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Fashion Jobs – Q&A With Leah Kirsch: Fear of a Female Planet

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017


Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaLEAH KIRSCH

When college senior Leah Kirsch started Millioneiress in 2013, she had no clue that this part-time project would grow into the women’s streetwear brand that it is today. With features in Nylon, Hype Bae, Elle and other top style publications, the brand is beyond up-and-coming but still continuously evolving, just like Leah.


Leah relaunched the Millioneiress brand this month, now under Leah Kirsch and expanded her selection of graphic tees, two-piece sets, and accessories with her first drop under LK. The new collection features reworked vintage pieces, accessories and this season’s hottest print: camo. Did I mention that Sarah Snyder was recently seen wearing a pair of her pants on Instagram? Yeah, #CoolGirlsClub


I had a chance to pick Leah’s brain to hear more about her journey with the brand, life in NYC and her plans to take over with a Female Planet!

Fear of a Female Planet

MJ: When did you start Millioneiress? What inspired you to start the brand and choose the name?


LK: I started Millioneiress the summer before my senior year in college, and officially launched October 2013. I was going through a lot of changes in my life before Millioneiress and felt I needed to channel my independent side. I was able to do that through clothes. Millioneiress was originally inspired by Pharrell’s ‘Billionaire Boy’s Club’ because, at the time, there was no girls club. So Millioneiress became that for me in a way. Granted, now there is a billionaire girl’s club, but you see what I’m saying.


MJ: How did Millioneiress evolve throughout your journey with it?


LK: When I started, I was so young and still growing into the person I am today. As I got more in touch with true myself, I was changing a lot of things in my life, including my clothes; so as I evolved with my style, Millioneiress did too – because I’m not going to sell something that I wouldn’t want to wear.



MJ: When did it occur to you that your creativity was shifting directions and it was time to end one project to begin another?


LK: Ah, that’s so hard to say…I can’t tell you how many times I battled with the idea of the name change and went back and forth and back again. It was very stressful and overwhelming because no one is telling you what to do, you really have to listen to yourself and trust your process.


MJ: How is the Leah Kirsch brand different from Millioneiress?


LK: Leah Kirsch is all-encompassing, to everything and everyone, and more definitive. Millioneiress was dope, but it was a test run that I was so lucky to have.


MJ: I know you’ve been working long and hard on this new line, what is your must-have piece?


LK: Definitely the regular green camo and white camo pants.

Leah Kirsch Camo

MJ: Living in one of the best cities in the world, New York City, what do you like to do on your spare time?


LK: I love to shop. I do much less of it now, but I’ll still take a day to walk around and look at new collections and new pieces/windows. I also love to make random things, it’s how my denim collection got started. I will test out a bunch of ideas I have written down or think of at that moment and then one will stick and I can get it produced, or sell it as a one-off. Living in NYC, when I have some spare time, I love a good meal with some good people – that’s my favorite.


MJ: How do you stay inspired?


LK: Talking with friends and new people and learning about new things, new point of views, new perspectives; learning anything new. And also hanging out with my friends. I struggled with girlfriends in the past so having such solid friends in New York is very inspirational for me.


MJ: What do you see as the next steps for Leah Kirsch? What can we expect to see?


LK: For Leah Kirsch, the brand will drop more limited edition collections, while selling the staples that helped grow the brand (Ladies is Pimps Too, Fear of a Female Planet, etc). I think there will be more consistency and cohesiveness with Leah Kirsch now that my mind is more clear – the clothes will reflect that.


Watch the new Leah Kirsch campaign below and shop the drop at WWW.LEAHKIRSCH.COM.


Use code MJ15 at checkout to save on your order!


This Q&A originally appeared here.


By M.J. Elle, Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Appreciate the Retail Experience

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

It seems that having a job in the retail industry is a hit or miss. Working as a sales associate has often been defined as exhausting and repetitive. Some have also described the working environment of a retail store as “shady” or lacking transparency amongst employees, especially if a race for commission is present. Despite the negatives, however, there are still a significant number who cherish their jobs simply because they have a passion for fashion and enjoy providing customer service.


