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Fashion Jobs – Styling Palazzo Pants for the Summer

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaMJ Inspo Image

The summer months are such an exciting time for fashion; the warm weather requires as few layers as possible, meaning creating unique and versatile outfits need careful planning with each piece purchased. Palazzo pants are a fun staple for the warmer months they can be taken from the office to the streets and everywhere in between. They give you something different to play around with rather than a maxi skirt, and unlike a dress can be mixed and matched with different accessories and tops to create a totally different vibe. From classic and timeless to fun and funky styles, we rounded up our favourite palazzo pants for you to experiment with this summer!

1. TOPSHOP Mia Split Palazzo Trousers

Flow With The Trend


A more trend-focused take on the palazzo pant, this style from Topshop is a cropped cut with slits on the sides giving an airy flow — perfect for those hot summer days. The Mia Split Palazzo Trouser comes in navy and this beautiful lilac colour and pairs great with sandals, loafers or a classic white tennis sneaker.



Keeping It Classic


A more traditional look, these Catherine Catherine Malandrino are an easy pick and just had to be on our list. The elegant lace detail on the sides add a bit of personality to these otherwise black trousers, and the waist tie brings the cut in at just the right places. Despite being black, the crepe material of these pants makes them cool and comfy even during a sun-filled day!


A Mustard Must-Have


How could we not be totally in love with these trousers from Zara, in the perfect colour for summer!? Although, maybe not for everyone, the bright mustard-yellow colour is a bit intimidating at first, but the casualness of their cut, zip up pockets and elastic waistband make them a fun style to play around with. We say pair them with a dark colour band Tee and chunky sandal heel for your next girls night out but hurry, these babies are on sale and definitely won’t last long!


Mermaid Vibes


Thanks to Marciano, we can all channel our inner mermaid this summer with these uniquely printed palazzo pants. We would put this style at the top of our list for any wedding appropriate outfit and suggest you go super minimal with your choice in accessories for these ones. Dress them up for the office with a good blouse or summer blazer, and change the look up with different waist belts to get some versatility out of these trousers.



Transitional Stripes


Everyone needs at least one pair of striped palazzo pants in their wardrobe and this classic cut pair is just right. Featuring a thin elastic drawstring waist, you can wear these effortlessly with a great top or easily tuck the tie under a belt to add a bit more to your look. The dark colour will have you transitioning these into the warmer fall days with your favourite biker jacket or bomber!


Inspiration Image:

Image courtesy of Style By Three


Product Info:

  1. Topshop Mia Split Palazzo Pants in Lilac, $90
  2. Catherine Catherine Malandrino Erle Palazzo Pants, $122, available at Nordstom
  3. Zara High-Waist Wide Trousers in Mustard, $49.99
  4. Marciano Aquatic Flux Pant, $198
  5. Forever21 Striped Palazzo Pants, $33.90


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle


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Fashion Jobs – Q&A With Julie Buczkowski & Angela Pastor of Studio Fitzroy Dress Rentals

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaQ&A Inspiration Image

If you haven’t heard of Studio Fitzroy, we are positive you will be heading there right after this interview. Best friends since kindergarten, Julie Buczkowski and Angela Pastor decided to make a change from their routine jobs in television to become their own bosses.


Over the course of many lunches constructing a business plan to vacations used for buying trips, the foundation of Fitzroy Boutique began with the support of their eclectic personal style and envious travel adventures. Nestled in the trendy Dundas and Ossington neighbourhood, where some of the city’s most diverse restaurants and bars, eclectic shops, and a multicultural blend of tenants’ call home, Studio Fitzroy Dress Rentals and their many beautiful frocks hold a permanent residency at 1227 Dundas Street West.


SNTF recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Fitzroy Girl Bosses to learn about the company’s evolution, where it’s headed and what it takes to run a fashion company.

1. Fitzroy Image

SNTF: So ladies, what was your motivation for starting a business?


JB & AP: Ultimately, we wanted to be our own bosses and create something that was ours and took sole responsibility for. We both love fashion, but we wanted to have the type of lifestyle where we called the shots and sculpted our own business into a brand that can evolve and grow with us. There is no better feeling than making our own schedule and being a part of a creation from the ultimate beginning and watching where it takes us.


SNTF: How did Fitzroy become to be, and what were your goals?


AP: Once upon a time I lived in New Zealand and discovered all these cool, eclectic Australian brands before they were known like they are today. There is such a wide variety of shops in this area in Melbourne called Fitzroy which would be comparable to our Queen Street and Ossington area of Toronto where there is everything for everyone. So we named our shop after the shopping district because the majority of the lines we wanted to carry were Australian labels.


