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Fashion Jobs – Read Between the Lines: Interviewers Speak in Code

Friday, February 12th, 2016

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2016-02-12 11.06.57

As a fashion job seeker, feedback after an interview is priceless – whether it’s good or bad. You’re naturally hoping for positive feedback and an invite to the next stages of the hiring process, but you’re also grateful to hear that we didn’t make the cut (sooner rather than later). After being courted to the interview stage, the relationship dynamics can abruptly change between an interviewer and candidate if the former is no longer interested. After all, interviewing parallels dating in that the pursuit is consistent until one side loses interest.


Unfortunately, hiring managers would rather lie than tell the candidate the truth and they are completely fine with prolonging the process. After being left in a state of ambiguity, you’re not sure if you’re still in the running for the job or if you’ve been given the blow-off treatment. In the defense of hiring managers and recruiters, no one likes to be the bearer of bad news.


Save yourself the misery by listening to the hiring manager’s reaction (or inaction) to your follow-up emails and calls. Deciphering recruiter-speak isn’t difficult if you’re able to see the truth behind their vague statements. Study the popular phrases below and recognize a red flag when it’s being waved at you; then keep it moving until you land the dream job that awaits you.


1. “You’ll hear from us either way.” Great. But when? Depending on the company’s hiring process, the time frame for bringing on a new hire can range from weeks to months. On the other hand, if you’re not the right fit, you’ll be sent a generic email once they’ve vetted every candidate and offered someone else the job. It’s normal to hear nothing in between this time, so refrain from placing all of your eggs in one basket.


2. “We’re interested, but we’re looking at other candidates.” Unfortunately, you’re not the perfect match for this role, but this is a roundabout breaking the news. Don’t place all of your hopes in that small bit of interest becoming a job offer.


3. “We can see you working with us.” Hearing these words can make you feel as though you’ve got the job in the bag and an offer is on the way. On the contrary, it may simply be a compliment to your personality and interviewing skills. You may be a good culture fit as well, but don’t mistake this phrase for a guaranteed offer. When it comes down to choosing which candidate to hire, the total package will make it to the next stage.


4. “I came across your contact information from a mutual connection.” If you didn’t personally apply for a job, you can be pretty certain that you weren’t referred. You were probably stalked via LinkedIn or cold-calling and then headhunted. At the risk of sounding like a total creeper, it’s easier to say that they came across your profile online or that you were highly recommended by a mutual connection.


5. “We’ll keep you in our database/in mind for future opportunities.” This is a nice way of saying that you did not get the job, but your resume will be added to an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It provides hope that you’ll be the first to hear about the next opportunity that matches your background. Don’t lose faith, you could be reached out to again at some point, but for this job, you didn’t make the cut.


6. “That specific position was placed on hold.” There could be truth to this statement – it happens quite often. It could also mean that the hiring manager was looking for a nice way to say that you don’t qualify for the job or that someone else was hired placing the blame on the company’s internal issues.


7. “Someone was promoted from within.” Similar to the above phrase, but delivers a softer blow to the candidate. Internal candidates usually have a better opportunity at open roles.


8. “The job responsibilities have changed, and you’re no longer qualified.” Yet again, a polite way of stating that you don’t meet the job requirements based on your resume and feedback from your interviewer(s). Use this as an opportunity to ask what your resume was lacking to become a better interviewer in the future.


9. “We’re looking for someone with more experience.” Unfortunately, they had to bring you in for an interview to realize this, but don’t consider your time was wasted. Every interview is practice that will prepare you for the next.


10. “I’m interested in networking.” Hiring managers and recruiters aren’t at liberty to headhunt candidates from any and every company. To prevent conflict with competitors, they may approach you under the pretense of networking to initiate a conversation that may naturally lead to the topic of making a career move.


Photo cred: The Coveteur’s Instagram


By: Malicia Basdeo, New York City, @maliciaism

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Fashion Jobs – Mixing Plaids

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


Mixing patterns is something we have learned to master over the past couple years, or at least have figured out the basic understanding. This new mix n match trend may be a tricky one and something that we least have expected: Mixing Plaid. Plaid has been in the fashion scene for quite some time, and even though mixing them together may seem like a sartorial disaster, its actually quite simple adding that extra piece into your chequered look.


