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Fashion Jobs – Career Chat: How to Land the Fashion Job After an Interview

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

Waiting for a call post-interview feels like waiting for a freshly–painted manicure to dry. So, how do you make sure to land the job after interview? Aside from having the right qualifications and making a friendly connection with the interviewer, here are 3 ways to help you secure the position of your dreams!

1. Questions!

When the employer is finished inquiring during the interview process, feel free to ask some questions for yourself. Discover which specific qualities they look for in a worker, what a regular day at the office would look like and when you can expect to be hearing back from them etc. Not only will this help you get a better feel of the company, the way they work and the person you are interacting with but it will also let them know you are serious, excited and interested in becoming familiar with the responsibilities that position entails.


2. Follow Up

Following up after an interview is essential! Be proactive. Sending a kind and well thought out thank you e-mail after the interview will show that you respect their time and that you are eager to be a part of the team. Also, following up can assist in setting you apart from other candidates. Make sure you don’t make any spelling errors and that you address them by the correct titles and names.


3. Alert Your References

Your references will appreciate you letting them know in advance that they might be receiving a call or e-mail from a potential future employer. Surely, they have exceedingly busy schedules and being informed of any sort of call will allow them to better organize their daily plans. Not only will your references acknowledge your consideration, but also they will probably be more likely to pass on positive words to whoever decides to call.

By Sarah Said, @sarahannesaid

Inspo photo:

Fashion Jobs – 6 Shoes Every Fashion Girl Needs

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsIMG_0018

Groceries? Maybe. New Shoes? Definitely.

Shoes are indefinitely that one item that can make or break an outfit. It can either ruin your ensemble, or pull it all together. Shoes have always been a true love of mine. There’s nothing that gives me chills more than seeing a hot pair of heels. They usually cost a fortune, but hey, I’ll get there some day. Until then, ill continue to steal my moms Louboutin’s and studded Valentino’s while she’s not looking (sorry mom). When it comes down to it, I would rather save up and spend $500-$800 plus on shoes, then that much on an outfit. Mixing high-low designers and prices in outfits is all the rage in today’s fashion scene. Shoes are an exception…. Shoes you want to always be kick ass. When you see some girl walking in front of you and your eye catches a glimpse of those red bottoms glistening as she struts her stuff, you automatically want to be that girl in those shoes. Bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw ladies and invest in some of these everlasting heels.

so kate

Louboutin’s– One of the most classic heels a woman can wear. Christian Louboutin So Kate, $675


The patent Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap, $995


Schutz Shoes Kija, $200 – one of my spring favourites with a very reasonable price point. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.55.20 AM

Aquazzura Wild Thing Fringe Sandals – The Schutz fringe is one of my favourite heels for spring, but these ones take the cake. Available at SHOPBOP, $1,002

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.00.52 PM

Sophia Webster Chiara Black Gold Boot 100– One of my favourite shoe designers, I have been swooning over these signature butterfly booties for years. Available at The Bay, $1020.00

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.05.58 PM

Stuart Weitzman The Nudist Sandal , $498 – classic shoe designer creating a classic heel to last you season after season

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – How to Wear Overalls to the Office

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


Style Inspiration image

As your quintessential ‘90s kid, my favourite piece of clothing growing-up was my pair of denim overalls. They were the perfect shade of blue with gold heart-shaped buttons running down the side, and I thought I was the coolest girl on the playground when I wore them. I loved that they were a quick and easy outfit, extremely comfortable and, most importantly, they were totes cute.

Although I had to say goodbye to my childhood coveralls quite sometime ago after they became too tattered to wear, my fondness for overalls has yet to fade. I still enjoy the luxuries that they have to offer, and once spring arrives I’m more than ready to pull my overalls out from the back of my closet. On the weekend I pretty much live in my vintage Levi’s dungarees, but occasionally I like to refresh my nine-to-five wardrobe with a chic pair overalls. It takes a bit more creative styling to wear overalls as a working adult than it did when I was a carefree child, but when done right it looks flawless. Here are five ways to look like an adult while wearing your favourite wardrobe staple from childhood.

Classic Overalls

The distressed hipster look is great for the weekend, but during the week nothing beats a pair of sleek black overalls. Pair them with office-safe pieces—a white blouse, pumps and a tote bag—for an outfit that is classic and work-appropriate.