We truly wanted to bring something to Toronto that you wouldn’t be able to find here and many of them weren’t available in the city. We discovered at the time, there were many high-end fashion boutiques and retailers as well as the Zara’s and H&Ms, but not a selection of in between. We decided our price points would always be under $200 in order for our pieces to be accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.


SNTF: How has your goal/vision changed since you started?


JB & AP: We started as a pop-up shop to bring a distinctive and novel element to our business in Toronto. As a startup company, it also helped us eliminate the overhead cost of a permanent space and allowed us to test the various markets Toronto has to offer.


Within the five years of Fitzroy Boutique, there were challenges we had to face like high rental costs and the growth of competition. We had many bloggers and media companies inquire about borrowing dresses and we thought about the idea of renting them. We tested it out with a few racks of clothing and customers kept coming back and just walking in for the rentals. So three racks turned to five and quickly the majority of the store was rental racks. It’s more economical, a great way to wear a designer gown for less, and in our social media culture, you don’t want to be photographed in the same dress twice.


SNTF: What inspires your own personal styles?


JB & AP: Street style fashion. Angela is more of a tomboy and has a cool look all the time. She takes risks with blending different vintage pieces together with her own aesthetic and always results in an eye-catching outfit. I [Julie] on the other hand, am more feminine and flirty. I like mixing pretty pieces whether a top or skirt but have to throw in an edgy twist of something. We always stuck to what we liked and it’s what we relied on when picking pieces for the shop. We came to realize what the Canadian customer likes, but with rentals, you can be more adventurous and our client takes the opportunity to be more willing to take risks.


SNTF: What makes Fitzroy different in Toronto?


JB & AP: Our eye and what we pick is what makes us stand out. We always went with the motto “All Killer No Filler,” so every single piece we have picked is special and unique, not a “filler.”  We want our clients to look and touch every item and see how detailed they are and why we picked them. You can get something simple anywhere, but we provide items that are memorable and custom to the needs and wants of our Fitzroy girl. We want every dress to be where the girl feels amazing. With the rentals, we love that we get women who are renting for happy occasions that are meaningful in their lives. Remembering the special day will make you reminisce on the dress as well. We feel there is good energy in all the dresses.

3. Fitzroy

SNTF: What advice would you give to those looking to start their own business?


JB & AP: If you have an idea just start from there. It is overwhelming, a lot of work, and there are plenty of ups and downs, but if you just start a plan or talk to someone who is already experiencing it, it all helps.  Once you gain momentum on the small beginning parts you will accomplish so many of your goals and ultimately decide how you want the business to reflect you.


SNTF: Where do you see the company in five years?


JB & AP: We see ourselves being the Uber of dress rentals. That is what we want for Fitzroy. We want to be across Canada, have locations country wide, and eventually create a platform where it will be easy for our customer to pick, choose, and rent our dresses. Our love for fashion is what makes us want every woman to be able to experience wearing a designer dress and feel good for every occasion.


4. Fitzroy


You can stay up to date with Studio Fitzroy Dress Rentals and all the fabulous new frocks coming into the shop by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.


All images courtesy of Studio Fitzroy Boutique


By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation


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Fashion Jobs – Wide Leg Trousers for Work

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Ivana Inspirational Image

It was only a matter of time before our tapered dress pants took a backseat to the uber chic wide-leg trouser. More often than not, we find ourselves unsatisfied and uninspired with our work wear, relying on our trusted uniform of dark basics, so the reinstatement of the wide leg trouser couldn’t have come at a better time.

But now that summer is finally within reach, we all could use a few pointers on how to look polished and professional, while still beating the summer heat. We know how much loyalty there is to our trusted skinny and fitted work pants, but we guarantee you’ll feel the ease of a high waist, relaxed fabric for the office within the upcoming months.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up our favourite wide leg trousers that can easily be incorporated into a summer work wardrobe so you can stay cool and fresh all summer long.

1.The Classic

The Classic

These are officially your new go-to work pants. Not only will they make your legs look nice and long, but also, they are also light in fabric, making them dressy, sophisticated, and perfect for the warmer days ahead. The trick to these smart pants is to choose a neutral colour, like camel, as it’s easier to find tops and shoes to match.

