Fashion Jobs NYC – The Nine to Five Interview Guide

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It’s finally arrived — the email or phone call that you’ve been waiting ever so patiently for. Hello opportunity, your big moment is finally here. The immediate rush of excitement lasts for about 45 seconds and then the reality of “the interview” sinks in. The thought of it alone instantly releases a flood of nervous and anxious emotions, which are uncontrollable and tend to worsen once the scheduled date of the interview arrives.

Ladies and gents, we are here to tell you that you will survive, take a deep breath, clear your thoughts and practice what we’re about to preach. This is the Nine to Five interview survival guide.

Resume Polishing

First and foremost, it’s very important to make sure that your resume is looking its absolute best and is relevant and up to date. This document is a reflection of you; it’s the bits of information that initially made you attractive to the employer, so make sure to take good care of this baby.

Your resume will be used as the main reference for the employer to ask you questions. Therefore, you should not only know exactly what you wrote down, but you should be able to speak confidently about each and every point. If you are proud and confident of your accomplishments and experiences that you have down on paper, then make sure you are able to communicate that face to face as well.

OMG! Have Nothing to Wear

As the fashionistas that we all are, our initial thoughts will always be, “what the heck am I going to wear?” We’re here to tell you, that not only do you have more than enough to wear, but you also don’t need to go above and beyond in this department as much as you may think. Don’t use this opportunity to showcase a fashion statement; you want to make sure that the employer isn’t distracted but rather focused on you and your personality.

Yes, our individual styles do allow us to express who we are, however, it’s best to always stay polished and professional. Now polished and professional may sound a bit bland to us seriously stylish individuals, but trust us you can really play around with your basics while staying limited to the colors of white, grey or black. Lastly, no matter what job we’re going for, our denim can take a day off, just this once.  

Preparation is Motivation

As much as we all may like the liberating concept of “winging” something when it comes to interviews doing a bit of prep never hurts. Taking some time to research the company will help you prepared to answer questions in your interview.  How awesome will you look if you are posed with a question about the company and you can actually answer it confidently?

Catch Some Zzzs

Hold off on the glasses of vino with girlfriends or date night with the new boo, and go home and get some much-needed rest. You’ll be thanking yourself when you wake up feeling fresh and clear-headed pre-interview.

Eat something

Sometimes nerves can eat away at you to the point that you feel sick. Prior to heading to your interview, eat a light snack so you’ll be able to keep your nerves under control.

Firm Shake and Eye Contact

Lock this in your memory bank. That initial greeting with the employer has a lot to do with their first impression of you. Don’t shy away, get yourself noticed!

Always Ask Questions

At the end of the interview, the employer will turn the floor over to you and they’ll be impressed if you can fire back a few questions. Asking questions shows that you are interested and it opens an opportunity for further connection and conversation. Stray away from basic questions such as “What would my hours look like?” Use this opportunity to dig a littler deeper, where did they start out in their career? What types of values does the company have? What do they personally look for in a candidate?

Follow Up

Taking a moment post interview, to send a simple follow-up email will show persistence and drive. You can reference back to something positive that was discussed and mention that you are excited at the possibility of joining the company. The employer will appreciate the gesture and you have a better chance of being remembered.

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