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Fashion Jobs – Socially Conscious Clothing

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

 Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Do you know where your shirt was made? How about the person who made it? Most of the fast fashion we’re drawn to has a backstory that we’d rather be ignorant about. But a trending wave, that’s gaining traction fast, is socially conscious clothing. Companies are making a point about transparency, who makes their clothing, what materials they use, and why it’s priced a certain way. Many of these lines also give back a portion of sales to different organizations and initiatives.

socially conscious style

1. XO Tank, $32.97, available at Wear Your Label

2. Lakamo Hoodie, $69.99, available at Ten Tree

3. Women’s Washed Pocket Tank, $30, available at Toms

4. American Flag Women’s Classic, $54, available at Toms

5. Custom Cut Tank, $32.97, available at Wear Your Label 

6. Christina Perri Shirt, $24, available at To Write Love on Her Arms


Personally, this is one of my favourite trends to come about. Since my teenage years I’ve been dreaming of starting my own fashion line that sets straight so many of the unethical policies currently used in the industry. Evidently, I was stunned when the conscious clothing line I started with a good friend took off in a matter of months. Wear Your Label is our clothing brand, that uses fashion to create conversation about mental health. We use sustainable fabrics and packaging, screenprint every item by hand, write our customers letters, and give back to different mental health initiatives. Whether you’re a fighter, survivor, or supporter of mental health, Wear Your Label provides stylish and comfortable clothing for you. It’s a way to become a part of a community that is bigger than yourself. Companies like these are shaping the new fashion industry, and I can’t wait to see how the dominoes continue to fall!


By: Kayley Reed, Fredericton, @wanderrluust

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Fashion Jobs Toronto – Fisherman Style Sweaters

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Maritimes, but one of my favourite recent trends has been the classic fisherman sweater. There are many myths surrounding the origin of the fisherman sweater, but there is no doubt that if there is one transitional piece to shop for now moving into fall – it’s this incredibly versatile cable knit sweater.


1. L.L. Bean Coveside Sweater, $54.95 USD
2. House of Holland Crew-Neck Cricket Sweater, $450, available at
3. Alexander McQueen Skull Cable-Knit Sweater, $960, available at
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Fisherman Sweater, $695.52, available at Farfetch
5. Fossil Nora Fisherman Sweater, $59.99 USD
6. Joe Fresh Contrast Cable Knit Sweater, $39
7. St. John Yellow Label Fisherman Knit Cardigan, $670.76, available at Nordstrom
8. BP Stripe Knit Open Cardigan, $40.47, available at Nordstrom

By: Liz Doré, Toronto

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Career Chats With Christie Lohr: What Does “Above & Beyond” Really Mean?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion jobs NYC

5BKYIpo0-ei3bAoO1G_Rd5Oh3J8AhMySPfaQ0MmZFEM,bl7DNPFGUG8WwczJP5W-s5YQgjOLVqq9PPRBPhXmG6o (1)

What does it truly take to succeed in your career, no matter the industry that you are a part of? For many of us, we’re not too certain where we will wind up unless we first experience various trials and tribulations. But for Christie Lohr, the founder of fashion job website Style Nine to Five, a career in the fashion industry was an established goal from the tender age of 10. In Style Nine to Five’s latest blog feature, Christie Lohr will be dishing out on the best in career advice that can be applied to any industry, fashion or otherwise. Expect discussions involving the true spirit of entrepreneurialism, dressing for success, asking for what you want in order to get what you want, and above all, persevering through any obstacle that obstructs your path. Let’s see what’s in store for our opening article to kick off this weekly feature.


