Fashion Jobs NYC – How to Wear Denim at the Office


From its origins as Levi’s branded mining pants for working class men to today’s high end Acne skinny jeans, denim has come a very long way. This season, bring your denim full circle by reintroducing it into your work-wardrobe.  Follow these five simple rules and you’ll be rocking your favourite casual wear nine to five in no time.   


1. Stick with dark washed denim for a more formal feel and leave the lighter washes for the weekend.


2. Skinny, straight-leg or trouser cuts should be your go-to silhouettes. Anything slouchy or boyfriend cut will make you appear less professional and put together.


3. Leave your ripped and distressed jeans for your Sunday errands. Clean and classic should take front and center during the week.


4. Focus your denim on the upper part of your outfit. Choose a chambray button down shirt, top, or blazer – it will add that casual feel without veering too far from formality.


5. Take the unexpected route by sporting head-to-toe denim. Keep in mind that the cut and styling of the piece should always contrast the casual feel of the material.

Images courtesy of manrepeller, fashiongum, lifestuffs, solesociety, and kellyinthecity.

By: Michelle Kleiman, Vancouver, @mkleiman91

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