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Fashion Jobs – Career Advice with Christie Lohr – The Internship

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs



With so much competition nowadays in virtually every industry and career field, getting a job right out of school with no real work experience to cite on your resume has become rather difficult. This is especially true for the fashion industry as many positions call for practical and applicable skills that could only have been acquired from performing tasks while on the job. For example, think PR – although having a degree in it is one thing, textbooks and classes alone are not enough to prepare you for the unpredictable nature of the real job. Only past work experience can. That is where the internship comes in. While individuals generally recognize the merit of an internship, sometimes the idea of being a temporary/contract employee, and not being well compensated for the work performed may discourage many from doing the best that they can during the duration of their internship. This, according to Christie, is one of the biggest career faux pas you can make, and she’s here to tell you why.


Christie: I have always been a fan of internships. Not only can you learn and develop so many useful skills during an internship that you will ultimately take with you throughout your professional career, it is also a great opportunity to build lasting connections. Although most internships (especially in the fashion industry) may not offer the best compensation in comparison to the amount of time that you’ll likely be putting into it, that doesn’t make the experience any less valuable than a permanent position with the company. I always say: treat your internship like it’s any other job where you would want to make the best impression possible. If anything, you want to prove yourself even more in an internship scenario because you’re not a permanent employee for the company yet. An internship can either land you a future job, or a recommendation that will lead to your future job, or it can leave you with a bad professional reputation instead.


Although a company may not be in a position to hire you yet, if you demonstrate your abilities, tenacity and overall strong work ethic during your internship, you’ll definitely be the first person they think of when an actual job opening comes along. After all, you’ll save them the time and money of advertising for the posting and interviewing for it too. The relationships you establish through your internship may very well land you a job, even if it’s just through a glowing recommendation from your employer. However, the opposite of this is also very true, in the sense that if you prove to be nothing but lazy and unmotivated during your internship, not only will you likely never hear from the company again, but your employer probably won’t have many positive things to say about you afterwards either. Remember, every job or internship you take on will leave some sort of mark on your professional track record. It’s up to you whether you want to make it a good one or not.


Photo by Michelle Morton


Written by Anna Zhao

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Fashion Jobs – White For Fall

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.00.34 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 5.59.45 PM

The white on white trend has been popular for the summer seasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to transition it into your fall wardrobe. Fashion is all about breaking rules, so why not start by breaking the ultimate rule: “Don’t wear white after labour day”. In order to keep your outfit from looking too summery, layer pieces like fur coats with chunky knit sweaters. Instead of looking like you’ve just come from the beach you’ll be rocking a minimalistic and modern fall aesthetic.


1. Boohoo Abby High Rise Heavy Ripped Jeans-

2.  H&M top with stand up collar –available in store at H&M

3. Classic White Slip on Vans –

4. Mango Striped Jacket-

5. Michael Kors Jet Set Traveler Bag –

6. Asymmetrical Skirt-



Style Inspiration: Betty Adewold for Tomboy Style Blog


By: Cassidy

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Fashion Jobs – White Hot At The Office

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsIMG_0383





Outfit details: Blouse from Joe Fresh ($49.95), skirt from Zara ($59.95), shoes from Joe Fresh ($99), necklace from Zara ($25)


Whoever said that you can’t wear white after Labour Day didn’t know how fabulous white could look. There’s no easier way to make a statement when putting together an outfit this fall than to opt for white pieces, or even an all-white ensemble. Amidst a soon to be sea of dark neutrals, you’ll definitely be making a statement in your white hot look.


For this week’s outfit, I decided to go all in with white, and stuck to a monochromatic theme from head to toe. I chose a lightweight white button-up that’s still cool enough for the lingering sunshine, and a classic pencil skirt in off-white. When paired together, the two pieces harmoniously played off of the typical office outfit of a crisp shirt, tucked into a pencil skirt. However, both the white and fabrication of both items give the look a brighter and fresher spin.


Staying true to my theme, I even opted for a pair of white, pointy toe pumps. Closed toed, pointed pumps create a subtle, leg lengthening effect, and when has that ever been a bad thing? When it came to accessories, I wanted to feature gold with my whites as that pairing is definitely a winning combination. A chunky, chain linked necklace and cocktail ring rounded up the accessories. To add a dash of colour to this look, I actually turned to nail polish. A bold, red nail stands out against a white background, and brings just the right amount of attitude to my ensemble. Remember, rules are meant to be broken, and when it comes to fashion, no rule is absolute if you know how to work around it!