Christie Lohr: ”One piece of advice that I’ve given time and time again in interviews, and when asked by any individual as to how to succeed in the fashion industry, is to go above and beyond what is asked of you on the job. Sure, this may be something that everyone is used to hearing over and over again from any professional, but I don’t think many people truly understand the underlying meaning of my statement. For example, most individuals start working in retail as a means to an end, never thinking that it’ll be the start of their career. What I think people often forget is the fact that many corporate hires from major fashion retailers come from within the company. If you prove yourself from an entry level position as a sales associate, you would be surprised at how many doors open for you. I remember phoning head office as a 17 year old, part time sales associate, to ask about what it takes to get a job in fashion marketing. From then on out, I would create inspiration boards for the sales team during my breaks, just because I wanted to, not because it was required of me from the job. I knew that I had to make the most of what I wanted from the job, and this certainly wasn’t an attitude that I abandoned even as I climbed through the retail ranks to Store Manager and Assistant Menswear Buyer for Le Chateau. As a Store Manager, I would constantly be thinking of new ways to hit and exceed the weekly store goals. Oftentimes, the best results were from the most unconventional of ideas. From getting a popular local DJ to come into the store on a rainy Saturday, to dressing up the entire sales team in Le Chateau’s own dresses to promote the product, I enjoyed my role the most when I kept my mind busy. I think many of us spend our time simply going through the paces on the job, but it really is up to ourselves to create opportunities. When I worked as an Assistant Menswear Buyer for Le Chateau, I would go to other stores on my days off to study the latest trends, and often would buy items that I thought Le Chateau should carry to show to the higher ups. I didn’t let my job title as Assistant Buyer restrict me from doing what I felt needed to be done.”


I think many of us that are just starting out in our professional careers can definitely relate to what Christie has just discussed. Personally, I know that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking of some job opportunities are merely temporary, and disregarding them as a means to developing my career in the given industry. To conclude this week’s careers feature, I’d like to end off with a great quote from Christie:

“Your personal career growth is up to you and not your management. Create the opportunity for yourself by going above and beyond. Always work towards the position you want, not simply doing enough to get by in the position you have.”


Be sure to tune in on Tuesday from 12-1pm PST for our live Twitter #SNTFCareerChat. This is the perfect time to tweet out any of your personal career questions for Christie to answer!


Written by: Anna Zhao


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Fashion Jobs Toronto – Back to Basics

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada


If I had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life, I would choose (without hesitation) a white button down blouse and blue jeans. The classic white shirt represents an effortless style of dressing that straightforward and chic. Here I’ve rounded up four stylish interpretations of the white classic button down paired with a second piece to complete these simple looks.


1. Gap Western Oxford Popover Shirt, $59.95

2. CLU Satin Track Pants, $215 USD, available at Net-a-Porter


3. J.Crew Thomas Mason for J.Crew Tuxedo Shirt, $176 USD

4. Diane von Furstenberg Embellished Printed Stretch-Silk Vest, $285 USD, available at Net-a-Porter


5. River Island Collarless White Blouse, $60.97 USD, available at ASOS

6. J Brand 835 Photo Ready Capri, $245.57 USD


7. James Perse Tomboy Shirtdress, $295.75, available at Shopbop

8. Everlane The Petra Market Tote, $365


By: Liz Doré, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Work Attire Essentials

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Style Nine to Five - fashion jobs

office essentials

Regardless of the season, there are a few pieces every worker-bee needs in her wardrobe to exude an appropriate and professional work presence.  Accessories such as necklaces, scarves, handbags & shoes will diversify these pieces and turn them into looks that share your personal sense of style, but first you need these professional pieces!


A Structured Blazer: Nothing completes an office look better than a structured blazer. Even on casual Friday, layering a blazer onto your t-shirt & dark jeans combination will add an air of professionalism to your otherwise casual look.


A Simple White Blouse: When in doubt, grab a white blouse. A simple white blouse can be styled a variety of ways and is a great go-to piece to have in your wardrobe as it pairs perfectly with all jeans, skirts & trousers.


Classic Trousers: A classic pair of black trousers will always be essential to creating a office appropriate wardrobe. Whether you style them with a simple white blouse, or something a bit brighter, classic trousers will be a piece you reach for day in & day out.