Modern Overalls

The average denim overall may not be suitable for conservative work environments, so choose options with an aura of modernity. The deep V-neck and cropped length of this one-piece from Zara is perfect because it will give you that modern (and office friendly) look, while keeping the classic comfort of overalls. I love to wear my pair with loafers and a crisp button-down for a menswear inspired outfit.

Leather Overalls

Bring a little edge to your work ensembles with a pair of leather overalls. Avoid looking like you’re about to join a biker gang by counterbalancing the hardness of the leather with soft ultra-feminine pieces, such as a lace blouse and pearl accessories.

Denim Overalls

The playfulness and easy-breezy nature of denim overalls make them the perfect Casual Friday outfit. Choose darker wash denim without distressing for a look that is chic, but doesn’t push the boundaries of business casual.

Overall Dress

If you’re not quite ready to make the time-jump back to your childhood by sporting a pair of overalls, I’ve got your solution. With its dungaree-style straps and feminine touch, an overall dress is the perfect alternative to the traditional style. Forgo denim dresses as they may read too casual for the office, and look for options that are black, navy and grey or have pinstripe detailing, such as this one from Topshop.

1. Mango Contrast Panel Blouse, $89.95

2. Tibi Silk Overall Jumpsuit, $525

3. Zara Contrast Tote, $25.99

4. Aldo Haollan High Heel, $100

5. Mango Chest-Pocket Cotton Shirt, 69.95

6. Mango Palazzo Dungarees, $89.95

7. ASOS Pocket Stud Tote Bag, $49.97

8. Calvin Klein Celia Patent Leather Loafers, $131, available at Hudson’s Bay

9. Topshop Taplow blouse by Unique, £145 (approx. $264.59 CAD)

10. BCBG MAX AZRIA Jamee Crop Faux Leather Overalls, $395.83. available at Nordstrom

11. Forever 21 Coiled Faux Pearl Cuff, $6.90

12. Nasty Gal Avenue d’Orsay Pump, $120

13. H&M Striped Jersey Top, $19.99

14. French Connection Riviera Denim Wide Leg Dungarees, $118

15. Zara Basic City Bag, $49.90

16. ASOS MOTTO Flatforms, $42.73 

17. Wilfred Copernic Sweater, $115, available at Aritzia 

18. Sacha London Venice, $217, available at

19. Topshop Striped Pinafore Dress, £36 (approx. 65.69)

20. Babaton Matthew Blouse, $95, available at Aritzia 

21. Matt and Nat Tamsin, $150

Style inspiration image courtesy of Song of Style

By Sasha Smith 

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Fashion Jobs – Floral Spring Scarves You Need in Your Wardrobe this Season

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsAfter a few unexpected snow storms and some frigid days, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. For some reason, once we get our first taste of warm weather we tend to get this overwhelming sensation to declutter our life. That old saying, “out with the old, in with the new” becomes our motto for the next few months—frenemies, stacks of old magazines and unwanted holidays gifts must all go. More often than not, our closet is the first stop on the declutter train, which is a great place to start because it gives us a reason (as if we really need one) to go shopping.

The one item that you should add to your freshly tidied wardrobe is a floral print scarf. Yes, I am well aware that it is spring, but a scarf is not just for the colder months. During the spring season, it’s the best accessory a woman can have in her closet. A scarf can keep you warm on those chilly days, but a floral print spring scarf is a great way to turn a plain outfit into something special. It can give a Casual Friday look a hint of sophistication or offset a monochromatic ensemble with a pop of colour. As an added bonus, a lightweight spring scarf can be worn in many unconventional ways, such as around your wrist or as a belt, unlike those chunky knit scarves that we’re about to retire.

To help you fill your closet with new styles after all that spring-cleaning, I’ve gathered some of the best floral print scarves of the seasons. From watercolour to romantic prints, it’s all here.

Anthropologie Marseillan

Kate Spade Daisy

Wilfred Magda


Anthropologie Eternal

Zara Mini FloralTOPSHOP Mini floralZara Floral Patchwork

1. Anthropologie Marseillan Infinity Scarf, $49.50

2. Kate Spade Oops a Daisy Oblong Scarf, $128 

3. Wilfred Magda Floral Rectangle, $75, available at Aritzia

4. Aldo Ganzaria, $22

5. Anthropologie Spring Eternal Infinity Scarf, $58

6. Zara Mini Floral Print Scarf, $19.90

7. Topshop Floral Printed Skinny Scarf, $25, available at Hudson’s Bay

8. Zara Floral Print Patchwork Scarf, $29.90

Style inspiration image by Oscar May

By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – Q&A: Miriam Alden of Brunette the Label

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsMIRIAMALDEN

Have you ever wanted to run your own fashion business? We get all the deets from Miriam Alden, owner of Vancouver’s Brunette Showroom and creator of Brunette the Label, on her fashion start-up journey and how to gain the right exposure for a new brand.


