Fashion Jobs in NYC – 5 Tips to Get Your Cover Letter in Tip Top Shape

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When you’re on the job hunt, it can quickly turn into a full-time job. The hunt can be long, tedious and time-consuming; however, with the right tools and execution, the job of your dreams can be that much easier to catch. So, don’t give up or feel discouraged, we’re here to help you use the job-hunting tools available to the best of your ability, and one of those tools just so happens to be the cover letter.

Take the Time to Write

First and foremost, set aside the time that is necessary to write a rock star cover letter that you feel happy and confident with. If you do not put in the time and effort, then you are going to miss out on an opportunity to reach your maximum potential when it comes to job-hunting. Employers will appreciate the time you took to add that extra document to your application; it will allow you to stand out from other applicants and really make a positive impression.

More About Them, Less About You

Now, we’re not saying that you’re not super fabulous and have all kinds of relevant experience to include, it’s just more important to highlight why you’re choosing to apply for a company specifically rather than re-writing everything that is on your resume.

Think of questions such as, why do you want to work for the company? What can you bring to the table? What is it about the company that interested you? It’s key that you research the company and know exactly what they’re about so that you can use that knowledge and apply it throughout your letter. Mention the company throughout your letter, as this will stand out to the employer and show them that you did do your research and that you care about the organization.   

Be More Specific than “To Whom It May Concern”

Make sure that you are addressing your letter to a specific person. If you’re unable to track down the correct name, at least write the company’s name. You want to stray away from the generic “to whom it may concern” and really set the tone that your letter is a “personalized” one. This shows the employer that you took the time to write this letter and your interests are sincere.

Short and Sweet

A cover letter is not meant to be a lengthy piece of literature; you want to keep it precise, to the point and as short and sweet as possible. Employers will have to go through tons of applicants at a time, and will not have the time to flip through pages of a letter. Always keep your letter to the length of a single page, this way it will be a quick read and consist of the most important information you want to get across to the employer.

Create a Story

Ultimately, you want your letter to tell a short story of you and why you and this company will be a match made in heaven. Telling a short story means that you can use your resume as a base to expand off of; discuss what you learned from a certain job experience and what skills you have gained from certain experiences. You want to remain thorough and really discuss the important points of your resume, rather than just regurgitating your resume verbatim.

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