Flats: If you find that you’re on your feet throughout the day then chances are you’ve already opted for flats over heels. Flats have come a long way & nowadays there are many options for professionals. My personal favourite type of flat for office attire has to be the menswear-inspired smoking slipper.


Kitten Heels: If you’re not totally ready to say goodbye to heels for work then try a low kitten heel. Kitten heels are a great option for those who are attached to their heels but want to have the walking ease & freedom of flats.


A Tailored Dress: My ultimate office must-have has to be a tailored dress. There is nothing more useless in your wardrobe then a dress as it eliminates the thought & worry of building an entire office outfit. Let’s just say it’s for those days when you accidentally snooze your alarm one too many times!


A Knee-Length or Midi Skirt: If you’re adding a skirt into your office attire mix then always go for one which either hits at the knee or just below it.



ACNE Blazers • Acne • $95.00, available at Yoox

ANNE KLEIN Sleeveless Tie Neck Blouse • Anne Klein • $69.00, available at Lord & Taylor

Joie Diara Jersey Slouch Pants • Joie • $178.00, available at Bergdorf Goodman

UGG Alloway Stripe • UGG • $40.00, available at 6PM

Sole Society Summer laser cut loafer  • $23.98

Jester kitten heels • Topshop • $95.00, available at TOPSHOP

Modcloth Ten Out of Tenure Dress • $52.99

Modcloth Nine to Fine Dress in Feathers • $34.99

JOA Midi Organza Skirt • Sorbet • $98.00, available at Pipeline


By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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Fashion Jobs – Poolside Layers

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs



Whenever I am sprawled out on a comfy hammock-esque sun-chair I always make sure to have a few things within reaching distance: sunscreen, a wide brim hat, big sunglasses, comfortable sandals, and a beach cover-up.  The importance of a great cover-up stretches past just looking stylish while lounging poolside; it’s also a necessity on those mega hot days which leave a brutal burn rather than a healthy glow.

Once upon a time, finding a beach cover-up was quite a feat. It seemed like there were only a few simple options out there that either were too billowy, covered too much, or covered too little; but now it seems everywhere I turn I can easily spot an endless amount of options such as robe cover-ups, dress-fit, and even light sheer shorts.



1. Lisa Marie Fernandez Lauren Flounce Bikini, $400, available at Moda Operandi 

2. H&M Beach Shorts – Apricot/Patterned – Ladies, $12.95

3. 6 Shore Road Carnival Beach Cover Up, $135.00, available at SHOPBOP

4. Echo Women’s Bold-Stripe Floppy Hat, $42 $28.35–31.50, available on Amazon

5. Illesteva Leonard round-frame acetate sunglasses, $180, available at Net-A-Porter

6. Tom Ford Malin Cat-Eye Sunglasses, Havana, $390, available at Neiman Marcus

7. Ivanka Trump Alexis Beach Bag Stripe, $150 $69.99, available at

8. ete Swim Roman Striped Bikini, $225, available at Moda Operandi

Beach Boogie Dress, $59.99 $29.99, available at ModCloth

By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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Fashion Jobs – Coveralls, Jumpsuits, & Rompers – OH MY!

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs CanadaRompers, jumpsuits, overalls

It seems everywhere you turn you can see someone in coveralls, a jumpsuit or a romper. In-fact, I recently even saw a dog in little coveralls – so with that being said, it seems everywhere we turn we see someone or something in these adorable onesies! With even our fuzzy friends taking up the trend it seems only natural to follow suit and, well, playsuit-up.


The adorable onesies make everyday style easy by eliminating the fuss of mixing, matching and pairing. A sleek black jumpsuit with simple gold accessories and strappy heels creates the perfect combination of an evening out. A playfully printed romper layered over a swimsuit is a great option for the beach or lounging poolside; and you can’t go wrong with a cute pair of overalls for a cute & country-esque sort of look.