Photos by Michelle Morton

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Fashion Design Jobs – Legs For Days

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsTrend - Thigh Highs (2)

As fall nears and our summer attire transitions into more autumn appropriate pieces and combinations, I have found thigh-high socks to be a timeless must-have. Whilst most of us scrummage to find dark jeans or dress pants for this chillier weather, shorts or even skirts can still be pulled off in the upcoming months. As a rule of thumb, keep your shorts, skirts and tops looser to give yourself balance top to bottom. Thigh-high socks are another fun piece of clothing that can be styled with various shoes. I love how a simple tan boot looks against black thigh-highs along with a flowy skirt and turtle neck – throwa blazer on top and you’re good to go! The best part? When you get home, post-long-day, these cozy socks will keep your toesnice and toasty all throughout fall and into winter.Trend - Thigh Highs


Product list:

1. ASOS socks, $17, available at ASOS

2. Alice + Olivia black socks, $33, available at NASTYGAL

3. Ribbed over the knee socks, $15, available at MODCLOTH

4. Thigh high socks, $15, available at MODCLOTH

5. Olive green socks, $9.39, available at

6. Grey socks, $15, available at MODCLOTH

7. Socks, $22, available at

8. Patrizia Pepe square neck dress, $255, available at


By: Rubi Samano, writer of styleonpoint

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Fashion Jobs – The Working Girl’s Guide to Fall

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada

The weather is definitely changing and it’s starting to get cold out there. If you’re anything like me, cold weather means wanting to hibernate and wrap up in a Snuggie while drinking hot chocolate all day. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop when the temperature drops and work beckons us to leave our Snuggies at home and venture outside. Here are some ideas to help you embrace the fall season at the office while still staying warm. 1

Style Inspiration: Leigh Lezark image courtesy of le-21eme

Club Monaco Sonica Cashmere Sweater, $269

Top Shop Jersey Pleated Sporty Midi Skirt, $45

Aldo Ocaria, $70


Style Inspiration: Karlie Kloss image courtesy of Glamour

Gap Tailored Crop Pants, $64.95

Nasty Gal Rain Check Trench, $151.64

Loeffler Randall Snakeskin Envelope Flap Lock Clutch, $404.94 available at Nordstrom


By: Nikita Due

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Fashion Jobs – How To Start Your Own Business

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


As a business owner, one of the things that Christie gets asked about the most is “how did you get started?” While addressing this topic in full would probably require more than just one career chat, Christie’s here to dish out on the most important takeaways from her Style Nine to Five journey.


Christie: It’s difficult to answer a question such as “how do I start my own business?” Depending on where your passions, experience, and skillsets lie, there may be several paths to take. Whenever I am asked the question, I simply respond with advice that applied to my own personal journey. After all, what worked for me may not work for everyone, but I do believe that there are a few key points that can be applicable to any aspiring business owner.


The first and arguably the most important piece of advice that I will give is to find an opportunity in the market and fill it. Now this is easier said than done, as it is the fundamental basis for which every successfully business is built on. Your solution to the problem has to be a good one, and one that a lot of people can get on board with. Sure that may sound daunting, especially if you don’t peg yourself as someone who can think outside of the box. What I will say to that is, let your past experiences and knowledge guide you towards an opportunity. I didn’t just pull the idea for Style Nine to Five out of thin air. I got the idea for it after working as a retail recruiter in the fashion industry and being utterly frustrated with what was available at the time to help me do my job. From that frustration, I thought to myself, I couldn’t be the only one that was experiencing the problem of lack of qualified applicants for the job openings that I was recruiting for. After all, the fashion industry is huge, and there clearly wasn’t a job portal that was tailored for what everyone in the industry needed. Armed with that knowledge, I knew that I could be the one to solve that problem once and for all. And from that, Style Nine to Five was born, and later, its sister site, Beauty Nine to Five.


I think the moral of my story is that looking to solve a problem or to create the next best thing regarding a topic/area/industry which you know absolutely nothing about, will likely be a lot less feasible than trying to address an existing problem in an area that you are familiar and passionate about. If you are knowledgeable in an area already, then you’ve done half the work of figuring out how everything works, what’s lacking, and most importantly, what COULD work in tackling the shortcomings that you’ve identified. You’re much more likely to succeed with your idea if you’ve already paid your dues, and have an applicable and relevant body of knowledge to draw from.


Another thing I will say is, don’t start your own business for the sole purpose of making money. Of course we all want to make money, but if you begin your journey thinking that the money will just come pouring in, then you’re sorely mistaken. Be prepared to be broke for a while. Before jumping into anything, make sure you have at least 6 months to a year’s worth of savings to live on, as you probably won’t start to see positive cash flows for at least a year.


