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Fashion Jobs – Bad Habits at Work and How to Change Them

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs CanadaStyle Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada

We all have certain bad habits that make an appearance in our daily lives, whether it be biting your nails, driving a little too fast, or forgetting to brush your teeth. There are also some bad habits you may have only at work, which may not seem like a big deal but my in fact be preventing you from being productive and happy at your job!

Here are a couple that may apply to you and what you can do to fix them:

1. Starting your day in a bad mood. Okay, if you’ve had a million problems happen between the time you got out of bed and finally arrived at the office, it’s acceptable to not feel so great about the rest of the day ahead. On the other hand though, if you’ve had a normal morning before getting to work, you shouldn’t always be thinking “ugh, I do not want to work today”. You never know how the day may go, so there’s no reason to automatically be in a sour mood before 9 a.m. If you feel this often happens to you, make sure you’re starting your morning off right by giving yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning and make sure to eat a yummy breakfast that will give you energy for the day.


2. Competing with coworkers. The people you spend your week with are not the enemy but people you need to work together with to ensure success for the organization you work for! Sure, if another person and you are going after the same promotion, that may induce a little competition, but other than that, you need to see your coworkers as equals. If someone else makes a mistake, don’t laugh in their face but help them fix it and you should never find yourself disliking another person because you’re jealous of their role at work. Some things may seem unfair at times, but then again not everything in life is fair! Getting to know your coworkers better and finding out their interests outside of work can help you see them on another level rather than competition.


3. Not being involved enough at work. It’s easy enough to think this is just 40 hours of my week, I have a life outside of this but that isn’t always the best way of thinking. You should enjoy your job enough to want to stay involved with it and be motivated to contribute to the success of the company as a whole. If you don’t, then likely the job isn’t the right one for you! You shouldn’t feel dread if you have to stay a half hour later after work, or if you have to attend a work related event outside of your normal work week hours. You job doesn’t have to dominate your life, but you should care about it! Volunteer to do some tasks at work that you normally wouldn’t do and you’ll see it’s not as painful as it may seem to become more involved.


4. Procrastination. This can be a big problem for some people and could end up costing you your job. It’s all too easy to leave a task for the next work day, but next thing you know you may forget to do it altogether, or you could be in a sticky situation when your boss asks you if it’s been done. Try to treat everything with importance even if it seems like a mundane task and you’ll be and feel more productive.


5. Poor communication. Sometimes it’s easier to want to do everything yourself rather than having to work together with others on a task and have to worry about communication. It can definitely be frustrating coordinating emails, phone calls and getting your message across clearly to others but it’s an essential skill to have. Sometimes you may not even realize that you have poor communication skills until a problem from it arises. The best thing to do would be to stay on top of your emails, and to make sure people you are working with are on the same page as you. Don’t be afraid to ask if they completely understand what you’re saying, just make sure you do it in a polite way so they don’t get offended! You can also take a communications course or workshop if it seems you need a lot of help in that department.


Fixing or improving upon these bad habits will help you become more satisfied with your job and will also impress your boss with your changes. You’ll become more productive and we all know only good things can come from that!

Inspiration Image: Courtesy of The Next Web

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – New Jackets to Replace your Boring Blazer

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsStyle Inspiration Image

Another day? Another blazer? No longer. We know that the most basic, compliant piece in any working gals closet is of course the blazer. Its timeless, polished and allows you to slip by the HR department unnoticed. But keeping things interesting at the office doesn’t have to be just about Fiesta Fridays.  Your wardrobe should be an instrumental tool that brings excitement and life into a dual corporate space.

Although were not ones to knock the many sided powers of a basic blazer, maybe it’s time to bid adieu, and swap it in for an elevated version. This week reach for a standout satin bomber, tweed moto, or embroidered jacket to amp up your 9-5 style. The seven looks ahead will revolutionize your workwear staple and introduce some swank and versatile jackets that are sure to be your new wardrobes MVP.