Lanston Boyfriend Romper, $143, available at SHOPBOP

Alexander Wang short sleeve romper, $491.32, available at Far Fetch

Splendid Overalls, $188, available at SHOPBOP

Alice + Olivia Lulue bouclé and stretch-woven playsuit, $396 $198, available at The Outnet

Romwe Yawl Print Elastic Pink Sleeveless Playsuits, $27.99

J Brand Short Coverall, $297 $148.50, available at Blue Cream

Parker ‘Harrison’ playsuit, $276, available at Far Fetch

Matthew Williamson Hareem Jumpsuit, $1,050 $315, available at SHOPBOP


By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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Fashion Jobs – Complexion Comprehension

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada


For this post, I was inspired by the concept of “getting your colours done” which is something I’ve never tried before, but am so intrigued by. We seem to focus on dressing for our body types first, and our skin tone and hair colour are factored in second. Here are four looks to enhance your natural beauty using only colour!



Style Inspiration: Emma Stone – 13 Easy Hair Ideas For Every Length, image courtesy of InStyle

1. Mango Linen Cotton-Blend Blazer, $49.99 USD

2. Glamzelle PS1 Fluorescent Pint Satchel, $60 USD



Style Inspiration: Thandie Newton at Cinema For Peace Foundations Gala For Humanity in Los Angeles, image courtesy of HawtCelebs
3.  Donna Karen Grey Cashmere Blend Top, £580.00, available at Harvey Nichols
4. La Preciosa Stainelss Steel Lines Cuff Bracelet, $18.70, available at


Style Inspiration: Cameron Diaz at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, image courtesy of

5. Izy Silk Tee, $69.99 USD, available at Forever New
6. Loeffler Randall Opal Kitten Heel Sandal, $295 USD



Style Inspiration: Olivia Munn: What Make-Up to Wear With a Sheer Dress, image courtesy of Celebrity Red Carpet
7. Anonyme Kaleidoscopic Print Loose Fit Trousers, $100.34, available at Glam-Net
8. Wilfred Free Moffett Tank, $35, available at Aritzia


By: Liz Doré, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs Toronto – Strategic Summer Shopping

Monday, July 7th, 2014

 Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

I love summer, but when it comes to shopping for the season I sometimes find myself at a loss for what to buy, keep, or replace. This got me thinking that this summer I will not purchase anything that I don’t love or will likely become disposable once Fall arrives.

The 3 key points to remember with the two outfits below are: 

• Invest in high quality basics that can be layered all year long

• Spend more on neutral coloured basics that are trend-proof

• Mix in bold accessories to make your look unique


1. Gap Classic Khaki Pants in Gartland Green, $64.95

2. J.Crew Adjustable Crossbody Bag, $188 USD

3. Toteme Stockholm Micro Modal and Cashmere Blend T-Shirt, $120 USD, available at Net-a-Porter

4. BCBG Natural Stone Collar Necklace, $148

5. Tory Burch Sally Wedge, $265 USD


6. T By Alexander Wang Striped Jersey Top, $377 USD, available at Net-a-Porter

7. Topshop ‘Merino’ Faux Leather Foldover Clutch, $55.79, available at Nordstrom

8. Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Wrap, $87.48

9. Fossil Georgia Three hand Leather Watch, $115, available at Hudson’s Bay

10. Victoria Beckham Denim Ankle Slim Cropped Mid-Rise Jean, $128.25, available at The Outnet


By: Liz Doré, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Five Ways to Style a Sundress

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs Canada

After a long chat with fellow fashion lovers, style bloggers & clothing fanatics on Twitter, I discovered that the majority of us consider the “summer dress” the ultimate summertime must-have.  As a personal style blogger, I am constantly looking for new ways to mix and remix my wardrobe, and this summer I am dedicated to making the most of my favourite summertime go-to: The Sundress.  (*this post will show how to style a single sundress for 1.The Office 2.Date Night 3.Attending a Wedding 4.Meeting the Parents 5.Exploring the Marketplace)




When you’re taking your beloved sundress into the office you need to make sure you’re styling it in a professional way. Add on pieces like a blazer, sophisticated jewelry, a structured handbag and a smart looking pair of flats or wedges to “office-ify” your go-to summer dress.