2.Colour CrazeColor Craze

For the creative working woman who’s not afraid of a little colour, then a pair of bold, attention-grabbing trousers are for you. While you still must adhere to all office dress codes, you deserve to show off your personal style and there’s no better way than to add some pops of colour to your work wardrobe. A coloured wide leg pant has a retro feel, but when paired with a light blouse and chunky heels you’ll be looking summer time fresh.

3. In the detailsIn the Details

Small details make all the difference when it comes to style. Working in a conservative work environment often limits you to select colours and prints, but the details are what will make you stand out from the crowd. Something as simple as an exaggerated cuff, a belt, or a fold over waist band will give you an extra edge and bring life to your work wear.

  4.Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays

We all love the end of the work week when we can give our work attire a much-needed break and have some fun with our wardrobe. Casual Fridays are what every fashionista looks forward to, as you can get dressed with ease knowing the weekend is right around the corner. A great option for a relaxed yet refined workday is a printed fabric. From floral to stripe, choosing a pant with a darker base colour and a solid top is key for pulling off an eye-catching print.

5. Cut it short

Cut it Short

For those warmer summer days, a great alternative to wide leg work pants is the cropped trouser. A cropped wide leg is an easy way to create a sporty work style with a pair of pumps for the office, and chic sneakers after hours. You want your crops to be at least five inches above the ankle to elongate your legs.

Inspiration Image

Courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Babaton Andreas Pant, 82$, available at Aritzia

2. Lovers + Friends Angeli Pant, $130, available at Revolve

3. Diane Von Furstenberg Wide Leg Ribbon Pant, $548, available at DVF

4. Zara, Flowing Tulip Trousers, $50, available at Zara

5. Club Monaco Izabela Pant, $198, available at Club Monaco

By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – Business Casual on the Road

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadagmg-truffle-5412

Business trips can either be a pleasant way to see the world or the bane of your existence – depending on your point of view.

But if one thing’s for certain, it can be mighty difficult to pack a carry-on for a work trip. How do you keep your blazers crisp and wrinkle free? What about that expensive skirt that you just HATE shoving into a side pocket? How on earth do you fit high heels into an already stuffed suitcase?

Never fear, there are many who have tested the waters before you and have traveling light down to a science.

Step 1: Know the Basics

So, you’re going on a business trip. But how long will you be gone? How’s the weather shaping up? What events are you attending? Is it all business casual or are there fancier evenings you need to prepare for? Will you have any time to explore your destination? These situations will influence how you choose to use your limited space. Be sure you know what to expect before deciding what to take.

Step 2: Wear the Heavy Stuff on your Flight

Jeans are bulky. So are jackets and boots. If you think any of these items need to go with you, be sure to wear them for both your inbound and outbound flights. This will save you A TON of space.

Step 3: Bring Items you can Mix and Match

This is a handy idea for any closet, but it’s especially beneficial for traveling. As long as you bring staple pieces, you can get away with wearing the same items over and over again while still creating new looks that can take you from your afternoon meetings to evening activities. Are your skirts more versatile than your shirts? Bring three different ones, and use the same blouse for all three (making sure to add a new accessory each time to change things up). Dresses tend to be fairly light, and they have the added benefit of being an entire stand-alone outfit. If you need to bring a blazer, pack one that coordinates with all your skirts and dresses. This way you won’t need to stress about finding space for multiple blazers.

Step 4: Try to Stick with Two Pairs of Shoes

This is something I struggle with myself. Having a different pair of shoes for every occasion means I’m always prepared, but it’s not realistic to expect to be able to bring more than two pairs in a carry-on. Try wearing your casual, comfortable tennis shoes on the plane, and pack one pair of heels and/or business-appropriate flats.

Pro Tip: Purchase specially made shoe bags online to keep a barrier between the street grime on your shoes and your nice, clean clothes.

Step 5: Travel Sized Toiletries

Any seasoned business traveler knows that travel sized bottles really are huge space savers; you’re only going to be gone for a week at most, so why lug around your whole bathroom counter? If you’re a frequent flyer, consider purchasing your own travel-sized containers and transfer your shampoo and conditioner into them yourself. It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run!

Step 6: Keep your Makeup in your Purse

I’m irrationally protective of my makeup, but I’m sure many women are the same. Try buying a medium-sized makeup bag that will fit in your purse and pack it there instead of your carry-on. Not only will you be able to keep it close to make sure nothing gets smashed, you’ll have extra space in your suitcase (maybe sneak in one more pair of shoes?!).

When in doubt, just remember you’re not flying to the middle of nowhere! If you’ve forgotten anything or it turns out you weren’t quite as prepared as you thought, it’s okay! That’s what stores are for. And we could all use an excuse to shop, right?