As one of these people, I was fortunate to be employed at a notorious retail store that I can truly say further augmented my love for clothes. This store happens to be Club Monaco, a New York based high-end brand owned by Ralph Lauren. For many years, I have always appreciated the clothes that the company sells because of the timeless style and great quality. Although many will agree that the merchandise is costly, true fashion goers will recognize the correlation between the price frame and the clothes’ characteristics. In addition, the visual properties of a Club Monaco store remarkably exhibit aesthetic, which hints the modern and high fashion style of the company’s line.


As a fashion fanatic, I’ve always thought that having the opportunity to work at a high-end store is beneficial and can act as a stepping-stone to reach other areas in the fashion industry. Initially, I had low hopes of acquiring the position of a stylist because I lacked the experience in retail. However, when I was hired late last year, I couldn’t be more excited to work on the sales floor – to meet everyone who is as obsessed with clothes as I am and share personal styling tips to clients. The first meeting consisted of discussions regarding marketing strategies, seasonal trends, visual standards, and of course, styling. As months passed by, I have learned how to properly attend to clients’ needs, forming a relationship with them to ensure sales and profile acquisition. I have become adapted to interacting with clients, sharing knowledge on products and current fashion trends, and recommending pieces that would meet their particular needs. This type of work is gratifying and has given me the strong drive to pursue a career in fashion.


The above paragraph is merely a general description of my current retail journey. I can honestly claim that so far, it has been an adventurous roller coaster ride – from attaining special clients or encountering rude ones, to being sent to collection launch events and meeting corporate individuals. Even though this is my first retail job, I think that I was able to bring out the best in a sales associate position because of the experience that I know I can appreciate. With hopes of a smoother journey, I can utilize this experience to propel myself to higher levels of the fashion industry and eventually become a role model that could inspire others to a pursue a career in fashion.


Inspirational image:
Image courtesy of Square One


By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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Fashion Jobs – 15 Things You Must Understand About Workplace Email Etiquette

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaEmail Etiquette

As a millennial, you are the grand master of short messaging. You text. You tweet. You rely on emojis to get your point across. And short is good, right? Sure it is, when you’re deciding where to meet up with your best bros. But now, as you enter the work world, you may discover that you’re missing an essential business skill — email etiquette.


Although this world is transforming quickly, the rules of email etiquette are well established, and they’ve remained unchanged for quite some time — and I’m talking about even in the most progressive of workplaces. So unless you are absolutely sure that your workplace encourages Internet acronyms and SMS abbreviations, or eliminating punctuation altogether (and guess what— I’ve checked around and none of them do), it’s safest to stick to the traditional rules of letter writing for now.


Here are 15 things you must know and do to avoid rookie email mistakes and gain the polished image that usually comes only with job experience.


1. Reply in 24 hours or less:
Do not allow email to accumulate in your inbox. Answer the easy ones immediately, and if you require more time, then acknowledge receipt of every email, even if you just say, “Thanks.” You may be busy, but do it — it’s simply good etiquette. Now let’s say that the email you received requires some research before you can fully respond. In this case, it’s important to say something like, “I’ve read your email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish my analysis.” That way, your co-workers (or, God forbid, your boss) won’t think you’re blowing them off — which would never be a good career move.


2. Begin with a salutation:
Unless you’re emailing a bud you talk to every day, or your favorite office mate who sits right next to you, don’t start out with a casual “Hey.” Use a salutation that reflects your relationship to the recipient — perhaps “Hello, Mario,” “Good Morning, Jennifer,” or “Dear Ms. Green.” Forget about “To Whom It May Concern” — too impersonal and way too old-fashioned. And “Dear Sirs” — ouch! (Luckily, I haven’t seen that one in years, and I doubt anyone plans to revive it.)


3. Introduce yourself:
Again, unless this is someone you email on a daily basis, don’t assume the recipient knows who you are. Always introduce yourself briefly. You can use something simple like, “Hi, it’s Ophelia at this end,” or you may need to take it a step further and remind the person where you met or what your connection is. Be sure to make it easy on the recipient — it’s the polite thing to do.