This look may seem intimidating and you may have had a short gasp reading the “mixing plaids” title. It’s a bold fashion statement, but aren’t statements suppose to be over the edge and intimidating.


Here are a few tips on how to break it down to master this look.


1. Three’s a crowd. It’s the same when mixing patterns, you don’t want to mix more than 2 patterns. The same rule goes for plaids. Don’t go over 2 pieces in your overall look


2. Use a common colour. Make sure you have at least one consistent colour between both prints. However, with this rule, the same colour doesn’t always mean the same shade. Play around with the different shades if you’re feeling extra precarious.


3. When mixing plaids, you must have a neutral piece to keep it from looking cluttered. Whether it’s a neutral top, neutral pumps, or a neutral bag.


The Monochromatic Sneaker Look




Playing with Shades –  Tip: With this look its important to pair it white heels to balance the white on the upper body. Wearing dark heels with this look will draw viewers’ eyes straight to the bottom half of your body.



Keep It Cozy – Tip: don’t be afraid to add a solid pop of colour when mixing neutral plaids. A bag is a great way to add a pop of colour into your outfit.


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.45.26 PMAlternate Skirt


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.51.12 PMAlternate Pants


clutch clutch side

Plaid accessories



1. Madewell Flannel Daywalk Shirtdress in Glendale Plaid, $72

2. Shein Black Plaid Mini Skirt, U.S. $14

3. Faith Connexion Oversized Plaid Shirt, $370 , available at Style Bop

4. Shein Green Blue Plaid Button Skirt, U.S. $14

5. Madewell Plaid Florence Coat, $172

6. The Row Leona Merino Wool and Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Sweater, $483, available at Net-A-Porter

7. Vintage Plaid 50’s Wool Blend Skirt, $54, available at Etsy

8. Vince Camuto Plaid Pencil Skirt, $157, available at Nordstrom

9. Proenza Schouler Wide Leg Plaid Trousers, $1077, available at farfetch

10. Lulu’s Plaid It All Up Red Plaid Clutch, $36

Style Inspiration; Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 RTW,


By Jordan Sangster


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Fashion Jobs – 3 Easy Ways to Go From Desk to Date

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


Seeing that Valentines Day is just around the corner, this past weekend I ventured out to the mall in search of an outfit that would knock my man’s socks off. After wandering in and out of stores for about 40 minutes, I had found a drop-dead gorgeous dress and the perfect accessories—shoes and clutch included—to pull together the whole look. I was absolutely shocked that I got all that shopping done in under and hour. With an armful of shopping bags, I made my way back to the parking lot thinking, “how the heck did I manage to get all of this shopping done so quickly?” The last time I had a V-Day date, I spent 4 hours mulling over what to wear to impress my then significant other. As I tossed my purchases into the trunk of my car, the answer to my question suddenly hit me: Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday. Since I was going straight from work to my date, I had to create an outfit that would seamlessly transition from day to night, which proved to be a difficult task since it took me 4 hours to achieve. (Thank goodness Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year!) That day I learned a few great lessons about transitioning a nine-to-five look into a date night look, and I have decided to share them with you. These style hacks can be applied to just about any work-to-date night situation, whether it be a Valentine’s dinner with your sweetie or your first Tinder date.



Choosing a key piece that is appropriate for both the office and your date venue is one of the easiest ways to make an outfit work for day and night. Let’s say you’re going to a basketball game, choose a pant that is both tailored and casual, such as these Babaton jogger-inspired trousers, in order to create a look that is work and courtside appropriate. For the office, add a classic pump, some minimalist jewellery and a waistcoat to dress up the trousers. Before you head off to the game, hop out of those heels and into a pair to comfy kicks. Adding a bomber jacket and a leather cap will give the look a bit of edge. Your date will have no clue you just came straight from the office.