Free People


Emma Cook


ParkerAll Saints

Nasty Gal

Product Details:

Free People Embellished Band Jacket, $262.79

Mango Wrap Leather Jacket, $259.95

Emma Cook Patchwork Bomber Jacket, $710.05

Capulet Mai Tai Souvenir Jacket, $315.87

Parker Valentina Jacket, $579.99

All Saints Anya Bomber Jacket, $398.00

Nasty Gal Champagne Taste Cape, $104.99

Style inspiration:  Image courtesy of Vogue

By Jennifer Wilcox

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Fashion Jobs – The Essential Office Bag

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

During your nine-hour workday you manage a lot- from running to meetings, answering e-mails, to grabbing a quick lunch. Any woman will tell you that the most essential workday accessory is the ever so trustworthy office bag. These bags carry all our necessary personal and professional items from agendas to tablets, makeup to snacks, they keep us organized and ready to conquer the day. Basically, they save our lives and the search for the perfect office bag requires some serious dedication and commitment. To help you find your perfect army candy, we’ve rounded up the most functional and stylish bags including, the satchel, tote bag, and boxy styles in a variety of colours. Whatever your baggage entails, we promise one of these bags will be able to keep your day in order in addition to boosting your office wardrobe.

The Bucket Bag

1.The Bucket Bag

For the entry level professional who doesn’t need to be lugging around an overwhelming amount of work stuff, The Bucket Bag offers an easy-going, on trend, roomy silhouette that can carry all your essential items during your daily hustle.

Khirma Edem Mini Bucket, $646.99

The Tote Bag

2. The Tote Bag

A no fail option for an office bag is the Tote Bag. This spacious, practical bag is hands free

and is the ultimate bag to haul everything you need.

B-Low The Belt Filmore Tote, $419.99

Multi Functional Multi Tasking Bag

3. The Multi-Functional Multi-Tasking Bag

While your shoulders muscles have grown in size by performing double shoulder tote duty, your weekday grind deserves a durable carryall with Mary Poppins esque storing abilities. This Multi-Functional bag is both hand bag and cross bag while incorporating a variety of compartments and pockets.

Marc Jacobs Madison Bag, $799.99

The Box Bag

4. The Box Bag

Resembling a preschooler’s lunch box, the box bag is proof that being square can be cool. Although compact, this bag liberates you from the hefty handbags and forces you to control your hoarder mentality.

Building Block Box Bag, $607.99

The Backpack

5. The Backpack

Your first childhood staple- the backpack. Although you may have traded your sailor moon backpack in for a trusty tote, this option is just as relevant today as it once was. This two strapped slinger is so on trend today with a multitude of “grown up” versions that are perfect for your office attire.

Rag and Bone Micro Pilot Backpack, $594.99

Inspiration image: Courtesy of Fish and Chips

By: Jennifer Wilcox, @jlynnwilcox

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Fashion Jobs – Your Nine to Five Shoe Game

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsHeel- inspiration (stylesweekly)

What clothing you wear to work is only half the battle. Your shoe game is a key piece to the way you style yourself nine to five. The perfect shoe has to be cute AND comfortable which is sometimes hard to find. The good news is that there are a lots of heel lengths that you can wear to work to best suit your needs and job that will put the finishing touches on any outfit this summer.


The traditional pump

Best for: Any office environment

No shoe closet is quite complete without a classic pair of pumps. They are the quintessential shoes for any working woman and they add an instant boost to any outfit. Whether you wear jeans and a blazer or a suit to work, adding a pair of pumps to your outfit ups its cool factor in a big way. The key with your pump is to find one you can actually walk in. Nothing ruins a look like an awkward and uncomfortable walk. There is no need to choose a 5” heel. A simple 3” heel does the same tricks and will ease the strain on your feet.

Laboutin Pigalle 100 Leather Pumps, $675, Available at Christian Louboutin


The funky platform

Best for: A creative office environment

Nothing says more about your personality than a wild shoe and if done correctly, an amazing platform can take you from day to night. The key with a platform shoe is balance. Pairing a platform with a mini skirt can come off as cheesy but with a long, classic pencil skirt a platform looks perfectly styled and work-appropriate. When choosing a platform, opt for a cool fabric or texture but stay away from anything that will make it look too sexy. Studs, lace and feathers are probably add-ons that you want to stay away from if you want to wear your platforms to the office.

Prada Platform Sandal, $395, Available at Neiman Marcus

Block Heel

The block-heeled

Best for: A traditional office environment

Get the height without compromising on comfort. What’s really crucial about this shoe trend is wearing it with the right outfits to keep it from looking dowdy or outdated. Avoid wearing this shoe with a full piece skirt suit and blouse to keep from looking like an actual grandma. This shoe is best paired with a retro inspired outfit (think an a-line dress or full skirt) or with a masculine silhouette (like a non traditional pants suit.) This is a great shoe to buy in a fun color like a rich pastel or metallic.

River Island Block Heel Ballet Shoe, $62, Available at ASOS



Best for: A casual office environment

If you can’t stomach the thought of throwing on a heel every day for work, a flat is perfect for you. Flats have gone from boring and tacky to amazing and totally wearable. Lace up flats have a dance-inspired elegance to them and add the right amount of interest to your outfit. Try wearing a lace-up flat with a midi skirt to really showcase the details of the shoe.