4. Show the topic in the subject line:
Business professionals can get hundreds of emails each day. If you don’t want yours to get lost in the shuffle, write a clear subject line. For example: Update on the contract negotiations. Materials for tomorrow’s meeting. New information regarding the budget.  Specific, and to the point — make that your rule. This also helps if you’re saving and filing your correspondence — it’ll be much easier to find it later.


5. Avoid joking and sarcasm:
Believe me, I hate to ruin anyone’s workplace fun, but jokes and sarcasm are just too dangerous in emails. It’s easy to misinterpret the tone of an email, and you may think you’re being funny, only to have your joke taken the wrong way.  Same thing with sarcasm. Always be polite, professional, and straightforward, and save the jokes for after-work meet-ups.


6. Make sure grammar, spelling, and everything else is perfect:
Your email is a reflection of you. It’s a statement of your professionalism. Misspelled words, sloppy grammar, and other mistakes may be okay if you’re dashing off a quick email to your best friend. But in the world of work, it sends the message that you don’t care about what you’re doing. Or you don’t know any better. Turn on your spell check before sending any email. And then, re-read the whole message carefully, looking for missing words or other errors spell check can’t find.


7. Don’t use text lingo:
I know. Even our grandmothers are saying “OMG” and “FYI” these days, but trendy abbreviations aren’t appropriate in business email — especially in a diverse, multi-generational office. Lest you think I’m being a killjoy here, let me explain why: simply put, there’s a chance they will be misunderstood. Sure, the recipient could look them up, but who has time for that? Spell out every word and make it easy on everyone.


8. Avoid all caps:
Writing anything in all caps will come across as unnecessarily strong — it’s like SHOUTING! RIGHT IN YOUR EAR! Not only that, a subject line in all caps can easily get re-routed to the SPAM file. If you must emphasize a word or phrase in order to clarify your point, use italics. (Much nicer, don’t you think?) And while we’re on the subject, ditto for bolding, underlining, or a gazillion exclamation points!!! Way too loud for general correspondence.


9. Be careful what you write:
Unlike your personal email, your professional email, much like your desk and your chair, actually belongs to the company you work for. Your email — for better or worse — may be used by the company to prove “who knew what, and when” in lawsuits, or simply to establish the trademark rights on a new product you’ve helped develop. So never say anything in an email you don’t want the world to read—or anything that could be damaging to you, your boss or co-workers, or your company.


10. Close with a sign-off:
An email is like a conversation. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Be sure to end yours with your name, title, and contact info — or whatever format is preferred in your workplace. And a quick “Best regards” or “Best wishes” makes your email more friendly. Nothing wrong with being friendly.


11. Take 5 to review your message before hitting “send”:
I’ve already talked about proofreading your email for mistakes. Next, if at all possible, let your email message “rest and relax” a few minutes before you send it. Review it closely to make sure it’s what you really want to say, and that it’s completely clear and understandable. Sometimes you can hit an “Unsend” feature, but it’s not always available (or reliable). To be safe, fill in the recipient’s name in the “To” line only after you’ve deemed your email ready to go.


12. Don’t overuse “Reply All”:
In fact, just plain don’t use it unless you absolutely have to. No one wants to receive hundreds of emails on topics they long ago lost interest in — or weren’t involved in to begin with. This is the fastest way to clutter up people’s mailboxes. If a co-worker doesn’t need to hear or know your reply, don’t include them. Also, while we’re on the subject of cluttered mailboxes, don’t forward silly jokes, cartoons, or anecdotes. And yes, I love puppies as much as you do, but sorry, no cute puppy photos, either. It’s bad professional form.


13. Keep it short:
Since I’ve already crowned you the grand masters of short messaging, you’d think that millennials wouldn’t have a problem with this. But unless you’re very disciplined, you could have the start of the Great American Novel and not even notice it. So no blabbing, digressing, or running on and on (and on). Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs—and you’re done. And, as additional motivation, remember that many people are reading your emails on their mobile devices. Think brevity.