Going on a romantic dinner date after work and don’t know what to wear? Don’t fret because the perfect transitional piece is probably hanging in your closet right now: the LBD (little black dress). For a conservative office look, pair your LBD with some simple pearl earrings, a timeless watch, a big tote bag that you can toss your laptop in while running from meeting to meeting and a printed mid-heel for visual interest. When the day is over, swap out the tote bag for a wristlet like this one from Kate Spade. With multiple card slots, a built-in mirror and an iPhone 6 compartment, it is the ultimate day to evening wristlet. Give the look a touch of romance and sex appeal by swapping out your office earrings and heels for a pair of floral drop earrings and a black wraparound heel. Don’t lose the watch because you definitely do not want to keep your date waiting.



By day, these coated ankle-jeans and relaxed-fit blazer are the basis for a sophisticated ‘casual Friday’ office look. Just add a lightweight sweater, some simple accessories and an edgy bootie, and you have a great outfit. For a Friday night pub-crawl date, exchange the basics for pieces that add drama, like this leopard-print blouse and beaded tassel earrings. Hopping from one bar to the next can be hard on the feet, so don’t toss out the booties when you’re switching into your night look—trust me, you’ll need them. Blazers have the tendency to make you feel a bit stuffy, so drape the blazer over your shoulders to create an effortless and chic look for your wild night out on the town.


1. Zara Flowing Waistcoat, $69

2. H&M Polo-Neck Top, $14

3. Weekday Gold Pipe Necklace, $32, available at ASOS

4. Matt and Nat Minka Bag, $180

5. Babaton Dexter Pant, $145, available at Artizia

6. Aldo Unenan, $42

7. Converse Madison Mono Lea, $80, available at Little Burgundy

8. Zara Nylon Bomber Jacket, $49

9. Wilfred Free Emesa Hat, $35, available at Aritzia

10. J.Crew Cap Sleeve Dress in Super 120S Wool, $262

11. Forever 21 Faux Pearl Ear Jackets, $5

12. DKNY Silver and Rose Gold Watch, $140, available at Hudson’s Bay

13. Zara Reversible Tote, $45

14.  Nine West Raelynn, $69

15. Steve Madden Presidnt, $125

16. Kate Spade New York ‘Cedar Street’ iPhone 6 Leather Wristlet, $169, available at Nordstrom

17. bebe Floral Drop Earrings, $22

18. MANGO Crepe Blazer, $99USD

19. Vince Camuto Translucent Stone Stud Earrings, $36

20. MANGO Fine-Knit Sweater, $29USD

21. Zara Geometric Tote, $45

22. Jeffrey Campbell Orwell Suede Ankle Boot, $285, available at Nasty Gal

23. CURRENT/ELLIOT Coated Ankle Jeans, $198, available at Hudson’s Bay

24. ASOS Unlined Purse With Faux Pony Flap, $45

25. EXPRESS Dusted Sparkle Cross Bracelet, $19

26. H&M Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse, $30

27. Rebeke Jewelry Long Beaded Tassel Earrings, available at Etsy

Style Inspiration image courtesy of Love Maegan


By Sasha Smith, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Green is the New Black

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsStyle-Inspiration

With elaborate settings based on conceptual themes that could only be envisioned by a creative genius like Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s couture presentations are always quite the spectacle and the most recent show was no exception. If you haven’t heard by now, the SS2016 Chanel collection was debuted at Paris fashion week, and the show was filled with a bevy of ‘it’ girl models (of course) and a focus on environmentalism. The Grand Palais was transformed into a tranquil garden with models emerging from a wooden, dollhouse-like structure in exquisite pieces. The environmental aspect of the presentation was quite noticeable in the garments, as some were made from organic and recycled materials. Although it is unclear as to how much of the presentation was sustainable in the literal sense of the word, conceptually the theme was obvious.


Regardless of whether the latest Chanel presentation was Lagerfeld’s attempt to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon (as a few critics have accused him of doing) or a genuine statement about environmentalism, the designer certainly had a point when he said, “Sustainable fashion shouldn’t look like some sloppy demonstration stuff.” This got me thinking about ‘green’ fashion and inspired me to go on the hunt for chic apparel brands devoted to preserving the health of Mother Earth. Here are my top six shops that deliver eco-friendly clothes without sacrificing style.