SNTF: You have been representing multiple apparel and accessory brands through your fashion wholesale agency, Brunette Showroom. What made you decide to tackle a new venture and create your own clothing line, Brunette the Label?

MA: I feel like it really was just meant to be. I always knew that I wanted to have my own line. I found the manufacturing side of the fashion business very interesting from the beginning, but also loved working with retail stores on the sales side. When I first started in the fashion industry, I had worked for a showroom for about 5 years before I started Brunette Showroom. Throughout these years, I spent a lot of time growing my relationships with my retailers. Then when it was time for me to start my own business, a showroom just seemed like the right first step. I started with Brunette Showroom in 2009 and within the showroom we always held a lot of marketing events. We had something called BITNB (Brunette is the New Black), which was originally a combination of many branded products that were marketing tools for Brunette Showroom. BITNB quickly evolved into Brunette the Label, which is what our line is now. I’m super thankful and inspired by all the people that support the line and post amazing photos.

SNTF: Your classic crewnecks are the definition of fun fashion and literal statement pieces for a wardrobe. What was the original inspiration behind the design of your products and their witty phrases? 

MA: We made items such a bags and lip glosses for marketing giveaways that read “Brunette is the New Black”. One day before a trade show in Las Vegas, I made and wore a sweatshirt with the tagline. Many of my clients and friends kept asking me to make them one, so we did, and started selling them to our current retail clients. Myself, and one of my dearest friends, Ryan Pugsley, who used to work in the showroom but still does all of our graphics, started thinking of sayings to put on sweatshirts. Brunette the Label quickly went from just one original sweatshirt design, to a full collection of fun sayings on crewneck sweatshirts, mugs and water bottle accessories. We are really excited to announce that in Fall 2016, we will be launching our full fashion range…so, all you Brunette the Label babes stay tuned!

SNTF: Your line is very approachable and is not targeted to one girl with a specific look. Describe the types of attitudes or lifestyles you try to embody through Brunette the Label.

MA: The original idea of Brunette the Label was to create a line that would work for everyone. Although I love high fashion, on a business side I relate way to more to accessibility. I want our line to work for someone who loves fashion, but at the same time, work for someone who is just looking for something that’s easy, fun, and comfy to wear. I feel our sweatshirts fit both of these girls. Each design is meant to be specific to a person or feeling. We want someone to see it and HAVE to have it, because it speaks to them. We want the girls to have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously. To be the kind of girl who can relate to all kinds of people.

SNTF: When you’re introducing a new concept, it can be a challenge to get customers interested in what you sell and the services you offer. How can you develop the right exposure for a brand?

MA: It can be very challenging at the beginning. But like I said earlier, it has to be authentic and I think it shows when it is. I feel very fortunate, as a lot of my retail clients within the showroom have been extremely supportive in the growth of the label. Many of my clients bought Brunette the Label before we even had a following at all! They just trusted and supported us. Their support was huge to our early growth, and also having our friends/influencers getting behind it at the same time. Both of these have really been amazing!

SNTF: What social platforms or industry/marketing events have contributed to the growth of your business?

MA: Well, of course Instagram has been very beneficial to us. I feel you can get the vibe of a business and the team behind it based on their Instagram. We have also done a lot of “pop-up shops” around the city, so we have met and made new consumers ourselves. You can learn a lot when you meet with the end consumer. We do Vancouver Fashion Week, which is really fun, and we can show who we are through our music and the way we put the looks together. Lastly, working with influencers has been amazing. We have been so lucky to work with people like Jillian Harris, Cara Jourdan from A Fashion Love Affair (we currently have a collab… she’s the BLONDE from the Blonde crew), Kiara Schwartz from Tobruck Ave, Susie Wall from BTV and so many other amazingly supportive babes that have helped support Brunette the Label. We feel very fortunate to have created such great friendships along the way, but business is mutual and you need to have a product that connects with the influencers that you work with.

SNTF: Due to your experience with selling to retailers and now the general public, what have you learned about the importance of developing positive lasting impressions and strong relationships with your customers?