14. Don’t send negative messages via email:
Don’t trash anyone’s idea or project, fire anybody, reprimand anybody, complain about your job, or badmouth the company or (are you crazy?) your boss. Emails live forever and you don’t want to go on record saying something that could haunt you later. Plus, remember that your emails belong to the company, so keep your content completely professional.


15. Keep a thread:
When you receive an email that you need to respond to, don’t reply in a brand new email with a new subject line. Instead, hit the “reply” button and continue the thread. That’ll make it easier for everyone to track the progress of a project or assignment. And when that conversation is complete, don’t use the old thread for a new subject. Start a new thread.


So, as you transition from school, short-term summer employment, and temporary internships into your career, exercise caution and observe what your co-workers are already doing before you launch into abbrevo-speak, or decide that punctuation is just way too yesterday. This is not the time or place to be a trailblazer. Like it or not, you will probably need to wait for things to change before asking your boss for an “F2F,” or signing off emails with “L8R.”


As with so many things, these guidelines are all about the simple concepts of politeness and courtesy—old-school, but always in style. HAG1, muh babes.


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of TrendiMe


By Denise Dudley, Career Guru and author of Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted

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Fashion Jobs – The Best Summer Sunglasses for Men

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaMens sunglasses Summer

Winter, spring, summer or fall, the sunnier days will always call for some stylish eyewear. Nonetheless, summertime is the peak season for men to be on the hunt for that final touch to add to their summer look, something that completes their image and gives them that extra boost of confidence.


Luckily, we have taken note of some of the hottest styles that fashion conscious men have been rocking everywhere this summer. Every face is unique and different and it’s important to find a pair of sunglasses that best speaks to your image and personality. Here is a list of five different trends of men’s sunglasses that are worth experimenting with this summer!

1. RoundThe Round Frame
If you’re a hip dude who enjoys rocking black fedora hats, skinny jeans and a colour palette limited to white, gray and black, then the all rounded frame sunglasses are perfect for you. A smaller structured face typically suits this super retro style; they are simply the cherry on top of the hipster’s image.

2. MirroredThe Reflector

Red, green, blue or yellow, the reflector shade is all about being the life of the party. No matter what colour the lenses are, these shades are sure to elevate your outfit and allow you to give off some fun summer party vibes. The reflector is perfect for giving your outfit just a little extra liveliness.

 3. WayfarerThe Wayfarer

For the cool, casual and sleek type, a pair of black wayfarer frames is the best pick for you. This pair of shades gives the face a very strong, masculine look and ultimately adds just the right amount of sleekness to any outfit. For the man who wants to look polished, fresh and dapper then definitely add the wayfarer style to your everyday look.

4. D-Frame SunglassesThe D-Frame

The d-frame is a simple style and offers a sportier vibe to a man’s look. The shape of the frame is very structured yet simple looking, which makes them great for more casual, laid back outfits.


Shop the Look: Saint Laurent D-frame acetate sunglasses, $405, available at Matches Fashion

5. AviatorThe Aviator

The Aviator is a classic style that more often than not seems to look great on all face shapes. While aviators have always been very popular with women, men are really picking up on this trend and pulling it off fabulously. Aviators are for the fashion conscious man who like to really pay attention to what they wear and who they are. It might be a classic frame but it offers just enough personality and edge to one’s look.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Lifestyle by PS


Product Info:

1. Image of round frames courtesy fashion blogger @kevinelezaj

2. Image of mirrored frames courtesy of Sneak Outfitters

3. Image of wayfarer sunglasses courtesy of Moda Para Homens

4. Saint Laurent D-frame acetate sunglasses, $405, available at Matches Fashion

5. Image of aviator sunglasses courtesy of I Am Gala


By: Ciara Koth, Toronto, @ciarakoth

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Fashion Jobs – Men’s Fashion: Mastering the High Socks and Loafers Combo

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017


Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaSocks and loafers

The question of wearing socks in the summer is common thanks to the hot weather and the popularity of loafers and sandals. Because of this, wearing a pair of high socks with loafers has become increasingly popular as a pair of socks not only protects the insole from the perspiring foot but for most, it also ensures a hip look.