Don’t be afraid of applying for a business loan. Yes, all loans must be returned with interest, but you will need cash flow in order to grow. It’s everyone’s hope that you will have enough saved up or borrowed from family to never have to take out a penny from the bank, but not everyone will be in as fortunate a situation. I didn’t take a loan out until 4 years into running my business when I decided to expand into New York. Although it’s important to not be reckless with your spending, DON’T be afraid to spend money to make money. Running a business can be rather expensive, so make sure you’re prepared for that before sending in any resignations.


The final piece of advice I will give is to be prepared for a lot of hard work. While you may be able to start your business while still doing your day job, there will come a time when you will have to dive in head first. In order to grow your idea into a full-fledged business, your business has to become your life. I work on Style Nine to Five from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, with mental breaks, gym classes, a few events, and the odd nap in between.


Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t expect it to happen overnight. For many types of businesses, you will need time to build up your credibility; I know that was the case for Style Nine to Five. It’s those that give up within the first year of running their business that ultimately don’t make it. Just when you feel like giving up, don’t. Remember, on the other side of that hardship, is where you’re supposed to be.


Photo by Laura McIntosh


Written by: Anna Zhao

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Fashion Jobs – Breaking in to the Fashion Industry: How to Stand Out

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

 Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada


The fashion industry is one of the toughest industries to break in to. Everyone thinks they have what it takes to find a career in fashion, but how do you find a way to prove to employers that you are the only one for the job? What’s the best way to stand out in a sea of resumes and have an employer say “yes” to you?


Tip 1: Intern or volunteer

Not only does interning and volunteering give you the opportunity to build experience, but it also gives you the chance to network and meet people within the industry. The key to having one of these opportunities benefit your career is to consistently work hard and treat the role as though it were a paying job. Internships can often lead to full time jobs or at the very least recommendations if you demonstrate your value to your supervisor and build the reputation of a hard worker.


Tip 2: Take classes

There are many options when it comes to taking classes. Options like night, weekend, and online classes now give people the flexibility to achieve a designation and further their career while juggling other responsibilities. By taking classes in design, marketing, or whatever you wish to learn, you demonstrate to employers a certain level of skill which can benefit you in the area of fashion you are pursuing.


Tip 3: Create your own job

Don’t wait for an employer to say yes to you, start doing what you love on your own. Whether you enjoy styling, designing, blogging, or what have you, start doing it! By actively working on what you love, you can start to build a portfolio and share your work online – you never know who might see it and be interested in your work!


Tip 4: Embrace your inexperience

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you are applying for an entry level position, the hiring manager already knows that you do not have a wealth of experience. Instead of worrying about your lack of work experience, focus on the positives – leverage your motivation to learn and draw on personal and educational experiences to demonstrate the skills your employer is looking for.


Tip 5: Be different

Reach out to hiring managers directly and personalize you resume and cover letter to express your interest in their company. Avoid generic lines like, I love fashion or I have a passion for design. Chances are the hiring manager has received 100 e-mails that read the same. To stand out, make it personal. Connect with the company and demonstrate that you have done your homework by offering up ideas on how you can add value based on your research of the company. Finally, get creative with your resume. Based on the job you wish to pursue, you can demonstrate your technical and design skills with visual or interactive web resumes – it will definitely make you stand out amongst the slew of traditional resumes.


By: Nikita Due

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Fashion Jobs – Layering At The Office: #SNTFxRobson

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Fall is the time of year for new beginnings. Whether that means going back to school, seeking out your first professional job post-graduation, or transitioning into a new career path altogether, it is definitely the season of change for many. In Style Nine to Five’s collaboration with Robson Street we call #SNTFxRobson, I share stylish work-appropriate outfits that are 9-5 approved.
DSC_0516-EditDSC_0281-Edit-EditDSC_0381-EditDSC_0473-Edit (1)DSC_0465-Edit





Outfit details: Coat from Zara ($129.95), scarf from Zara ($29.95), cropped sweater from Club Monaco ($129.50), camisole from Artizia ($55), skirt from J.Crew ($150), boots from Forever 21 ($39.80), hat from Le Chateau (last year)

Do you have that favourite piece left over from summer which you’re still dying to wear into fall? Luckily, with some strategic layering, even the most summery of clothing can be transitioned into cooler months. In fact, layering IS this week’s focus.

Cropped styles were all the rage for spring and summer, and going into fall, I chose a thicker, cropped and sleeveless cable knit sweater to pair with a billowy tank, both in white. The key to taming cropped pieces for fall is to layer them on top of longer pieces. The sweater over top of a shirt look is still going strong, and I certainly borrowed inspiration from that for this pairing. When done right, this can make a cropped piece appropriate for the office!