Stuart Weitzman Tyler Wraparound Lace Flat,  $250, Available at Nordstom

By: Jordana Handler, Toronto

Fashion Jobs – All Choked Up

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

ST95-ADSChoker Inspiration

With ‘90s fashion on the rise it’s no surprise that the choker is making a huge comeback. This playful nod to grunge is the ultimate cool-girl accessory that you need in your wardrobe right now. There are lots of styles to try that can really elevate your look and take your fashion game to the next level. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you from looking too much like a rerun from Beverley Hills 90210 (although that’s not always a bad thing…)

Choker- 1

Layers Upon Layers

One trend that is really strong in the choker world is layering necklaces. We are seeing a lot of multiple strand chokers or chokers layered with longer necklaces. When layering chokers, pick one colour and play with the thickness or charms to mix them up. For a more boho vibe, pair your choker with a long necklace and a deep neckline to show it all off.

Vanessa Mooney, The Sergeant Bolo Necklace, $48, available at Urban Outfitters

Choker- 2

Tough Girl

A great way to offset the edginess of a choker is to pair it with a feminine silhouette or print. Florals and flowing dresses get infused with rocker-chic when you add a choker to the mix. Try an interesting leather choker with a pretty dress for the perfect mix of girly tough.

Jennifer Zeuner Jewellery, Leather Choker Necklace, $100, Available at Shopbop

Choker- 3

Touchable Texture

Gone are the yin yangs and cheesy looks from 90’s choker styles. Today’s choker is less about symbols and more about texture. Velvet is a great material to play with because it adds a gothic and dark vibe. Jewelled chokers can give the missing bling to any outfit and for a super monochromatic and modern look, try a choker in a matching color and texture to your top.

Dannijo Vix Oxidized Silver-Plated, Swarovski and Velvet Choker,  $100, available at Net-a Porter

Choker- 4


The best part about the resurgence of the choker trend is that there are so many styles to choose from. To really own this look, make your own choker. A piece of ribbon in any color or texture wrapped around your neck is a simple DIY with major results or simply tie a ribbon into a bow around your neck. Feel like DIY is too hard? Fake it with a pre-wrapped ribbon or bow.

ASOS Bow Choker Necklace, $13

By: Jordana Handler

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Fashion Jobs – Suit up for Summer

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsInspiration photo #2

Summer is in full swing, and with that comes scorching high temperatures and the need to meet corporate wardrobe etiquette while still wearing easy and breezy pieces. If there is one rule that you should live by this summer, it’s that the expectation for dressing professionally doesn’t just drop because the temperature rises. Planning an HR approved outfit that keeps you comfortable despite the heat can be a difficult task – but it’s not impossible! With shirt dresses, breezy culottes, and flowing skirts, you’ll be sure to combat the heat with stylish 9-5 looks that are guaranteed to keep you cool.

Here are our top picks for summer suiting that will keep you comfortable and work appropriate.

Look #1

1.Fear of God Dad T-shirt, $449.99

2.Marc Jacobs Gotham City Small Bauletto Bag, $595.17

3.Aritzia Bastien Shorts, $47.50

4.Steve Madden Nolla Heel, $108.98

Look #2

1. Datura White Linen Knot Top, $159.99

2. House of Harlow Kaleidoscope Statement Earring, $97.87

3 .Datura Black Bohemia Culottes, $179.99

4. Jeffery Campbell Derry W V Sandal, $198.39

Look #3

1. Mango Striped Structured Top, $24.95

2. B-Low Bell Bottom Blue Jean Belt, $167.97

3. Reiss Suede Aline Skirt, $259.99

4. Le chateau Leather-Like Double Band Sandal, $69.95

Look #4

1. Wilfred Nobel Blouse, $124.99

2. Chloe Drew Wonder Woman Bag, $2,284.99

3. My Theresa Corduroy Skirt, $594.99

4. All Saints Rick Slip On Sandal, $254.99

Look #5

1. Roksanda Jessica Crepe Mini Dress, $1254.99

2. Annabel Ingall Charlotte Clutch, $304.63

3. Raye Adel Sandal, $231.79

Style inspiration:  Blair Staky image courtesy of The Fox and She

Style Inspiration: Austyn Zung image courtesy of Ann Taylor

By Jennifer Wilcox

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Fashion Jobs – Business Trip Style

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobssuitcase inspo

When it comes to business trips, packing can be trickier than any other vacation or trip you might take. Sure, going to the Caribbean may pose the challenge of whether to bring a one piece or a bikini, but packing for work will be a lot harder. Some trips you may be doing business 24/7, but others may leave you some little wiggle room for fun. Knowing what ratio of casual and business attire to put in your suitcase is essential!