Although they are typically worn during colder seasons, high socks and loafers in the summer are a major statement and definitely set an outfit apart. Men have always been known to wear high socks in the summer when they had to attend a formal occasion but who said they couldn’t be worn with a casual outfit? It’s time to bring back this popular ‘60s trend to the modern fashion scene! If you’re interested in rocking this hip look, we’ve rounded up our favourite loafer and sock combinations for your inspiration

Look 1: High socks and Loafers with Pants

One cannot go wrong with this combination, as it makes for a very preppy outfit for the summer. You don’t need a dress shirt or a blazer to compliment the pieces, a simple tee or a polo shirt can also be worn to ensure a wholesome look.

socks loafers jeans
Look 2: High Socks and Loafers with Jeans

This combination sets a different tone compared to the look above. The jeans make the outfit more casual but the bold, colourful sock brings out the “dressiness” of the outfit, which ultimately yields a semi-formal look.

shorts socks loafers
Look 3: High Socks and Loafers with Shorts

Aside from being showcased in runway shows, this is perhaps the most controversial for the general public. What makes people uncertain about this combination is the potential “geeky” look or just the overall unbalanced vibe between the shorts and the socks. When rocking this look, make sure to stick to a fairly neutral colour palette, as you don’t want to draw even more attention to yourself.


Inspirational Images:
Image courtesy of Pelayo Diaz (@princepelayo) for Kate Loves Me


Product info:

1. Courtesy of Off the Cuff DC

2. Courtesy of Lookastic

3. Courtesy of Anti-Mainstreamer 

By: Franz Tabora, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Stylish Backpacks that are Office Approved

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017


Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada


Office-Approved Backpacks



When it comes to working in an office, you’re required to tote around your laptop, paperwork and various work items to and from work – and what could possible sound chic about that? But, rather than tote your precious cargo in an oversized or bulky bag, why not use a stylish backpack instead? Whether it’s to accompany your polished office attire or for casual weekend looks, a hip, stylish backpack will solve all your problems.  

Aritzia BackpackPretty in Pink

This leather millennial pink backpack from Aritzia’s in-house brand Auxiliary is the bag of our dreams. It’s not only perfect for the office as it is well equipped to hold any laptop, but it also adds a subtle pop of colour to any business outfit and is still a professional look for the office due to its simplicity. If pink isn’t your thing and you prefer less colour; this little number is also available in black.


Shop the Look: De Bray Backpack, $124.99, available at Auxiliary

Matt and Nat office backpackLess is More

Matt and Nat are known for their amazing eco-friendly and vegan-leather products and if you have yet to snag one of their amazing bags, we highly recommend doing so ASAP. From wallets and pencil cases to tote bags and backpacks, this Montreal brand has specialized in creating good quality vegan leather products at an affordable price. This backpack has numerous compartments to hold all your important items for work, so you’ll never show up to a morning meeting empty-handed.


Shop the Look: Brave Backpack, $145, available at Matt and Nat

Coach Backpack (1)Classic Cool

If you desire something a bit more luxurious, this classic leather backpack from Coach will suit all of your backpack needs. There are many compartments available to fit anything from a laptop to a small makeup bag. Not to mention, the leather of this bag is very durable and adds a touch of luxe to any office outfit.


Shop the Look: Bleecker Leather Backpack, $698, available at Coach

Urban Outfitters Backpack Retro Metallic

If you work in a more casual office, then we’ve got the perfect bag for you. This rose gold backpack from Urban Outfitters is bold, but in all the right ways. It has a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps, making this the perfect bag for those who walk or bike to work. The front accessories pocket is perfect for holding your personal belongings while the roomy main compartment can easily hold your laptop. If you desire to make a fashion statement or just want to stand out in the office; this backpack was made for you.


