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To the gentlemen of summer, we know that it can be tricky trying to throw together outfits that remain hip, fresh and in style for your day to day busy lifestyles. You want to head out into your days feeling cool, confident and ultimately, well dressed. We have a simple solution that will make putting together your looks that much easier for the summer months. No need to get hot and bothered over the mixed up selection in your closet, get your hands on one single and simple item and throw your wardrobe worries away; introducing the simple summer polo. Whether you own one or several, you can take the summer polo and incorporate it into any of your staple looks. Find out how below!

1.For the office

The Office Casual Polo

Take the lightweight polo straight to the office with your suit or blazer and jeans. In order to keep this look as sharp as possible stick to darker colors such as navy, dark grays, and black. Darker colors will keep the look dressy and appropriate, especially if you work in an office. Even if you aren’t headed to the office in this look, but rather a special event, always keep the polo tucked in with a clean and classic belt.

2. Sporty Summer

The Sporty Summer Polo

The polo can take you anywhere on a hot summers day, whether it’s to hit up a patio for lunch or hit the beach for a day in the sun or even just to wander aimlessly and enjoy the outdoors, this look is your go-to. Pair the polo with denim or chino shorts and a reliable pair of Chuck Taylors, Stan Smiths, or Sperry Dock shoes and you’ll be ready to take on a full day of activities. 

3. Summer night polo

The Summer Nights Polo

Whether you got yourself a hot date or night out with the boys, pair your classic polo with a pair of dark washed denim and your favorite shoe and you’re good to go. You could choose to belt this look and tuck it in or even throw on a cool blazer to add a little extra something. Either way, the simpler this look remains the cooler it becomes. It’s all about remaining clean and classic, as the polo gives the look just the right amount of style it needs.

4. On the Go Polo

The On-The-Go Polo 

This look will take you from day to night if paired with the right items. Take your staple polo and style it with a classic colored pair of chino pants and as for the shoe, it can be anything from a casual sneaker to a sleek oxford. This look is comfortable and casual yet slightly dressy enough to take you anywhere you need to go from day to night. You could opt for soft colors of a white polo and beige pants or darker colors of a gray polo and navy pant; the sky is the limit.

5. Monochrome

The Monochrome Look

Regardless of your style, a clean monochromatic look will always be in style. Whether you pair a crisp white polo with black pants and shoes or vice versa, this is a stylish look that can be worn just about anywhere.

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