MA: Brunette the Label would have never worked if I did not have those long-term genuine relationships with my retail customers. I have never sold something that I didn’t think was right for them. I always wanted their business to be successful, and ultimately continue to work together long-term. I really care that they do well, and vice versa; it is a mutual relationship. They trusted me, and bought Brunette the Label because they knew I wouldn’t point them in the wrong direction. I am now translating that same model to the end consumer. If something doesn’t work, or you don’t like it, we will take it back. We don’t want you to have something you don’t like. It is so important to care about your customer. I would say the majority of our online customers have purchased more than one item from us – and of course, our retailers continue to carry the line.

SNTF: What is your key piece of advice for our readers who want to try something different and work on building their own fashion start-up – or in better Brunette the Label terms, want to be a true “BOSS BABE”?

MA: You have to go out there and try! I do suggest learning from someone whom you look up to as both a businessperson, and a human being. The moment you think you know everything, you realize you have a lot to learn. You can learn something from everyone… so always keep your ears and eyes open. I strongly believe you can be a Boss Babe while being a good person. Be happy, and be kind to people. You should do it for the right reasons and whatever you do, just make sure it is genuine to you. Show up early, offer extra help, and learn. Then go out and DO IT! The only difference between the person that did it, and you… is that they went out and DID IT.

By: Alicia Elliott

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Fashion Jobs – The Shirt Dress

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs

image1 (1)

Transitioning from office to play isn’t as always as easy it seems. You don’t want to show up to work under-dressed, and you don’t want to show up for drinks with your girlfriends and while they are sporting the newest fashion trends you are stuck in a blazer and dress pants. There has to be that happy medium between the two extremes. This is where something called ‘The Shirt Dress’ comes into play. It’s that one piece of clothing that’s easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down in the most simplistic ways. Not to mention it’s one of the hottest spring pieces. The great thing about the shirt dress is that you can wear it everyday of the week while having a completely different look from day to day.

These Monday to Friday work to play transitional looks are a must have for your spring 2016 shopping.



Monday blues…literally. Denim on denim has been trending for quite some time and its here to stay. Over the weekend I stumbled upon a pair of denim shoes and I was completely obsessed. It was the first love at first sight I have ever experienced. So naturally I had to share an outfit with some denim shoe inspo.

Shoes: Go Jane Triple Time Faux Denim Heels, $24

Shirt Dress: Rails Sawyer Shirt Dress, available at John Lewis, UK $144



The t shirt under tank trend has been coming out for spring. This sleeveless trench with the army green t shirt dress are such a great combo together, the trench adds class while the fringe shoes give you sass and edge all into one mignifique look.

Trench: Tome Sleeveless Cotton-blend twill trench coat, available at The Outnet, $495.75

Shirt Dress: 3 2 1 Short T-shirt Dress, available at Farfetch, $259

Shoes: Schutz Kija, available at Zappos, $200



Wednesday is that mid week feeling where you just need that extra push to get closer to the weekend. A great outfit always helps those hump day mood swings. (may just be referring to myself on the mid week mood swings). I like to handle Wednesday with a pair of marvelous heels. There are 3 things that intrigue me with heels: fringe, color, and lace up. Steve Madden brought all 3 into one amazing shoe.

Shirt Dress: T by Alexander Wang Classic jersey T-shirt Dress, available at My Theresa, UK $89

Shoes: Steve Madden ‘Sassey’ Fringe Sandal, available at Nordstrom, $121

Ring: Berricle New York Sterling Silver with Swarovski Zirconia Snake Ring, $119

Earrings: Lord & Taylor Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver Triangle Stud Earrings, $54



Boyfriend fit everything has been around for a while, specifically the white button boyfriend blouse. Stealing your new bf’s clothes just got a whole lot simpler. The boyfriend blouse shirt dress is definitely one of my favorite styles. Its playful, trendy and can be accessorized in countless ways.

Duster: New Look Waterfall Duster Coat, UK $33

Shirt Dress: Acne Studios Lash pinstriped cotton shirtdress, available at Matches Fashion, $440

Shoes: Paul Andrew Lexington City Sandal, available at Intermix, $1015

Necklace: Windsor Gold Bohemian Statement Necklace Set, $17

Bracelet: Saint Laurent Le Trois Clous Double Wrap Bracelet, available at Harrods, UK $235



I saw a street style shot of Olivia Palermo in a striped button shirt blouse with a tennis skirt inspired trim along the end (yes the one chosen for my main image). That photo has been in my mind for months now, so when I came across this shirt which is almost identical to the one she wore I HAD to add this into your weekly wardrobe shirt dress looks. Pairing it with a nude suede bootie (Loubs of course) is a must for the full OP inspo look and for your TGIF.

