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Job Seeker Testimonial“I work in Human Resources and even I used Style Nine to Five’s services to clean up my LinkedIn page and Resume. I find this service extremely important to stay fresh and keep things up to date. For me, as I see hundreds of applications every day in my line of work, it also goes to show that having Christie (Founder of Style Nine to Five) make your resume stand out, truly does not even compare to the typical resume that is hard to read or has too much information that doesn’t capture who you are. Her friendly and accommodating customer service is top notch, so thank you to Christie for taking care of this tedious, yet necessary administrative task!”



Christie will redo and improve your resume to help you find your dream job. Results are night and day!


Christie will create a new cover letter for you! Don't apply to a job without one. Did you know Christie has hired people based on cover letters alone?


Recruiters use LinkedIn all day. Christie will make improvements to your profile including what to
highlight, what your professional title should be, profile and background image selection and more! Be the first person recruiters want to talk to!


NEW. 1 single resume template plus a matching cover letter and/or matching portfolio. INCLUDED: A step-by-step written guide by Christie Lohr of what to include because we know this goes beyond simply cutting and pasting your current resume content.


1 hour virtual meeting with Christie to discuss your career including resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile review. If you don't live in Vancouver, we can FaceTime or Skype!


Showcase your designs, projects or achievements by bringing them to LIFE on a one page portfolio! Ideally this would follow your resume and be created to complement each other. So many times Christie has reviewed portfolios that are just too big! Hiring managers don't have the time! She'll review either your current portfolio and pull out the juicy stuff or create one from scratch with images and info you provide.