Shop the Look: Eastpak Metallic Padded Pak’r Backpack, $104, available at Urban Outfitters


Inspiration Photo:

Image Courtesy of Popsugar


Product Info:

1. De Bray Backpack, $124.99, available at Auxiliary

2. Brave Backpack, $145, available at Matt and Nat

3. Bleecker Leather Backpack, $698, available at Coach

4. Eastpak Metallic Padded Pak’r Backpack, $104, available at Urban Outfitters


By: Najja Morris, Toronto, @najjamorris

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Fashion Jobs – 5 White Pieces to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

All white inspo imageThere is a cardinal rule in fashion that says wearing the colour white after Labour Day is a major fashion faux pas. However, if you choose to break this rule then you only have a few weeks left to rock summer-approved white pieces. We’ve rounded up our favourite five white pieces that you can add to your wardrobe this summer and get away wearing straight into fall if you’re feeling rebellious.

1. Topshop Jeans


While jeans are a staple item in most wardrobes, it’s important to ensure you have a pair of white jeans this summer so you can instantly brighten up your look. These white jeans are simple but can add a bit of edge to your outfit because of the distressed, raw hem. This trend has been heavily popular over the past few months and is perfect for those unexpected chillier nights this summer.

Shop the Look: Moto Raw Hem Jamie Jeans, $90, available at Topshop

2. Zara Dress


Dresses are a must-have this season and a chic, white halter dress is perfect for those lazy summer days. The material is lightweight and the colour will keep you cool all summer, while the halter neck and long bow at the back adds a touch of fun to an otherwise understated look.

Shop the Look: Midi Halter Neck Dress, $39.99, available at Zara

3. Free People Jumpsuit


Shopping for the right style of jumpsuit for your body type can be time-consuming and tricky. However, a great jumpsuit is definitely worth the hunt as they are extremely comfortable and easy to style. A white jumpsuit is a key essential in every woman’s wardrobe because it’s the perfect transitional item from day to night in the summer. You can simply dress up a jumpsuit with a pair of killer heels and jewellery or dress down with a pair of espadrilles or sandals.

Shop the Look: On The Run Jumpsuit, $137.16, available at Free People

4. Oak and Fort Bag


It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to purchase an all-white bag, as it’s an easy target for stains and spills. However, during the summer months when you’re looking to add a subtle pop of colour to your look, an all-white purse is the perfect summer accessory. This Oak and Fort bag screams simplicity and the off-white colour is great for any season. The vegan leather is easy to clean; so you don’t have to worry about stains or spills at any upcoming summer BBQs or events.

Shop the Look: Off White Bag, $118.40, available at Oak and Fort

5. Aritzia Blouse


A chic white blouse is a must-have for all seasons simply because it can be mixed and matched with various fabrics and colours. We can’t get enough of this silky satin off the shoulder blouse from Aritzia, as it’s classy yet playful. It can add a touch of femininity to your go-to work outfit and can also be paired with ripped jeans and wedges for a more casual look.

Shop the Look: Babaton Rodgrigo Blouse, $110, available at Aritzia

Inspiration Image

Image courtesy of Lupsona

Product Info:

1. Moto Raw Hem Jamie Jeans, $90, Topshop

2. Midi Halter Neck Dress, $39.99, available at Zara

3. On The Run Jumpsuit, $137.16, available at Free People

4. Off White Bag, $118.40, available at Oak and Fort

5. Babaton Rodgrigo Blouse, $110, available at Aritzia

By: Najja Morris, Toronto, @najjamorris

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Fashion Jobs – Bored at work? 3 Ways to stand Out On Your Downtime

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadablogger sitting at desk

We’ve all been there. It’s almost two in the afternoon, you already had your lunch, finished all of your work and you’re sitting at your desk with nothing to do. You’ve probably counted all the ceiling tiles, had never-ending staring contests with inanimate objects, and every time you look at the clock, only one minute seems to have passed.

You’re officially bored at work. This is definitely something you don’t want to make a routine of, but don’t worry you can break the cycle before it starts to set in. Finding things to do when you’re bored at work can be hard but it only takes a few simple steps to eliminate the boredom and start being productive again.