Shirt Dress: Thakoon Addition Tie-front striped cotton shirt dress, available at The Outnet, $245

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Fringed Ottocarl Ankle Boots, available at Barneys, $1345

Ring: Ires Ring in Rose Gold, available at Amorium, $120

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – Career Chat: How to Impress Your Boss in 5 Minutes or Less

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobsmain.original.640x0c

When working in a company, small or large, it is important to make great, lasting relationships with your boss and co-workers. Depending on the company you are working for, it may be difficult to have long conversations with your boss during the week because of their busy schedule. Read on below for 7 easy tips on how to impress your boss in 5 minutes of less!


Be a problem solver, not a problem seeker

According to, it’s solutions that will impress your boss. Sharing ideas with your boss will never have a bad outcome.


One of the more obvious tips is to be on time. If you are to start work at 9am, don’t rush in at 9 panting; get there a few minutes earlier to be ready to work at 9am.


Deadlines are important in many businesses, and being late on a deadline could cost your company. Although it may involve many late nights, always finish projects on or before the deadline.

Get on their good side

Getting on your bosses good side will never backfire so make an effort to say hello to them in the elevator, hallway, etc.

Go above and beyond

Just because there is a set outline of job requirements does not mean that you can’t go above and beyond and impress your boss by exceeding those expectations.

Listen to feedback

According to, listening to the feedback that you receive and change your work ethic according to what your boss has shared with you will impress them in the long run.

Own up to your mistakes

One of the hardest things to do as an employee is to own up to your mistakes and tell your boss that you made a slip-up. Your boss will appreciate you owning up to your mistake as soon as it happens so that a) they can fix it, and b) you will know for future what you did wrong.

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Fashion Jobs – Career Chat: Q&A with PR Communications Manager Jessica Shamess

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


Ever wonder if you were destined for a career in communications? Jessica Shamess (@jessicashamess) Communications Manager at Gap Inc. Canada, gives us the lowdown on what it takes to become a Public Relations savant.

20151023_163216SNTF: For those who don’t know what a Public Relations position entails, could you describe what an average day at the office would look like for you?

JS: As an in-house PR/communications team, we work directly with each global brand lead independently, very similar to a PR agency with multiple clients. We also team up with the corporate communications function, marketing and our Canadian merchants.  Each day is unique but touches on traditional media relations, marketing, brand engagement, consumer events, and digital partnerships. PR is continuously evolving and success relies on integrated full-circle strategies and programs.


SNTF: When looking for jobs in the fashion industry, it is often hard to know where to start. What would you say is the best way to get your foot in the door when pursuing a career in fashion PR?

JS: Take the time to seek out new opportunities to learn and gain experience.  Follow experts and fellow communicators on social platforms to see what they’re reading and sharing, and most importantly, network.  Media, especially digital is changing so quickly that you have to stay on top of new tools and strategies. 

SNTF: What qualities and skills are PR companies looking for when hiring interns and entry-level employees?

JS: Each candidate and position is unique however, a few general skills and qualities include knowledge of fashion and publishing, strong oral and written communication skills, savvy social and interpersonal skills, organized and detail-oriented, and one must have the ability to multi-task and handle high-stress situations.

SNTF: Public Relations is undoubtedly highly communications based. What are some tips you could share to help up-and-coming industry professionals improve their interpersonal skills?

JS: It’s very important to personalize pitches and emails as much as you can.  Make an effort to build relationships with media beyond email.  Many of my friends were once editors or journalists I met through the industry.  Be clear, honest and relevant.  Editors receive so many emails that it’s essential to keep things short yet enticing.  Also, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

SNTF: Are there any classes, books or other resources you could suggest to help young professionals advance their PR related knowledge?

JS: Given that PR is a multi-faceted function that is always shifting; I suggest tuning into an assortment of resources that cover multiple beats.  I enjoy catching up with Marketing Magazine, BOF, Fast Company, WWD, The NY Times, Racked, Refinery29, Huffington Post, an array of fashion magazines and lifestyle blogs as well as Canadian-specific outlets.

SNTF: Social media has changed the way the fashion industry functions in regards to PR and marketing. Do PR companies take the way people communicate and market themselves through their social media platforms into consideration when hiring future employees?

JS: I will say that it’s very important to have a clear vision when building your personal brand. One has to assume that all social platforms and content being created and shared is being evaluated at one time or another so I would just say, be conscious of that.