Nicole Bridger


If you think that sustainable fashion means looking like a grungy, kale-munching hipster, Vancouver’s Nicole Bridger will change your mind. Described as a “fashion line for the effortlessly chic and environmentally conscious woman,” the brand is all about modern and beautifully draped styles. Nicole Bridger also designs maternity wear, which is great for the eco-conscious mama-to-be. The clothes are made from renewable and biodegradable fabrics and the majority of the garments can be washed at home, which eliminates expensive dry cleaning bills and toxic chemicals used in the cleaning process.





The brainchild of design duo Donna Smith and Michael Gaughan, Miik is a 100% Canadian company devoted to supporting the local textile industry by manufacturing sustainable and timeless pieces right here in The 6ix. Their sleek pencil skirts and figure flattering dresses are not only great looks for the office, but they are also long-lasting since the company uses rayon sourced from bamboo in many of their garments. When taken care of properly, items containing bamboo tend not to pill and loose shape like those made from other natural fibres.



Not Just Pretty


This one-stop eco-friendly shop located in Victoria, BC has everything (and I mean everything). Founder Pam Skelton, stocks the boutique with styles that exude a laid-back West coast aesthetic, footwear from some very well-known brands, delicate intimates, handbags, jewellery and oodles of cosmetics. Want another reason to love Not Just Pretty? As a member of the 1% for the Planet, the shop donates at least 1% of their annual net revenue to environmental organizations, such as the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. How could you not want to shop at an eco-friendly boutique with a big heart?



Brook There


Confident—a buzzword used in lingerie marketing to appeal to women’s emotions. I think we’ve all seen those ads with a gorgeous model that seductively flips her hair and utters, “Buy this push-up bra; you’ll feel super sexy…and confident” (*eye-roll*). Of course, you can get an added boost of confidence knowing that underneath your power outfit is a sexy leopard print bra, but that feeling of self-assurance can be hard to achieve if said undergarment is uncomfortable. This is where Brook There comes in. The line of intimates designed by Brook DeLorme stresses comfort (as in wireless bras), unique designs and garments sourced from organic wool and cotton, bamboo rayon, and real silk. These pieces are so soft and beautifully designed that they’re bound to give you some extra confidence.



Matt & Nat


Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, the Montreal-based handbag line Matt & Nat was born. The brand creates vegan Céline-esque purses that are made from materials like recycled nylon and plastic bottles, cork, and rubber. Diaper and yoga bags, wallets, and tech accessories are also on the list of fashionably sustainable goods by Matt & Nat.





With the idea of creating “killer clothes that don’t kill the environment,” Yael Aflalo introduced the world to Reformation. The brand is adored by stylish celebs like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Alexa Chung for their on-trend pieces and commitment to ecology. With a fast-fashion, but eco-friendly, approach, the company is constantly pumping out fresh designs made from sustainable textiles, repurposed vintage apparel and deadstock fabric from other fashion houses. Reformation takes their ecological crusade a step further by using 100% recycled paper products for their packaging. Chic eco-friendly styles that can easily transition from day to night, sustainable manufacturing practices and free shipping—what’s not to love about Reformation?


1. Nicole Bridger Enlighten Skirt, $109; Wander Coat, $289

2. Miik Kasia Reversible Hourglass-seamed dress, $165

3. Dagg and Stacey Suvi T, $96; Dagg and Stacey Leg Pant, $150; White Stuff Punch Tassel Loafer $145, available at Not Just Pretty

4. Brook There Black Alchemy Organic Bra Silk Trim, $99USD; Black Alchemy Organic Brief, $63USD

5. Matt & Nat Sheenan, $84; Keely, $100

6. Reformation Pike Pant, $178USD; Tammy Dress, $138USD

Style Inspiration image Courtesy of Reformation


By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – Trends To Purge From Your Closet This Year

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsImageinspiration

There are times when I look back at old photographs and cringe at what I was wearing! Each year with the good trends that carry into the next season, come the trends that are best to purge from your closet. This year, there are a few pieces of clothing that I will be getting rid of to make space for more up-to-date pieces.


Here are some trends that we have noted will not be, or shouldn’t, be making an appearance in 2016.

Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4

1. Patchwork Jeans: image courtesy of com

2. Latex Clothing: Image courtesy of

3. Platform Sneakers: Image courtesy of net

4. Coloured Faux Fur: Image courtesy of com

Style Inspiration image courtesy of


By Tiffany Janzen

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Fashion Jobs – The Arty Block Heel

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsStyle-Inspiration

Move over, stilettos! The arty block heel is the newest must-have item for every shoe connoisseur. During fall/winter 2015 fashion month, editors, bloggers and style obsessed Instagrammers were all talking about these eccentric heels, and with good reason—they’re absolutely gorgeous. With their sculptural and whimsical elements, this season’s block heels can give your outfit a much-needed boost of creativity, especially if you’ve fallen into a winter style rut. Despite their aesthetic appeal, the true beauty of the block heel is that it’s actually a quite practical shoe (no, I’m not kidding). Due to the chunky heel, these shoes are both comfortable and sturdy, which is a blessing when you’re walking on slush-covered sidewalks or doing the Whip/Nae Nae a little too hard on the dance floor. Here are a few drool-worthy arty block heels that will get you to give your stilettos a well-deserved break this winter.



1. B Brian Atwood Karina Heels, $180, available at Hudson’s Bay

2. gx by Gwen Stefani Madison Sandal, $151, available at Nordstrom

3. Miista Ryan, $199, available at Capezio

4. Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby Prism Patent-Leather Pumps, $290USD, available at NET-A-PORTER

5. Rochas Furry Chunky Heel Pumps, $512, available at Farfetch

6. Acne Odessa Stretch, $690

7. Jeffrey Campbell Sayer Leather Loafers, $234, available at Nasty Gal

8. Kate Spade Dawson Too Block Heel Pumps, $471, available at Shopbop

Style Inspiration image courtesy of Roberto Cavalli


By Sasha Smith, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs – Spring 2016 Trends You Can Wear Now

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion JobsImgae1_Zara Image2_Aldo' Image3_Aritzia Image4_H&M

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean we aren’t already dreaming about the spring trends. It also doesn’t help that stores are starting to fill their shelves with spring product. Seasons come and go so fast that you might as well enjoy some of the trends early! As long as you stay warm that is. Layering is key to wearing some of these trends a bit early but nonetheless will you be ahead of the fashion crowd.


1. Zara Frilled Poplin Blouse, $49

2. Aldo Glaniel Loafer, $55

3. Babaton Hopper Skirt, $110, available at Aritzia

4. H&M Patterned Dress, $35


By Tiffany Janzen

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Fashion Jobs – Re-Vamp Your Classic Pencil Skirt

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs


A classic pencil skirt is a staple in every women’s wardrobe. Its a timeless piece that can last you for many years. It’s tasteful, sophisticated and looks great on every woman.


As we are a month into 2016, lets try and revamp your classic pencil skirt and add some texture to your wardrobe through your essential office pieces. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a classic black pencil skirt, but times are changing and adding that extra something to your skirt will be worth it.


Be the women at the office who stands out, own your style and be diverse.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.45.59 AM

1. Adding something as simple as color to your pencil skirt is a great start for a playful look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.07.16 PM

2. Velour is a great way to add some sass and texture into your outfit. The body hugging stretchy fit is very flattering for any body type.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.12.53 PM

3. This rustic look will elevate your old pencil skirt with its soft suede structure. The added slit is bound to make head turns with a classic yet cheeky touch to your ensemble.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.21.28 PM

4. Let out your inner Coco Chanel with this classic tweed pencil skirt.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.26.14 PM

5. This stretch fabric has a beautiful curve hugging fit. The sophisticated wrap front slit makes it the ultimate pencil skirt for your office to drinks transition.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.31.29 PM

6. If you are wanting to keep your traditional black high wasted pencil skirt and just add a little bit of personality to it, this skirt is your go to.