Inspiration Image

Image courtesy of Gal Meets Glam via Pinterest

Sara Antonuccio, Grants Pass @afashionistaabroad

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – Long Vest Layers

Monday, April 27th, 2015


What better way to manifest your layering obsession throughout the Summer months than with a great lengthly vest? We’ve been loving these pieces this season to keep us cool for the weather while allowing us to embrace one of the hottest trends.

The best part about the vest is the ease–throw over top of any outfit and instantly pull your look together. Vests have been seen all over the runway and have inspired us to incorporate this versatile item into our own wardrobe. From a pant suit, to the Club Monaco sleeveless trench, here are some of our favourite ways to achieve this look!    

    Vests_FirstPhoto  Vests_SecondPhoto



1. Style Inspiration: Photo courtesy of Time Inc.

2. Club Monaco Prue Sleeveless Trench, $795

3. Topshop Sleeveless Utility Duster, $125.90

4. Topshop Premium Sleeveless Jacket, $125.90

5. Rag & Bone Harold Vest, $748.75, available at ShopBop

By: Nuria Madrenas, @Nmadren 

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – Beach Trends

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015



It won’t be long before we all begin migrating to the beach every chance we get. The next thought that comes to mind for us fashion lovers is how we can incorporate the latest beach trends into our look.


One of my favourite swimwear looks is the high wasted bikini. Flattering for all body shapes while remaining stylish and sexy, you can’t go wrong! If you prefer a bit more coverage, use a sarong as either a skirt or a dress for your walks on the beach, or some relaxing lounging.  Personally, I love my big and floppy hats! If you’re not sure that you’re up for channeling your inner Samantha Jones, a regular wide brim hat will keep you protected and fashionable at the same time. For extra coverage from the sun, a pair of aviator sunglasses will always be one of “those” items that just never go out of style. When it comes to flats, I am not a fan! Especially flip-flops! If I have to wear them, I like something fun and embellished. Lastly, to complete your beach trendy look you will need a good-sized bag to cram everything you need into it and off you go!



1. Urban Outfitters, High Waisted Bottoms $42, Twist Knot Bandeau $36

2. H&M, Patterned Sarong, $14.95

3. Whistles, Wide Brim Sun Hat, $105.79, available at asos

4. Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban Original Aviator, $249.95

5. Sophia Webster, Becky Gem Sandal, $398 available at The Hudson’s Bay

6. Aldo, Seacliff Tote Bag, $45


By: Marta Mankiewicz, Toronto, @marta_mayy

Montreal Fashion Jobs – Pretty Pleats

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014



One of the biggest trends for spring is the pleated skirt. Modest and reserved, this humble garment was once reserved for school girls and librarians. Now, however, the once-dowdy pleated skirt is getting a makeover. Viktor and Rolf showed an edge-y, tough-girl take on pleats at their S/S ’14 show that I absolutely loved. At Bottega Veneta, meanwhile, pleats peeked out underneath flat-fabric overlays to create a structured, neo-scultpural feel. Ready to rock some pleats yourself? Try a pretty or punky look, like the options below!


Pretty in Pleats:

If your style is sugary-sweet, then play up the inherit girly-girl vibe of pleats! Pair a softly coloured, pleated skirt with a floral crop top for a look that is very now. It’s just a little sexy, but also undeniably soft. Add some heeled sandals, a clutch and girly earrings for a great going out look. This could also be a fashion-forward look for a first date, or anytime you feel like wearing lots of lip gloss and flirting!

To look pretty in pleats:
Weekend MaxMara skirt, $195,; crop top, $12,; Swedish Hasbeens clutch,$280,; Jimmy Choo shoes, $970 at; Valentino earrings, $740,


Punky in Pleats:

If you’re all about cool girl style then try pairing a prim-and-proper pleated skirt with some rock’n’roll accents. It’s a perfect mix of hard and soft, making you look like the rock star you are! Start with a neutral pleated skirt. Then, throw on your favourite t-shirt (bonus points if it has a rocker-esque graphic, like the skull one here). Tie up a corner of the tee instead of tucking it in. Add some spike-y jewellery and your favourite leather jacket. Then, temper all that edge with some ladylike heels.

From overlooked to of-the-moment, you can bet pleats will be everywhere this season. How will you wear them, pretty or punky?

