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Whether you’re employed full-time, part-time or you’re an intern, one thing that’s always certain is that your inbox will always be full and active. As you may already know from personal experience, emailing is the number one most important and efficient means of communication within an organization and simply, in your career.

We use email on a daily basis as it is the main source of connection to our colleagues, employers, potential employers, clients and any other company related news or career advancements. Since it’s such an essential part of our everyday lives, then it’s important to make sure that we use it correctly and professionally at all times. Knowing the proper email etiquette will allow you to always leave a good impression within a company and will be a key source to helping you grow in your career.

Strong Subject Line

It may not seem like that big of a deal in retrospect, but providing a strong, eye catching subject line will go along way in maintaining good email etiquette. Whether you are applying for a job, staying connected with a potential employer or emailing back and forth with clients of a company you work for, you want to make sure that your email will stand out amongst the many others that will be up against yours. A strong subject line will be one that is short, to the point and provides a key, punch word that sort of sums up the point of the email you are sending. Never neglect or get lazy when it comes to your subject line, as it is the very first part that will stand out to the receiver. 

Properly Addressing and Signing Off

Your opening and closing remarks are like the two pieces of thick white bread holding the sandwich all together, you want to make sure they are strong and offer a good presentation of the email at whole. They must always remain formal and consistent, leaving the impression of a good, well-written and professional email. The beginning of your email must always start with a formal greeting of “Dear” or “Hello” and followed by the exact name of the person you are addressing, which should be their full name if that information is available to you. Stay away from greetings such as “Hey” or “Hi” as they will leave a more informal, unprofessional tone to your email.   

As for signing off your email with your name, it should always first be accompanied by a closing formal remark such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely”, find one that you are comfortable with and stick to it in all your email sign offs in order to remain consistent.

If you are employed at a full-time position within a company then your sign off should also contain a block below your name that provides your job title/position and contact information.

Short and Sweet

When conducting emails in the business world, it’s best to always keep them short, clean and to the point. We know that everyone can get very busy in their day-to-day routines and don’t always have the necessary time to read through lengthy emails. Try to conduct your emails in a few short sentences, that remain positive, informative and to the point. You will not only make it convenient for the receiver to read but a faster response time from the other end is that much more possible.   

Faster Response Times

Like we mentioned before, we all get busy and caught up in our daily schedules, however, in order to maintain proper email etiquette in your career then you should definitely practice having more rapid response times to important or work related emails. You will not go unnoticed if you can respond within a few or more minutes to a potential employer or manager. Employers and even colleagues appreciate those who can respond quickly and stay on top of tasks, it will give them the impression that you are reliable, organized and efficient, which are all extremely important qualities to have in being successful in your career.    

Look it Over

The world of email is constantly active and rapidly moving between senders, therefore, it is very important to take those few minutes to just check your email before you send it off. This will prevent you from making any unnecessary mistakes such a grammatical errors or sending it to the wrong address or to more than one address. You want to make sure everything looks just right before you set it free.

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By: Ciara Koth, Toronto, @ciarakoth

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