For additional warmth, I opted for an oversized cardigan-turned-coat in cream. I’m a huge fan of whites and creams for fall as it’s a nice departure from the often dull palettes that seem to dominate as soon as September rolls around. I also loved the boxy shape of this coat as it provided me with tons of room for layering on more pieces underneath.

Although the rest of my look was white hot, I also wanted to incorporate a few earthier tones into my outfit that are a bit more on trend for fall. I love this army green pencil skirt (perfectly work appropriate) and camel ankle boots which go with everything. I also accessorized with a shawl scarf in a classic plaid pattern that complemented the rest of my colour choices while also adding in another pop along the way. The kicker is that it looks great layered over top of my coat, or wrapped around bare shoulders.

Aside from playing around with unlikely colours for fall dressing, I especially enjoy mixing different fabric textures to create more visual interest in my outfits. With so many options to choose from, knits to leather to wovens and back again, it would be a shame to stick to a single texture throughout. Remember, building a great look no matter the occasion, often comes down to the details!

Photos by Laura McIntosh

Photos edited by Priscilla Locke Photography

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – Fall Must Haves

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Montrealsntf

Fall is a beautiful time of year and though it’s one of my favourite seasons, it can also be a little chilly! Investing in a few key pieces is the best way to make the most your current wardrobe and transition your pieces into the fall season. These are my top 7 must-have items for fall:


1.  A COZY JACKET:  More than anything else, a coat is an item to invest in each fall. Keep all those pesky fall colds away by bundling up a cozy jacket like this pretty pink one from Missguided.

2. ANKLE BOOTS:  Keep comfortably on trend during the fall season with a great pair of ankle boots! These — ones from Aldo are not only stunningly stylish, they’re also practical and totally affordable!

3. A KNIT SCARF:  During the fall and winter months I am rarely without a knit scarf, aside from them being one of my main “statement” pieces during the cooler months, they also keep me comfortably warm even on the coolest of days.

4. A PULLOVER SWEATER: Just like a cozy jacket, a heavy knit pullover is a staple piece during the cooler months. They layer adorably over button-down shirts and dresses to create stylishly cozy looks.

5. JEANS: During the fall and winter months I basically live in denim. I love layering up my favourite pair of denim with cozy knit sweaters, ankle boots, and knit socks to achieve that uber cozy comfy look.

6. RAINBOOTS: If you live in Vancouver, or heck – anywhere really in Canada, then chances are you’ve seen some rain (or snow) in your time. Wet shoes are the absolute worst which is why I’ve wised up to the idea of rainboots being a fall essential. Say goodbye to those dreaded cold toes!

7. UMBRELLA:  Just like rainboots, an umbrella is an essential item if you’re looking to keep dry this fall. Since there are so many adorable options out there now, an umbrella is more like an accessory nowadays than a boring item you just need – I mean, just check out this Hudon’s Bay one available at Lord and Taylor!



HUDSON’S BAY Mini Umbrella, $20.00, available Lord and Taylor

MICHAEL Michael Kors “Fulton” Harness Rainboot,  $125.00, available at Bon Ton

Current/Elliott The High Waist Skinny Jeans Blue, $198.00, available at Moda Operandi

Acne Studios shelby cotton pullover, $125.00, available at La Graconne

Genie by Eugenia Kim Dakota, $100.00, available at Piperlime

Aldo Boots “Cher”, $140.00

Lena Cocoon Coat Pink, $75.98, available at Missguided


By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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Fashion Jobs Vancouver -Short and Sweet: How to Transition Shorts into Fall

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

1 2 3 4. 5 6

Shorts are a summer staple, but did you know they can easily become a great fall go-to piece as well? The key to wearing your shorts all season long islayering! Try wearing dark-wash denim shorts over a pair of sheer black tights, or a cozy pair of corduroy high waisted cutoffs with plum stockings. Over-the knee or knee-high socks also pair great with shorts; try layering them over your tights on those extra chilly days!


1. Style Inspiration: Bonnie Barton, style blogger at Flashes of Style. Image courtesy of

2. Style Inspiration: Joelle, style blogger at La Petite Noob. Image courtesy of

3. Style Inspiration: Breanne, style blogger at Flattery. Image courtesy of

4. Style Inspiration: Lua P, Image courtesy of

5. Style Inspiration: Jennifer Grace, fashion blogger at Native Fox . Image courtesy of

6. Style Inspiration: Julie, style blogger at Orchid Grey. Image courtesy of


By: Cassidy Allan, @cassidyjallan