To look punky in pleats:

ROCHAS skirt, $1010, far-fetch.comH&M jacket, $185; Gianvito Rossi shoes, $765,; Zoe Karssen T-Shirt, $100,; Club Manhattan Earrings, $28,

By: Morgan Mullin

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – 2014 Oscars Inspired Cocktail Dresses

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014



One of the most fun and exciting television events every year is watching Hollywood’s most talented stars walking the Oscars red carpet in glamorous gowns that viewers at home can only dream about wearing. We can, however, use our favourite looks from the Academy Awards as inspiration for occasions when a party dress is in need! Whether it’s the colour you fell in love with, like Nairobi blue on Lupita, or the intricate lace detailing Portia de Rossi chose, here are six cocktail dresses inspired by some of the best dressed of the evening this year:





Style Inspiration: Portia De Rossi arrives at 86th Academy Awards, image courtesy of ABC News

1. J.Crew Pamela Dress in Leavers Lace, $318 USD (available July 2014)


Style Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence Wows in Red Dior Gown on 2014 Oscars Red Carpet, image courtesy of US Weekly

2. Diane Von Furstenberg Bevin Dress, $480, available at MATCHESFASHION.COM




Style Inspiration: Lupita Nyong’o on the Oscar’s Red Carpet, image courtesy of Glamour

3. Ted Baker Nistee Side Pleat Skater Dress, £129, available at John Lewis



Style Inspiration: Kelly Ripa – Top 10 Oscars 2014, image courtesy of Hollywood PQ

4. Cédric Charlier Oversized Piqué Dress, $890 USD, available at Net-a-Porter

Style Inspiration: Charlize Theron – Oscars 2014 Red Carpet, image courtesy of Just Curious

5. Helmut Lang Mesh-Trimmed Stretch-Jersey Mini Dress, $387 USD, available at Net-a-Porter




Style Inspiration: Sandra Bullock – Best Oscar Dresses, image courtesy of Sparkles and Shoes

6. J.Crew Carson Dress in Silk Dupioni, $310 USD


By: Liz Doré, Toronto ON

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – Check It Out

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

image1xxl1Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.08.16 PM63cn7640424




This spring, gingham isn’t just a pattern for picnics. It’s also a cute way to add a pop of pizzazz to your existing wardrobe.

Gingham is a print that closely resembles plaid. The best feature about this look is that it comes in an array of colours and styles. This means that it is not only versatile, but it also accompanies most looks perfectly. Many designers and retailers are showcasing this style in everything from tops, jackets, shoes and dresses. This pattern pairs flawlessly with neutrals and solid colours. However, if you’re daring, you can rock a full gingham outfit and you will be perfectly dressed from head-to-toe in this spring’s go-to pattern.

With a multitude of colours, this is a look that you will be able to wear immediately, as well as two months from now when the warm weather actually hits. When you are looking to extend your wardrobe to ensure that it accommodates multiple seasons, opting for a fun pattern like gingham is the best way to go.


1. ASOS Lowie Prairie Dress in Gingham, $71

2. Forever 21 Essential Gingham Shirt, $10

3. Urban Outfitters Coincidence & Chance Drew Gingham Cami, $ 49

4. ModCloth Start Your Engines Dress, $37

5. Free People Enya Plaid Skirt, $72

6. Banana Republic Gingham Trench, $215


By: Sarah St.Jules, @Ssj04

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Versatile Styling

Friday, February 28th, 2014






1. Tibi Dress, US $300, available at Net-A-Porter
2. Hive & Honey Necklace, $44.45, available at Piperlime
3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Bag, $383.71, available at Nordstrom

4. Jimmy Choo Heel, $696.05, available at Saks Fifth Avenue





5. BCBG Tote, $198
6. Guess Tall Boot, $108.74
7. Oscar De La Renta Jacket, $2,918.60, available at Farfetch


8. Zara Booties, $110
9. Vince Camuto Bag, $184.83, available at Nordstrom
10. River Island Leather Jacket, $400


11. Steve Madden Heel, $59.97, available at Amazon
12. Juicy Couture Zip Wallet, $142, available at Revolve Clothing
13. J. Crew Necklace, US $174

I’m a big advocate of purchasing items that are high quality and versatile, as they generally look better, feel better and last longer. Now high quality may mean a hefty price tag, but investing in your wardrobe actually saves you money in the long run and it is always worth the extra money. Nowadays, the majority of us have hectic schedules and are constantly on the go from place to place. Owning pieces that can transition from day to night are wardrobe staples, and an ideal item to own to achieve this is a simple dress that you can wear to the office and out after hours. Here is a basic dress with some ideas to help you accessorize for whatever your day may have in store.

By: Rachel Ingram, Toronto

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