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There will come a point in everyone’s career where they’ll be faced with an opportunity to attend an outing with their employer and/or fellow colleagues. Whether it’s to take a load off after a super busy and stressful workday, a welcoming gesture to you in joining the company or a specific work related event, social opportunities will present themselves to you in your workplace.


Sometimes as a new employee or intern of a company such opportunities could have us asking the question as to how do we properly transition ourselves from our professional work environments into a more relaxed social scene amongst our coworkers and employers? Well, do not fret young prospects, we have a few tips you may want to take note of for the next time your employer asks you if you want to grab a quick lunch.


  • Always Accept & Attend

It does not matter what the occasion is, whether a couple colleagues invited you along to grab a coffee or your boss got you an extra ticket to some kind of exclusive event downtown where you wouldn’t know a single soul, it does not matter how big or small the invite may be, when it comes to your colleagues or employer always accept and attend (unless, of course, you absolutely cannot go for a very valid reason). Nevertheless, try your very best to accept and attend as it will not only give you the opportunity to build a stronger, closer and more positive relationship with your colleagues but also you never know who you will meet at certain events and the potential connections you could make. It is also an opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn about each other, which could benefit the overall team in how you all work together.


  • Punctuality is the Best Policy

Save the “fashionably late” motto for a girlfriend’s birthday or a night out with friends; tardiness is not something you want to be associated with when your colleagues or employer think of you. Always be punctual and early in the case of going out with people from your workplace. You want to keep your reputation of the reliable, ready and excited employee that you are in tact. Here is a very helpful tip you should try and keep in mind when practicing punctuality: When you’re early you’re on time, when you’re on time you’re already late and when you’re late you’re fired.


3. Dress to Impress

Now we are not suggesting that you throw on a ball gown every time you have a work dinner (unless its that kind of event), but you should always maintain a polished and chic look when outside of the office with fellow colleagues or your boss. You have to remember that you are still representing the company you work for when you go out for company events or dinners. You want to make sure that you are giving off a positive and appropriate impression from head to toe. Which means it is best to save your fiery, fitted red dress for a night out with your girls instead.


  • To Drink or Not to Drink?

This might have been the first thought for most of us when asked to a work dinner party by your boss or casual lunch meeting with the team. How do we know if it’s appropriate to consume an alcoholic beverage or not? And if so, how much? Well the answer is to simply follow the leader, the leader being your boss or the person that initiated the outing. If your boss orders a glass of wine first, then you should not feel shy to stray away from ordering yourself a glass as well. Always let your boss, or the person who invited you order first so you can then decide whether you’d like to join them or not, which it is absolutely okay to do so in that case. However, remember to not go over board, if they are enjoying more than one drink, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep up with them. Be smart about your intake and keep it to a minimum, know your limits.


When it comes to larger work events and alcohol is being provided through an open bar service or catering staff and it is open to everyone in your workplace then enjoy yourself with a drink or two. However, once again know your limits and do not go over board. Always keep in mind that although you are outside of the office, you are still representing your company and yourself as an employee.


  • Settling the Bill 

It is more than likely that if your boss has invited you out to a lunch or a dinner then he/she will be the one to take care of the bill. However, you should always remain polite and courteous and offer to contribute in some way. If you are out amongst only you and your colleagues, the vibe is familiar and friendly and usually everyone will offer to pitch in or pay their own way.


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 By: Ciara Koth of Toronto, @ciarakoth

By: Ciara Koth, Toronto, @ciarakoth

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