To help make things a little easier, here are some essential fashion pieces to travel with on your business trip that will be useful no matter what kind of work and/or play you’ll be doing!

br blazer

Basic blazer. This is a pretty obvious one, but make sure it’s flattering and you can pair it with the multiple tops that you may be packing. Printed blazers are fun and show some personality, but not always the most versatile!

mk convertible satchel

Polished and practical purse. One that is roomy enough for all of your things and goes with what you are packing. There’s no point in bringing all of your cute little crossbody purses because they certainly won’t see much use. One with convertible straps will do you double duty as well!

steve madden flats

Comfy flats. Yes, you’ll definitely need some heels for working, but there’s no way you’ll be wanting to wear them the whole trip. Flats that are comfortable and stylish will come in handy for traveling, whether it be by plane, train or car.

j crew collared shirt

Collared shirt. A regular work essential, collared shirts are easy to pair with different items and jazz up for after work cocktails still. On a day that you may have some down time, you can put on a camisole and an unbuttoned collared shirt and you’ll still look put together!

j brand skinnies

Dark wash jeans. You hopefully won’t need to be wearing suit trousers the whole time on your trip, so jeans are a safe bet to pack for after hours. A dark wash will be versatile and will still look professional as opposed to light wash, embroidered or distressed jeans.

asos midi dress

All purpose dress. It doesn’t have to be an LBD, but should be one that’s easy to dress up or down. A respectable hemline and not too tight silhouette will make it appropriate for work hours during the trip, but should be easy to switch up through your accessories.

bauble bar earrings

Multiple accessories. These won’t take up too much space in your suitcase and can easily transform outfits so you can get away with wearing the same things multiple times during your trip! Simple jewellery for during the work portion of your trip will help add polish, but feel free to pack some statement earrings for the evening or lightweight printed scarves to make things more casual.

Overall, think practicality when selecting what items to bring and be realistic of how you’ll be spending your time on the trip! Bringing these essentials and a few others will help ensure you’ll actually end up wearing everything you’ve packed and avoid wasting valuable suitcase space.

Product details:

  1. Banana Republic Textured Beige Blazer, $165
  2. Michael Kors Savannah Convertible Satchel, $398
  3. Steve Madden Blush Elusion Flats, $70
  4. J. Crew Blue Striped Perfect Shirt, $92.50
  5. J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Fleeting, $185
  6. ASOS Navy Midi Dress, $86
  7. Old Navy Printed Scarf, $16
  8. Bauble Bar Bliss Statement Earrings, $34
  9. Fossil Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch, $218

Inspiration Image: Courtesy of Lion in the Wild

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – How to Style Your Summer Dress for Work

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Fun dresses are a summer wardrobe essential, but can sometimes be tricky to transition into workwear. Between the high hemlines, flashy prints and slinky straps, it can be hard to find the perfect summer dress you can still look professional in.

When choosing a dress to wear during hot months at the office, look for quality fabrics and classic cuts to still appear respectable. Linen and chambray are great fabrics to wear in the summer at work because they still have structure to them. Colourwise, neon brights can be fun to wear but best reserved for other times. Coral, turquoise and mustard are easy colours to tone down for the office but still feel appropriate for summer. Sleeveless pieces can still be fine as long as the straps aren’t too flimsy and chances are your office is air conditioned so adding a cardigan on top will keep it modest and help you fight off chills – a win win. Stick to lighter accessories to go with your summer dress- think cognac and tan pieces instead of black clunky shoes and bags. Ditch the briefcase and find a fun straw bag to carry your work essentials in to add to the summer vibe you’ve got going on.