Items: J.Crew Embroidered floral racer dress, $119.99, Topshop Boucle zip blazer, $116, Seychelles Thyme Metallic Wedge Sandal, $95, available at Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade Sedgwick Place Phoebe Tote Bag, Cream, $478, available at Neiman Marcus, Lee Angel Lee By Stone Statement Necklace, $78, available at SHOPBOP, Aurelie Bidermann Nympheas Cuff, $905, available at Barney’s New York 




Heading out on a hot date but not sure how to dress up that sundress? Try adding in some strappy sandals, a cute handbag and some feminine gems to liven up your casual summertime favourite.

Items: J.Crew Embroidered floral racer dress, $168 $119.99, Schutz Celina Ankle Strap Sandals, $180 $90, available at SHOPBOP, Kate Spade ‘hawthorne Lane’ Tote, $198, available at NordstormBaublebar Crystal Plasma Drop Earrings, $34, Tory Burch Stacked Logo Stud Cuff, $215.14, available at Monnier Freres





If you’re heading out to a wedding but would rather just remix your favourite sundress instead of purchasing a whole new outfit, then you’ve come to the right place! Try remixing your sundress with prim pieces like a clutch handbag, strappy sandals, and elegant jewelry.

Items: J.Crew Embroidered floral racer dress, $168 $119.99, Big Buddha ‘Orlando’ Minaudiere, $60, available at Nordstorm, Jimmy Choo Lance Wavy Strap Sandal, $850, available at Neiman Marcus, Adia Kibur Link Chain Necklace, $70, available at SHOPBOP, Elizabeth and James Windrose Pave Ring, $150, available at SHOPBOP, Suzannah Wainhouse Jewelry Pyramid Cuff, $315, available at Barney’s New York




We all know that meeting the parents can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. The last thing you want to worry about is what you’re wearing, so sticking to your favourite sundress may just be the way to go. Adding in simple accessories like classic stud earrings, a simple cross-body handbag and a simple pair of flats are all great ways to have approachable style while sharing your personal flare.

Items: J.Crew Embroidered floral racer dress, $168 $119.99, 3.1 Phillip Lim Devon, $395, available at Barney’s New York, Tory Burch Thea Chain Cross Body Bag, $375, available at SHOPBOP, By Boe Red Leather Knot Ring, $19, available on AmazonBaublebar Crystal Poker Face Studs, $24, Majorica Champagne Solitary Pearl Drop Necklace, $105 $63, available at Neiman Marcus





One of my favourite pastimes has to be exploring the Granville Island marketplace; it’s a place you can find oodles of little gems and typically I walk out with the bag full of tasty treats and a hand full of plush and pretty flowers. If you’re heading out to the marketplace in your city to do a little shopping then chances are you’re already grabbing your go-to summer sundress. Adding in some practical pieces like a cross-body purse and some basic slip-on’s will ensure you look stylish (and feel comfortable) while moseying around the flower filled aisles.

Items: J.Crew Embroidered floral racer dress, $168 $119.99, BaubleBar Slim XO Cuff, $28, Fornash Sweetie Pie Collection Earrings, $20, available on SimplySoles, Jeffrey Campbell In Love Studded d’Orsay Flats, $130, available on SHOPBOP, Mother Stretch Cotton Love Drunk Snap Jean Jacket, $380, available at StyleBop, Leslie Danzis Cushion Marquise Bib Necklace, $98 $55, available at GiltFossil Preston Crossbody, $155


By: Bree Aylwin, writer of The Urban Umbrella | @urbanumbrella29

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