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Dear fashion conscious individuals, as you and your wardrobe are closely approaching spring 2017, it’s crucial for you to be aware of all the latest emerging trends. We must warn you, they are hot and rapidly beginning to take over street styles everywhere.

From seeing Miss Gigi Hadid strutting down the runway at New York Fashion Week in head to toe white to one of our fave fashion bloggers Something Navy rocking statement ruffled sleeves, if one thing’s for certain, we can’t decide which trends we want to add to our wardrobe first!

To help you get started, we’ve created an “it” list to narrow down the most noteworthy and wanted culprits of spring 2017 that must be shopped and incorporated into your style effective immediately.   

1. Embroidered

“It” One: Embroidered Anything

Whether it’s on your denim, your blouse, your handbag or even your shoes, this craze is catching on like wildfire. This ancient trend has come back hotter than ever, with its red embroidered roses blazing, it is transforming our basic fashion pieces into masterpieces. Don’t be afraid to really indulge in this trend, wear it on your denim and your blouse at the same time. Mix it up and don’t match it, this masterpiece is meant to be appreciated for its beauty and admired for its design. 


2. Ruffles“It” Two: Ruffles on Ruffles

You can find this trend taking over dresses, skirts, blouses, sleeves and even pants! Dive right into this look and get your whole-body swimming in the flow of the ruffle. Head to toe, decked in ruffles on ruffles is perfectly appropriate if you really want to make a statement this spring. However, just having a dash of ruffle, maybe on the sleeves or flowing throughout a skirt, is just as fashion forward.   

“It” Three: Nice Arms
This spring, your arms will have never looked so fabulous. Pop on a statement sleeve (the bigger the better) with a pair of distressed denim, mini skirt or layered under a dress and your style will be instantly elevated. Whatever you pair this model-approved trend with, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit tame, because you want all eyes on your nice arms.

4. White Out

“It” Four: White Out

Now, it’s not that this trend is trying to discriminate against color, well, perhaps a little, but really, it’s all about making a bold and fresh style statement. Whether you go completely whited out or you incorporate more white pieces into your style this spring, either way, you’ve got yourself on the “it” list; white, raw and dangerous.

5. Yellow

“It” Five: 50 Shades of Yellow

Nothing brings a smile to our faces quicker than spring’s most coveted hue – yellow. The color has been appearing everywhere, on celebs and street style stars alike and we can’t wait to get our hands on something in this sunny hue ASAP. Don’t let the brightness freak you out, the key is finding an item in the shade that works best with your skin color.

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