we’d celebrate Canada Day with a special offer!

From now until Tuesday July 2, receive 50% off when you purchase 10 or 20 job postings.

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Fashion Jobs – Style Nine to Five Celebrates 3 Years

Monday, April 8th, 2013


Style Nine to Five is excited to celebrate its third anniversary as Canada’s fashion career website and continues to connect job seekers to coveted jobs in the fashion industry nationwide. Current customers include Topshop, Hudson’s Bay, Michael Kors, and Aldo and many other companies, designers and boutiques.

“I am thankful and humbled by the industry support over the last three years.” Founder Christie Lohr started Style Nine to Five when she was a retail recruiter in the fashion industry, facing difficulties finding candidates with a fashion background, and realized there was a demand for such a service. “It has always been my goal to help people reach their dream job. It is so rewarding when I hear about their success stories or how helpful Style Nine to Five has been for them. It motivates me to continuously develop the company.”

With a strong presence in social media, Style Nine to Five actively seeks new ways to help job seekers, such as its recent Dream Job contest where the winning entry is personally mentored by Christie Lohr herself to assist in the next steps to reach their goal.

Christie Lohr is excited about the growing Nine to Five empire with the recent expansion of sister site, Beauty Nine to Five for the beauty industry.
As the fashion scene in Canada continues to thrive, Style Nine to Five aims to open doors to job seekers and companies in the fashion industry for years to come.

For any questions or to schedule an interview with Christie Lohr, please contact:

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Fashion Jobs – Dream Jobs

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

We want to know what your dream job in fashion is! I know first hand what it’s like to have a dream and what it takes! Landing your dream job won’t happen over night and there are many steps you need to take to get there. You have to be ready and willing to put in the hard work and serious dedication.

I’d like to personally help one of you get the job you want! All you have to do is tweet your dream job to @StyleNinetoFive using hashtag #SNTFDreamJob.

The chosen winner will receive career advice from me, including help making the right connections and next steps to take.

Can’t wait to hear what your passion is!

-Christie Lohr

You should follow me on Twitter @Christie_Lohr.

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Employers, Read On…

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to start thinking about building and expanding your teams. Holiday hires are finished for the season and some employees are heading back to school. Qualified candidates are also taking action on their resolution of finding their dream job this month. Be sure you get the best people first on what is considered the most transitional time of year — January!

Job seekers know Style Nine to Five is the go to site for the best fashion jobs. Make sure they are seeking you by having your job openings up on our site! I look forward to seeing what Style Nine to Five can do for your business in 2013.

Please feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions or if you need assistance posting a position.


Full Time Posting – $200
Part Time Posting – $125
Intern Posting – $25
Package of 10 – $650
Package of 20 – $750

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