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Style Nine to Five had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Linh Niller of LINHNILLER.COM about her inspirations, love for social media and advice on entering the fashion blogosphere. 


SNTF: Give us a little background on yourself and why you decided to create your own fashion/lifestyle blog:

LN: I was born and raised in Boston and moved to NYC to attend Parsons, in which I’ll be graduating from in May! I was inspired to build my website when my significant other and I both felt I should document and share how I put together outfits through my newfound New Yorker perspective. I wanted to offer other girls ideas and tips on how to dress comfortably and stylishly enough to incorporate into their day-to-day.

SNTF: How would you describe your personal sense of style and blogging style?

LN: I would describe my personal style as effortless, polished, and essential. My blog is very street style oriented. I only share looks that people could catch me wearing on any day or occasion. All my photos and outfits are essentially a snapshot of my life.

SNTF: What is your current fashion trend obsession?

LN: I love the soft colours such as blush, pastel blue, light grey, and cream featured in many of Autumn/Winter 2016 collections. I love a lighter color palette for winter!

SNTF: Where is a place in your city that you like to get work done or inspires creativity outside of your home?

LN: I love walking through the West Village during any time of the year because it’s so dreamy, calm, and scenic. I also like to work in coffee shops that are small and intimate.


SNTF: How has your website and online presence through social media been beneficial to you?

LN: It has helped me tremendously in networking with other photographers, stylists, and bloggers alike. It has also allowed me to meet people and show my support for their work and passions. It creates a circle of encouragement and positivity. Career-wise it has helped me to build a portfolio of my work, to explore and uncover my aesthetic.

SNTF: What’s one tip you have for someone who wants to begin their blogging journey?

LN: Create or discover your aesthetic by experimenting with styles, looks, colours, or trends, and choose topics that make you the most excited and happy to talk about. That will translate in your work. Be uniquely you!

Linh Niller image courtesy of Jason Hill

By Alicia Elliott

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