Here’s some outfit inspiration for you!

summer dress 1• H&M Mustard Ruffle Dress, $19.99

• Topshop Clog Sandals, $80

• J. Crew Cotton Cardigan, $85

• BaubleBar Venus Collar Necklace, $48

summer dress 2

• Lulu’s Chambray Shift Dress, $49

• Madewell Braided Leather Belt, $45

• Sole Society Slingback Wedge Sandal, $80, available at Nordstrom

• Lilly Pulitzer Straw Tote, $160, available at In The Pink

summer dress 3

• Banana Republic Red Tassel Dress, $49

• Dolce Vita Cream Ankle Booties, $164, available at Gilt

• Bar III Drape White Vest, $108, available at Macy’s

• Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace, $80

summer dress 4

• Mango White Embroidered Sundress, $100, available at ASOS

• Tommy Hilfiger Red Cotton Blazer, $81, available at Macy’s

• Hogan Panelled White Brogue Shoes, $245, available at FarFetch

• Coach Tristen Gold and Blue Watch, $148

• Matt & Nat Leather Laptop Backpack, $175, available at Nordstrom

summer dress 5

• Topshop Pink Off the Shoulder Dress, $75, available at Nordstrom

• Accessorize Ellie Floral Earrings, $29

• ALDO Neroli Gold Flats, $45

• Kate Spade Blair Straw Tote, $186, available at Nordstrom

Inspiration image: Krista Robertson, courtesy of Covering the Bases

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – How to Start a Fashion Blog

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs image

Having a fashion blog is undeniably one of the newest ways to showcase your style and also a new way to make an income. Fashion blogs can be a fun way to share your style diaries, and some have even made a very successful career out of it. Regardless of which direction you choose to take, there are key factors you must know to get started.

Find a name

In order to have a blog you must have a URL, in other words a ‘title’. You may use something as simple as your name, or you can think of a title that best suits you and your style. Warning: finding a name takes a LONG time and it usually comes to you when you’re not thinking about it. Tip: Write down words that best describe you, and find a way to make it catchy!

Choose your platform

There are many blog sites, and websites to create your blog. You also have the option on hiring someone to design your personal website, however that can be quite costly. A personal favourite of mine and what I use is WordPress. Another great option is Wix, it is more user friendly, and not as complicated to navigate. I found WordPress to be a bit tricky (and I’m technologically challenged), but once you learn how to use it, it’s a great platform to grow your blog on!


Content, content, content! I really cannot stress this enough. You must have a minimum of 8-10 stories before launching your website. When you launch it you want people to be able to navigate through it and get a feel for your writing and style. If you launch your website with no content, people will lose interest.


This comes from personal experience and it ties in with everything I wrote above. Do not rush launching your website, it is very time consuming but you are showcasing all of your work for the world to see. If this is something you want to pursue as a career, you have to make sure you have a solid foundation when launching your website. Be patient, and allow for you to take time developing your name, the stories and content and all of the little details hidden throughout your website. It will take time but if you are patient with it you will be ten times happier with the outcome and the end result.


Now go launch your kickass website you’ve been patiently waiting to show the world!!!!

Inspiration image curtesy of Pinterest

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – How to Wear Summer Prints at the Office

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobskaramode romper

Summer is a great time to introduce colour and pattern into your wardrobe, especially at work. From florals to stripes and everything in between, there are plenty of fun prints out this season to try. When wearing prints at the office, ground them with neutral accessories and stick to just one. Even if you love mixing patterns together, it’s probably best to save that for the weekend. Some popular prints this season are gingham, checks, multicolored stripes and animal prints. They are all easy enough to mix in with your current office wardrobe and will help bring a bit of fun to what you wear to work this summer!

Here are some office appropriate summer print looks to inspire you:



• J. Crew Gingham Sundress, $175

• Donald J. Pliner Kitten Heels, $271, available at Neiman Marcus

• Ralph Lauren Calfskin Belt, $450

• Michael Kors Straw Tote Bag, $409, available at Lord & Taylor



• ASOS Pink Stripe Midi Skirt, $72

• LOFT Collared Blue Shirt, $75

• Lulu’s White Ankle Strap Heels, $22

• Splendid Key West Tote Bag, $98



• H&M Lizard Print Tie Neck Blouse, $24.99

• No 21 Camel Pencil Skirt, $228, available at Nordstrom

• Charles by Charles David Orange Pumps, $67, available at Bloomingdales

• Tory Burch Gold Bangle, $267, available at Bloomingdales



• Rebecca Taylor Black and White Floral Culottes, $240, available at Gilt

J. Crew Factory Lace Shell Top, $45.50

• Kate Spade Polka Dot Pumps, $210

• Cole Haan Woven Black Satchel, $190, available at Nordstrom Rack



• Missguided Toile Shift Dress, $58, available at Nordstrom

• YMC Sleeveless Collared Shirt, $65, available at FarFetch

• Zara High Heel Ankle Boots, $69.99

• Liz Claiborne Tote Bag, $81, available at JC Penney

Inspiration Picture: Courtesy of Kara Mode

By: Sarah Brooks, Toronto

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