Cleaning SuppliesClean Your Boredom Away

Cleaning is a task that most people often try to bypass, but it’s perfect for when you’re bored at work. When you clean the space around you, it can help get your creative juices flowing. Try organizing all your emails, your paperwork, even your pens. Use trusty Lysol wipes to disinfect anything and everything. Cleaning will allow you to have an appealing workspace and will easily distract you from your boredom. Not to mention your manager will love seeing that you are organized and take care of the space around you.

Bando PlannerPlan Your Boredom Away

When you’ve reached ultimate boredom this is the perfect time to turn your boredom into an opportunity and plan the future. Planning could easily consist of making lists of things to do for the next week at work, things to do for future job projects, planning your outfits for the next week, or even a list of groceries to pick up after work. Once you planned out certain things that you need to do, it’s an easy way to give yourself new tasks to take on – but at your own pace. So open up that word document, grab your fave agenda or take out that pen and paper and plan, plan, plan!

Facial SprayGet Up, Go, and Leave Your Boredom Behind!

Tackle your boredom by making some moves! Do something that requires action so you can get some circulation in your body. The first step is to spray yourself with some facial spray, so you’re wide awake for the “work-workout” you’re about to do. But how do you just get up and go? It often starts by helping others. Maybe grabbing coffee orders for everyone, helping your co-worker with a large load of paperwork they have yet to complete, coordinating the menu for the next company meeting or beginning to execute the plans you wrote down. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to get up from your desk!


Ultimately you have to remember that there is a difference between being bored and being lazy. Finding ways to up your productivity level and boost your skills are the best way to get ahead at work. Follow these steps and you’ll never have to send that dreaded “I’m bored” text to your group chat ever again.


Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Stylishly Me


Product Info

1. Lysol wipes, $2.88, available at Walmart

2. planner, $32, available at Indigo

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray, $9.00, available at Urban Outfitters


By Prescylla Veronique, Toronto, @prescyllav

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Fashion Jobs – The 5 Must Have Staple Bodysuits Every Woman Needs

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadabodysuit inspo

What began as an athleisure movement in the ‘70s by the fabulous Jane Fonda, the bodysuit has evolved into a fashion statement and is making its way into every fashionista’s wardrobe. The ease of having one fluid piece to wear is comforting to women as the thought of bunching, pulling, and shifting is a constant annoyance when dressing. Not only a great undergarment to wear, the bodysuit is constantly evolving and created in different fabrics like cotton and silk, and styles that are accessible and shaped for all women.


Yes, they can be intimidating and will take some getting used to (especially when visiting the ladies room), but a bodysuit is life changing when you see how flattering they are and how confident you feel when you don’t have to worry about underwear lines and any unexpected bunching. Here are a few bodysuit to inspire and share just how easily this one piece can be integrated into your wardrobe.

1. bodysuit netaThe Classic

It is always good to start out with a classic and simple bodysuit like a tank, t-shirt, or long sleeve. Wolford is a great place to start to gather the basics and then work your way up to the more daring looks. A classic tank like this has great strap support and a flattering neckline that is appropriate for office wear and will have you forgetting you are wearing a bodysuit with how comfortable the fabric is.

Shop the Look:
Wolford Jamaika Stretch Bodysuit, $195, available at Netaporter

2.Bardot bodysuit asosBardot Babe

A Bardot style top will always leave you feeling nostalgic as it reflects the fashion forward ‘50s and has a vintage feel to it. Showing your shoulders some attention, the Bardot is timeless and versatile as it can be worn modestly or as an evening out top.


Shop the Look: Off Shoulder Body with Wrap Front, $25, available at ASOS

3. bodysuit missguidedSilk Blouse

There is something very delicate about wearing silk, as it feels absolutely luxurious on the body. It’s sexy without showing off too much skin and a bodysuit form will make you feel more confident and comfortable knowing that everything is staying in place. A long sleeve silk blouse is a resourceful piece as it can be worn year round.