1. Forever 21 Micro-Ribbed Bodycon Skirt, $29

2. Leith Velour Pencil Skirt, on sale for $46, available at Nordstrom’s

3. Alice + Olivia ‘Kori’ Suede Pencil Skirt, $1,332, available at Nordstrom’s

4. Halogen Fringe Detail Tweed Pencil Skirt (Regular & Petite), on sale for $78, available at Nordstrom’s

5. Cupcakes and Cashmere ‘Glenn’ Ponte Wrap Front Skirt, $148, available at Nordstrom’s

6. Le Chateau Ponte High Waist Midi Pencil Skirt, $49

Style Inspiration: Asos Utility D Ring Belt Leather Pencil Skirt



By Jordan Sangster, Vancouver

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Fashion Jobs – Style Resolutions You Should Make for the New Year

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobsstyle-inspiration

Happy New Year Style Nine to Five friends! Did you make any resolutions for 2016? Did you break them yet? If you haven’t, I applaud you for your determination. I broke my clean eating resolution three days into January after trying gluten-free vegan lasagna—there are certain foods that should not be tampered with and lasagna is definitely one of them. To be honest, I don’t feel too bad about abandoning my resolution so quickly, as it’s quite common. Only eight percent of them are a success and the rest fall by the wayside before the end of January. If you broke your resolution or it’s on the fritz, don’t give up on the idea of a new you this year; instead try making a style resolution. This is an easier and more realistic approach to self-improvement, motivates you to get out of your style rut, and is much more fun than running on the treadmill. I’ve listed some foolproof resolutions below to help you make 2016 your most stylish year yet.


Zara-BlazerInject colour into your style

If your wardrobe looks like it could belong to the Grim Reaper, then maybe it’s time to experiment with a bit of colour. Are you a blazer fanatic? Next time you go shopping grab one that you love in mustard instead of your usual black. The key to keeping this resolution is to purchase pieces that you are comfortable wearing, but in a bright colour.


H&M-TOPExperiment with trends

Step out of your comfort zone and have fun with fashion by playing around with a trend or two. Flared jeans and prints reminiscent of your grandmother’s ancient sofa are two bold trends that I’ve been dying to try this winter.


JCrew-DressShop smart

Attention impulse buyers! This resolution is specifically for you so listen carefully. Instead of buying a bunch of clothes that a) you don’t really need, b) will go out of style by the end of the year and c) will probably end up at the back of your closet, try purchasing a few quality wardrobe staples that you actually need. This year invest in a chic, timeless, and well-made dress for work, such as this one from J. Crew. Your closet and pocketbook will thank you for making the resolution to avoid thoughtless purchases.


Aritzia-Pant Topshop-TopBreak fashion rules

Unleash your inner rebel and break a few fashion rules in 2016: sport white after Labour Day, rock pajamas outside your bedroom, mix bold prints, and wear pink at the office. Worry less about the rules and just have fun with fashion.


Asos-Bun-HolderMix-up your accessories


If you are the type of girl who wears the same pair of stud-earrings everyday, it’s time for a change. Add a bit of pizazz to your outfit by wearing an edgy ear cuff. If you truly are unable to part with your beloved studs, accessorize your hair. This bun holder from ASOS is a great way to put a stylish spin on an ordinary bun.


1. Zara Blazer with Zips, $40

2. The Castings Flare, $60, available at Aritzia

3. H&M Burnout-Patterned Top, $50

4. J.Crew Sheath Dress with Faux Leather, $193

5. Babaton Cohen Pant, $145, available at Aritzia

6. TOPSHOP Pajama Inspired Striped V-Neck Shirt, $28, available at Hudson’s Bay

7. Forever21 Faux Gem Ear Cuff, $7

8. ASOS Large Gold Ball Bun Holder, $18

Style Inspiration image courtesy of Molly Sims


By Sasha Smith

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Fashion Jobs – Prints for the Office

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobsinspiration_oliviap

Gone are the days of black, white, and grey being the only colors filling your closet. Bold and colorful prints have returned to being a fashionable staple for office attire. It can be scary reaching out of your comfort zone to try a bold printed piece. However, it’s often the case that if you take the chance and try a bold pattern, you will start enjoying wearing a bit more color! Here are some of our top picks for prints to wear to the office.


1. Zara printed blouse, $69

2. Ted Baker torchlit floral top, $209

3. Pleonie v-neck blouse, $94, available at Nordstrom

4. Ann Taylor square dot camp shirt, $111

Style inspiration, Olivia Palmero, image courtesy of

By Tiffany Janzen

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