SNTF: Job hunting, especially for the first time post-graduation, can be intimidating. What is the most important thing to keep in mind when applying for jobs in the fashion industry?

JS: Accept that you will need to start at the bottom.  We have all been there so take each opportunity to absorb something new and grow your network.  Something that has always stuck with me is, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

SNTF: Lastly, is there any advice you could share that you wish someone had given you about working in the fashion industry?

JS: Be a generalist and think outside the box.  Work smart, make quick decisions and be humble.


By Sarah Said, @sarahannesaid

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Fashion Jobs – Structured Tops

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


After my previous post I felt it was necessary to stay on the kick a** office look bandwagon. Structured tops are next on your list to add into your wardrobe and wear into the workplace. You see many designers leading into the Space Odyssey theme, with harsh lines, asymmetrical designs, and geometrical shapes. Not only will you be completely on trend in the fashion world, but you will definitely be the new fashion icon strutting around the office. Keep in mind design is important, however it’s the fabric that will hold and add the key component in a structured look.


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.20.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.23.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.28.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.33.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.37.19 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.38.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.40.11 PM

Product Details:

1. DKNY Ruffled stretch-scuba jersey peplum top, $295, available at net-a-porter

2. Stella McCartney Structured Off-The-Shoulder Top, $972.15, available at saks fifth ave

3. C/MEO Collective Fiction Shirt, $130, available at need supply

4. Milly Beetle Top, $350

5. Rick Owens DRKSHDW V-neck structured top, $289.20, available at far fetch

6. Alexander Wang Grommet Detail Peplum Blouse, $890.91, available at Nordstrom

7. Hunter Bell ‘Maizie’ Peplum Top, $287.83, available at Nordstrom

8. J.W. Anderson Puff Elbow Sleeve Top, $623.64, available at Nordstrom

By: Jordan Sangster

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Fashion Jobs – 5 Spring Coats

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs style inspiration

Although we have welcomed spring with open arms and are eagerly anticipating warmer temperatures, this season tends to wreak havoc on our sartorial choices. Planning chic and enviable office ensembles can prove to be challenging (and downright irritating) when the forecast calls for sunshine, torrential downpours and a few blasts of winter all within the week. The ultimate way to ride this roller coaster of spring weather is with some good outerwear. I’ve rounded up 5 coats that are the solution to dealing with the unpredictable weather conditions associated with spring. From the classic trench to the biker jacket, these essential outerwear pieces will get you through this transitional season in style.

Zara flowing trenchH&M trench

1. Trench Coat

While the bomber is the It-jacket of the season, the trench coat is a spring staple. If you don’t have one hanging in your closet or you just want to add a few more pieces to your collection, I urge you to pickup a lightweight waterfall trench—they’re all the rage this season. This jacket will give your outfit that effortless feel, which is the epitome of spring style.

 Zara Flowing Trench Coat, $119

 H&M Satin Trenchcoat, $99

ASOS raincoat

2. Raincoat 

We all remember our polka dot raincoat and matching galoshes from childhood, but waterproof gear has evolved since our formative years. The “grown-up” version of the raincoat is less childlike or fisherman friendly and more smart and sophisticated. When searching for the perfect raincoat, look for one that doesn’t look like an actual raincoat (read: no bright yellow vinyl coats). ASOS Rainmac in Longline, $114

Mango belted wrap jacket

3. Belted Wrap Jacket

The simplicity of the belted wrap jacket is perfect for any minimalist. This is by far my favourite spring coat because it is incredibly comfortable, easy to style and quite modern. 4. Mango Cotton Coat, $189.95

H&M vest

Babaton vest

4. Sleeveless Vest

No spring wardrobe is complete without a sleeveless vest. Although it is ideal for balmier temperatures, a vest is versatile enough to wear on those cooler spring days. Wear a long-sleeve sweater or button-down underneath your vest to stay warm and chic.

H&M Long Gilet, $40

Babaton Percival Vest, $255, available at Aritzia

H&M biker jacket

Zara biker jacket

5. Biker Jacket

Whether it’s in leather or suede, the biker jacket is the perfect piece to bring the right amount of edge to your office outfit. Pair with soft colours or lighter layers, like a blouse and pleated midi skirt, to avoid a look that is too “hard” for work.

H&M Biker Jacket, $59.99

Zara Peplum Jacket, $139

Style inspiration image by Diego Zuko, courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

By Sasha Smith

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