Shop the Look: Tall Brown Deep Plunge Satin Bodysuit, $45, available at Missguided

Urban Outfitters bodysuitStrapless Plunge

Strapless tops are making a comeback this summer to help women everywhere beat the heat. This sexy black number will give you all the feels of a bustier but a lot more comfort with the stretchy spandex and nylon combo. Wire molding supports the V-neck and the seamed paneling makes the suit more flattering and elevated for a quick and easy night out outfit.


Shop the Look: Out From Under V Wire Bustier Bodysuit, $40, available at Urban Outfitters

5. Button DownButton Down

Who would have thought you would ever be able to find an Oxford-style bodysuit? Every woman needs a crisp white button down; as it’s a work must-have, and an all year staple whether with jeans, shorts, and skirts. We always worry about the bunching and re-tucking, but with a bodysuit that is all avoided, creating smooth lines, and ease of mind.


Shop the Look: T by Alexander Wang Button Down Bodysuit, $250, available at SHOPBOP


Inspiration Image
Image courtesy of Color Block by FelyM


Product Info:

1. Wolford Jamaika Stretch Bodysuit, $195, available at Netaporter

2. Off Shoulder Body with Wrap Front, $25, available at ASOS

3. Tall Brown Deep Plunge Satin Bodysuit, $45, available at Missguided

4. Out From Under V Wire Bustier Bodysuit, $40, available at Urban Outfitters

5. T by Alexander Wang Button Down Bodysuit, $250, available at SHOPBOP


By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – Desk to Drinks This Summer

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Prescylla Inspirational Image

Summertime usually means patio season, rooftops, and outside concerts — just to name a few of our favourite summer activities. And while were excited for the season, it’s hard to fashionably adjust to the weather when you’re stuck at work for most of the day.  We get it, you don’t have time to rush home, change and become a completely different you in within an hour, but don’t stress! You can definitely keep your schedule busy, while looking the part for work and your night out, with these simple nine to five fashion tips.

1.Block Platform Heel. 2. Platform Sandal

Block and Platform Heels

When going from work to play, your feet usually get the biggest hit. To stop this from happening, the key is to find shoes that will last but still add to your ensemble and platforms and block heels are the way to go.  Platforms offer a lot of support while block heels, as well as platforms, are much easier to walk and dance in! Go for shoes like wedges, and shorter block heels with thicker straps against your toes. Comfort can be stylish, too!

Shop the Look: Raye Baker Heel, $240.18, available at and Call it Spring Louth Wedge Heel, $19.99


4. Statement Earrings


The character Doug from one of fashion’s all time greatest movies, The Devil Wears Prada, once said, “An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity”. To summarize: accessories can take your outfit places. Although, accessorizing can sometimes become distracting when you’re on the go at work. Why not save your bold jewellery statement for your night out? It’s as simple as belting your fit and flare dress for that extra kick or adding a pair of chandelier earrings to jazz up your office updo (who really has time to curl or straighten their hair?). 

Shop the Look: IRO Belizary Belt, $500.50, available at Shopbop and Hanging Hoop Earrings, $15.74, available at

5. Slip Dress 6. Wrap Dress

Wear Multifunctional Items

Just like technology, fashion gets innovative by the second so we have to give praise to the multifunctional clothing items that are hanging in our closets. It’s as easy as wearing your satin shift dress tucked into your go-to pencil skirt as a top and pairing it with a cardigan for work and then wear just the dress out on the town. Or use your summer wrap dress as a cardigan, by leaving it unwrapped at work, and then wrapping it up into a dress for drinks.

Shop the Look: Zara printed mini wrap dress, $49.90 and Silence + Noise Square Neck Slip Mini Dress, $59, available at Urban Outfitters

Inspirational Image
Image courtesy of Carmen Grace Hamilton

Product Info:

1. Raye Baker Heel, $240.18, available at

2. Louth Wedge Heel, $19.99, available at Call it Spring

3. IRO Belizary Belt, $500.50, available at Shopbop

4. Hanging Hoop Earrings, $15.74, available at

5. Printed mini wrap dress, $49.90, available at Zara

6. Silence + Noise Square Neck Slip Mini Dress, $59, available at Urban Outfitters

By Prescylla Mizinga, Toronto, @prescyllav

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